5 Best Water Punching Bag Reviews (My Picks!)

Training with bags has vital importance. You can punch more powerful, get fit…

However, you may prefer water filled heavy bags and that is understandable since it has so many advantages like being safer.

This is why we started seeing more and more these bags in boxing gyms. So I gathered the best water punching bags, these bag’s qualities and you can also find a buying guide which also includes material qualities, advantages and disadvantages of these bags.  Continue reading

Best Heavy Bags for Boxing – The Complete Guide

When I do heavy bag training, I always give care a lot about punching experience. It should be really smooth and the bag should give optimal resistance and rebound rate at the same time. After all, it is a big part of our boxing training, right? We should get all the benefits.

Bags on this list provide all of these and more. These are just more suitable for boxing and all of these have shorter models because you don’t need to do any low kicks. When these are shorter, these have fewer materials. Obviously, the prices become more affordable 😉 As a side note, these get perfect feedback from commercial, local boxing gyms and forums. Without further ado let’s start with the best heavy bag for boxing.  Continue reading

Century Wavemaster Review – Is It Really Worth It?

Century produces many top notch free standing bags on the market and these include my all-time favorite Century Bob series. I seriously trust Century and almost all Century products are above average. With that, is Century Wavemaster one of them? Unlike Century Wavemaster XXL, I spent a considerable amount of time with Century Wavemaster. I also know that this bag is sold a lot. However is this really worth the money? In this Century Wavemaster Review, you will find the answer to this question, all of the qualities, my experiences and also warranty period.

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Ringside Free Standing Heavy Bag Review, Is it any good?

Ringside has two really popular free standing heavy bags and these are widely used in boxing, martial arts gyms, homes and basically anywhere.

I have gathered the information below from various boxing forums, verified purchases and read the documents about these. Below you will find these bag’s exclusive features, reviews and see which bag is more suitable for you. You will also find out how you can get the most out of Ringside Elite.

Without further ado let’s start Ringside Free Standing Heavy Bag Review with Elite.

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Century Reactor Bag Review – Is It Worth It?

Century Reactor Bag

Century produces many bag types. These include hanging, free standing and also reactor bags. This company is truly one of the best about producing quality bags. I used another popular bag of Century (“Bob”) and I am extremely satisfied with results and durability of it. Reactor bag also has some of its materials.

Let’s start Century Reactor Bag Review with exclusive features and warranty period of this most popular reactor bag on the market. Continue reading

Outslayer Heavy Bag Reviews, Will These Give You Good Training?

Outslayer is very trust worthy company and apparently they trust themselves a lot too. Because they give 10 years warranty for ALL of their products. In these Outslayer heavy bag reviews, you will find most popular punching bags of Outslayer, their unique features and cons well. As a note, all of the heavy bags on this list comes filled.

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