How to Tie a BJJ Belt? (Really Easy Methods!)

Tying a BJJ belt is one of the most commonly asked questions in BJJ gyms. As you may know, I used to work in a martial arts gym in Samut Prakan and I heard this question every day.

There are a couple of variations which are preferred more by BJJ practitioners and these are standard, Hollywood, and super lock variation.

Let’s start with the visual representation of standard variation and in my opinion, this variation is the best way to tie a BJJ belt and the short video below shows all the steps clearly.   Continue reading

How to Wash and Shrink your BJJ Gi? (Very Easy Methods!)

When you roll on the mats, your gis will have blood stains, dirt and obviously sweat. So cleaning your BJJ gi regularly is just a must.

Also, you may find your gis sleeves longs or body parts baggy and you may need to shrink your BJJ gi for showing better grappling performance.

In this writing, you will find really easy methods for these and I also included a really awesome video which gives amazing tips about these. There are things which you should be careful while cleaning gis and after the washing section, you can find these as well. Continue reading

How to Find a Good BJJ Gym? – 8 Incredible Tips!

There are quite a few important things to consider while choosing a BJJ gym. If you pick the right one, you can move up to a new rank while enjoying the process, however, if you choose a jiu-jitsu gym which just sucks, you may end up paying fees without even going to that academy.

I know that there are quite a few things to consider and I listed 8 points which you need to be careful. If you follow these, I am sure that you will go to a good BJJ gym and also can’t wait for rolling on mats!

Continue reading

What Gear (Equipment) Do You Need to Start Training BJJ?

Starting new martial arts can be intimidating but you deserve congratulations. Because you took the first step and now you need gears.

These gears below provide safety and can protect you from injuries. Also, good BJJ gears can help you have good training sessions and unlike boxing and MMA, you don’t need to break the bank for doing BJJ training. In this guide, you can find all necessary gears for BJJ and why you need them. Also at the end of the writing, you can find my recommendations as well. Without further ado let’s start with the essentials. Continue reading