MMA Gloves and Shin Guards Size Chart (Guide)

MMA Gloves and Shin Guards Size Chart (Guide)

Recently I got a comment which basically says that he wants to know a particular brand’s sizing chart. Actually, I got similar comments before so I decided to have a web page, which is dedicated to the sizing (MMA gloves and shin guards), on my site.

There are many brands and some have different sizing charts than the others. So I gathered sizing information of MMA gloves and shin guards for you to see them in one place.

In this article, you can also find how you should measure your hands for MMA gloves and shins, calves for shin guards.

I also tried including some of my reader’s questions about sizing.

Let’s start with sizing information of MMA gloves and after that, you can find sizing information about MMA shin guards. Continue reading

Venum Attack MMA Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?

Venum is founded in 2007 and the company has grown rapidly. I have been following the industry for a really long time and the growth was quite impressive. And I know that a myriad of MMA fans have trained with various Venum MMA gears over the years.

Venum has a pair which is recommended for beginners and more advanced fighters and it is Venum Attack. However, why is that?

In this writing, you will find the reasons of this and some really interesting facts about this pair.

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Best Women’s MMA Gloves – The Complete Guide

Generally, women’s hands are more delicate than men’s hands and simply need more protection. So, some companies made some outstanding products according to it. These are simply better for women and many females prefer these MMA gloves more than any other pair on the market. With that, I also checked out many forum posts, consulted amateur female MMA fighters on Twitter and came up with three great MMA gloves for women.

Note: All MMA gloves on this list have sizing information either on here or on product pages. Also, all of them have great fitting rates which are simply necessary for having good training performance and safety.

Without further ado let’s start with the overview of the best women’s MMA gloves

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Overviews of 3 Quality and Cheap MMA Gloves

We all want to get the best product available for the money right? Well, I certainly do and when it comes to fight gear, I research thoroughly and get an amazing product. Because well MMA gears are not really cheap and there are many overpriced and low-quality MMA gloves on the market, however, there are also really good quality ones which have affordable prices. In this writing, I will walk you through all about quality and cheap MMA gloves on the market. I picked these from experiences of people on forums, authoritative figures. I also have my own experiences about one of these and you can also find it and at the end of the content, there is the sizing information. Continue reading

Best MMA Gloves Reviews – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

There is a myriad of MMA gloves on the market and some of them improve your training performance greatly and some low-quality ones can’t even protect your hand or wrist.

I have many experiences with MMA gloves, researched many forums (MMA, martial arts) and also did some serious research about the materials. According to these, I gathered the best MMA gloves on the market. Below you will find the reviews of these and according to these thorough overviews, I am sure that you will choose the right MMA pair. I also included a sizing chart for your hand and you can also read what you should be careful about and how to choose MMA right gloves at the end of the writing. Without further ado let’s start with the review of an amazing pair. Continue reading

Best MMA Sparring Gloves – The Complete Guide

Choosing sparring gloves for MMA has vital importance. After all, you should not hurt your partner or yourself during the session. With that, it also needs to provide you good training sessions so you can implement grappling movements, strikes and get better at them. There is seriously a myriad of MMA gloves on the market however only a few really good quality pairs for sparring.

With that, below you will find the reviews of best MMA Sparring Gloves. These are best-rated ones by MMA community and if you go to any MMA gym, I am sure that you will see them. I also have experiences with one of these and below you can also find it. Continue reading