What Gear (Equipment) Do You Need to Start Training BJJ?

Starting new martial arts can be intimidating but you deserve congratulations. Because you took the first step and now you need gears.

These gears below provide safety and can protect you from injuries. Also, good BJJ gears can help you have good training sessions and unlike boxing and MMA, you don’t need to break the bank for doing BJJ training. In this guide, you can find all necessary gears for BJJ and why you need them. Also at the end of the writing, you can find my recommendations as well. Without further ado let’s start with the essentials. Continue reading

Which BJJ GI Brands can You Really Trust?

Every day more people start going BJJ gyms and obviously, Gi sales increase. You can literally see a myriad of Jiu-Jitsu Gi brands on the market and this is actually good in some ways. For example, many companies also add their styles so variation increases and another Gi might be a better fit for you. For example, when you wear another BJJ Gi you may show better training performance with it etc. However, having a myriad of brands is also bad in some ways. Because some of them just suck and are just waste of money.

Below you can find the overviews of the best BJJ GI brands and worst ones as well. Below, you can also find my, my trainers’ experiences and my research as well. Continue reading