How to Learn Boxing at Home? (Free Methods Included!)

how to learn boxing at home

There are a lot of really popular boxing movies and it has been the same for decades. I actually just watched Southpaw and that was an absolutely amazing movie.

There are a lot of amazing benefits of boxing so we keep seeing these popular movies and watching fights on many different sports channels.

And learning boxing becomes a passion of many people every single day.

Learning boxing with a good coach in a well equipped boxing gym is just superior however because of some reason if you don’t want to go to a boxing gym or simply don’t have one in the vicinity, learning at home is the way to go and you can absolutely reach a certain level and get in shape with boxing.

Below, I included a step by step guide to learn boxing and even provided some free alternatives! Continue reading

Where can you Buy Grant and Winning Boxing Gloves Online?

I have been doing boxing training for years and I have been in many countries and cities and have met many pro boxers and guys who only train just like me. One thing was common and that is the respect for Winning and Grant. And as you may know, many pro boxers like Floyd Mayweather, Billy Dib have a huge collection of these.

Where can you Buy Grant and Winning Boxing Gloves

Update (Disclaimer): After Amazon started selling these gloves, I changed (updated) the article but I don’t know whether it has them or not now.

However, wherever you are, it used to be difficult to order them due to the old-fashioned ordering and non-existent marketing. I will get into these later.  If you are interested you can check out the reviews and have a look at Amazon whether it has them or not.  Continue reading

How to Find a Good Boxing Gym?

After boxing became really popular for fitness and self-defense a decade ago, we can find many derivatives of “boxing gyms”. Some are for teaching boxing properly, some are for fitness, and some gyms are focused on teaching self-defense.

So a good boxing gym actually depends on your needs however, there are definitely a couple of key factors to determine a good boxing gym and below you can find them. Continue reading

How to Get Bigger Hands – 7 Effective Methods!

Everyone has different genetics. Some people are tall, some people are short. Some people can gain muscle quickly and I know that some guys just can’t get rid of their belly fat.

And some of us have really small hands.

There are also many professional and amateur boxers who just want to have bigger hands so their opponents can feel the impact more. After all, competition boxing glove’s size depends on your class (heavyweight, lightweight etc.) and not the hand’s size. So if you have bigger hands, you can actually have more advantage.

Or maybe you just don’t want to have small hands.

I don’t know your reason why you want to have bigger hands, however, there are some really effective and proven ways to achieve it and below you can find them. Continue reading

Speed Bag vs Double End Bag – Should you Choose one?

I always love the variation of boxing exercises. There are punching bag training, focus mitts, jumping rope, speed bag and of course double end bag training. Each one has unique and its own benefits. Speed bag and double end bag training types are similar however there are also some vital differences between these two and below you can find all of them.

Let’s start speed bag vs double end bag with accuracy… Continue reading

8 Amazing Benefits of Sparring in Boxing

Sparring can be intimidating at first, however, you have a chance to implement what you have learned so far. It has seriously other incredible benefits as well. And whether you are a beginner or advanced in boxing, sparring is truly a must and surely improves you in so many different ways. And below you can find all of these benefits of sparring in boxing. Also if you do any martial arts training (BJJ, wrestling, MMA…), you will get these benefits as well. Continue reading