Top 4 Compression Tights (Spats) for BJJ and MMA

Wearing compression tights can benefit you in so many ways and after people saw famous names like Anderson Silva who started wearing them regularly for their MMA training, these spats became even more popular.

Training with high-quality spats is just essential for people who participate in martial arts and below you can find best compression tights for BJJ and MMA on the market. I also trained with one of these in a really cold MMA gym. Continue reading

Top 5 Kick Shield Reviews

If you do martial arts which involve kicking or just want to improve your kicking power, training with a kick shield, which can provide various kick types (linear, special…), is essential and helps you step up your game.

There is a myriad of kick shields on the market and these come in a lot of different types and shapes. With that, I gathered best kick shields on the market and below you can find the materials’ qualities, how you can use these shields more effectively and I also included a section which explains why you should train with kick shields instead of punch mitts during your kicking sessions.

After the reviews, you can also find a detailed guide which explains how you can choose the right product. Continue reading

16 Amazing MMA Gifts for Fans and Fighters

Getting a present for an MMA fan or a fighter is seriously an easy task for me. Normally I am not a guy who can pick great gifts but when it comes to MMA, I am confident that I can pick good ones because it is one of my passions. There are actually many good quality MMA gears, equipment, and gift ideas and in this writing, there is a gift for everyone and every budget.

If you are having a trouble to find a good present for Christmas, birthday or whatever, I am sure that you can find something you like while scrolling down these 16 MMA Gifts. Continue reading

3 Really Good Quality and Cheap MMA Mats

If you think of getting MMA mats, the price can go up in no time. Believe me, I know because I was in the process of choosing quality MMA mats for my gym which I am currently a trainer in it. I simply could not believe the price of higher-end mats. With that, there are certainly quality and cheap MMA mats on the market which do the job just fine and give you way more than your money’s worth. You can find these below and all of the mats are used by many MMA forum members, verified purchases and I also have a really good experience with one of these as well.

Note: When I calculate the value, of course, I took Sqft as a base. So even if you see cheaper mats, it may not have better prices than the mats below.

Without further ado let’s start with the most quality one…

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