How to Learn Boxing at Home? (Free Methods Included!)

how to learn boxing at home

There are a lot of really popular boxing movies and it has been the same for decades. I actually just watched Southpaw and that was an absolutely amazing movie.

There are a lot of amazing benefits of boxing so we keep seeing these popular movies and watching fights on many different sports channels.

And learning boxing becomes a passion of many people every single day.

Learning boxing with a good coach in a well equipped boxing gym is just superior however because of some reason if you don’t want to go to a boxing gym or simply don’t have one in the vicinity, learning at home is the way to go and you can absolutely reach a certain level and get in shape with boxing.

Below, I included a step by step guide to learn boxing and even provided some free alternatives! Continue reading

How to Tie a BJJ Belt? (Really Easy Methods!)

Tying a BJJ belt is one of the most commonly asked questions in BJJ gyms. As you may know, I used to work in a martial arts gym in Samut Prakan and I heard this question every day.

There are a couple of variations which are preferred more by BJJ practitioners and these are standard, Hollywood, and super lock variation.

Let’s start with the visual representation of standard variation and in my opinion, this variation is the best way to tie a BJJ belt and the short video below shows all the steps clearly.   Continue reading

How to Wrap your Hands for MMA? (Very Easy Methods!)

How to Wrap your Hands for MMA

There are quite of a few reasons why we wear hand wraps during MMA sessions. Some of them are protection for knuckles and if you have weak wrists, it does not hurt that you do one more roll with your hand wraps.

There are quite a few of wrapping techniques but not all of them are suitable for MMA. And actually wrapping your knuckles more is necessary since MMA gloves don’t have much padding and protection as boxing gloves. In this really short article, you can find a video for how to wrap hands for MMA and below you can also find the instructions, what you should be careful, and my experiences. I also included my preferences as well.

Without further ado, let’s start and if you are looking for a visual representation of it just check out the video below. Continue reading

Why do you need to wear Hand Wraps for Boxing and MMA? (6 Reasons)

Why do you need to wear Hand Wraps for Boxing and MMA

Wearing hand wraps looks like a small detail, right? Well, it has actually vital importance. If you do combat sports like MMA, boxing, kickboxing the chances are your hands get damaged, irritations all the time. There are actually many other things which can happen like fractures, irritations, broken bones…

And I saw that many people in my current MMA gym do not even bother wearing one so I decided that I should write about this topic and came up with 6 really important reasons why we should wear hand wraps for boxing, MMA, and many other martial arts. Continue reading