Speed Bag vs Double End Bag – Should you Choose one?

I always love the variation of boxing exercises. There are punching bag training, focus mitts, jumping rope, speed bag and of course double end bag training. Each one has unique and its own benefits. Speed bag and double end bag training types are similar however there are also some vital differences between these two and below you can find all of them.

Let’s start speed bag vs double end bag with accuracy… Continue reading

8 Amazing Benefits of Sparring in Boxing

Sparring can be intimidating at first, however, you have a chance to implement what you have learned so far. It has seriously other incredible benefits as well. And whether you are a beginner or advanced in boxing, sparring is truly a must and surely improves you in so many different ways. And below you can find all of these benefits of sparring in boxing. Also if you do any martial arts training (BJJ, wrestling, MMA…), you will get these benefits as well. Continue reading

What Equipment is Needed for Boxing Training? – The Complete Guide

Many different gears are used in each boxing training type. And different training types can require different boxing gears. Some are necessary for training performance, some are needed for your safety and some others are necessary for not to knockout your partner. And in this short content, you can find what you need for ALL training types. I also have a few recommendations about these and you can also find them below. Continue reading

6 Amazing Mental Health Benefits of Boxing

I love boxing training because it has seriously amazing physical benefits such as fat loss, muscle building, a variety of training types (heavy bag, speed bag, focus mitt training, sparring) and boxing also has many mental benefits as well. These are the reasons why you see new boxing gyms in your city every other week. Also, after many models (Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid) shared their stories and how they benefited from boxing mentally, many females also started taking boxing classes as well.  Continue reading

How to Change a Speed Bag Bladder – The Most Common Method

When a bladder leaks a lot and it is useless then it is time to change it and below you can find the best common method (instructions and a video) for how to change a speed bag bladder.

Let’s start with the most common and best method…

First of all, you need to deflate the bladder fully. Take the needle out of the pump and place it in a valve of the speed bag. Then COMPLETELY deflate the speed bag. Definitely, control it before you continue with next steps. Continue reading

Is Boxing Safe or Should You Prefer other Sports?

Is boxing safe? Obviously, boxing matches are not safe and everything can happen. You can get cuts, bruises, broken bones… You can even get knocked out. Actually, it is not supposed to be safe because competition gloves are only 8 oz. and these are way smaller than training gloves. As you may know, there are some professional boxers who actually develop Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia at earlier ages.

But what about training types? Are these safe? Actually, some of them are not “safe” however there are actually a few things which you can do for making these training sessions safer.

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