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Century Bob XL Review – Get the Best of Punching Bag Training

Product: Century Bob XL

Warranty: 1 year

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Height Adjustment: 5’6 to 6 feet

Product Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 61 inches

Shipment Weight: 47 pounds

My rating: 9.7 out of 10


Century Bob XL Review

There are lots of punching bags out there and choosing one of them can be tricky. In  this Century Bob Xl review, I will walk you through about all ASPECTS of “Bob”.

When I train, I always like to get “realistic” experience. Maybe this is why I like sparring more than other training types. It gives the real experience. After I meet with “Bob”, I realized that I can improve precision with it better than sparring and Bob provides very realistic striking experience.  Honestly I can’t understand how time passes when I am training with it. It is so much FUN and I almost feel reel like I am really punching someone.  It can get real that much. “Bob” is suitable for kicking, punching… these make this dummy perfect for  boxing, muay thai and any other martial arts.

First things first…


Design Perfection

I train because I want to get better at precision, be stronger and more balanced. “Century Bob Xl” has every physical detail including chin, chest, head, curves… Also Century Bob XL is even more detailed than the older version and gives better, more realistic striking experience than any other punching bags. In my opinion, this feature is the main reason of  “BOB” series to become best seller.

This feature affects mostly…



I can increase punching power with any other heavy bag. However I can’t improve accuracy. Perfect design and details of “Bob” gives the chance of hitting any body part with any angle. This improves precision a lot. Just imagine that you can practice striking every part of body, this is a priceless experience for all martial arts.

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Change Height for Experiencing Taller and Shorter Opponents

Its height is adjustable so when I want to punch shorter or taller BOB, I just change the height setting. You can practice punching vital areas such as kidney, chin… with different heights.



It is like same human body and feels like human flesh rather than plastic. It sounds weird right? But hey try it before you decide. When striking experience is so real, I get real. In that way; I want to practice more, try different punches to various areas with my choice of angle and technique. When I have too many options, I don’t get bored even a second and feel motivated for every other strike.

Main addition to “Old BOB”…


Bigger torso and Extra Thighs

This is the main addition  of “Century Bob Xl”. It  has bigger torso and thighs. These simply increase variation of strikes. I had lots of doubts before Century Bob XL’s release. “What can they do for their new product so people will buy BOB’s new version instead of the old one?” However; they increased the size of torso and added extra thighs. According to me and people, who practice martial arts; it worked.  It is in Amazon’s best seller section with so many excellent ratings and reviews. Bigger body allows you to try even more combos, striking techniques and it has more surface for leg strikes.



Bigger Torso Leads Your Heart to Pound More Than Ever

These qualities of Century Bob XL improve your power, stamina and last but certainly not least the aerobic endurance.

People tend to get bored when they make any kind of aerobic training.  I hear complaints like “same thing all over again” . I never get that feeling with Century BOB XL. It provide lots of different  striking and combo experience with same angry and serious face. And It is generally reviewed as, actually not generally;  Century BOB XL is always reviewed as “FUN” on highly authority boxing  forums and amazon. I also have so much fun with it. In that way I train more and faster without even realizing.


Plus or Minus?

BOB XL’s body is slightly tougher than other punching bags. Because, inside plastic goes in body but don’t reach the head. Some people can consider it as a minus and some people can prefer it slightly tougher. It is a personal choice. But it is just a slight difference. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter.


These days all quality heavy bags have foam as filler and this one is no exception. Its plastisol body is filled with urethane foam. So you can hit hard as you can, our friend BOB can take it 🙂 and stay durable.


Perfect for Everywhere

Polyethylene base can be filled with water or sand and its weight can be up to 270 pounds. When you strike, it literally doesn’t move. When it is the case, you can have a question like “how can we move it around?”  It is so easy to flip and roll with the help of round polyethylene base. This feature makes Bob perfect use for everywhere including home, outside, garage…

Unique Features

  • Provides every type of training including precision, aerobic, strength…
  • Addition of thighs and bigger torso
  • Very durable and LASTS long time
  • One Year WARRANTY from Century
  • So much fun to train with
  • Perfect for everywhere
  • Best punching bag for precision training


In Conclusion, Bob Beats Other Heavy Bags

Whole martial arts community and I simply favor this product with all aspects. It has even incredible additions to oldcentury bob xl review “BOB”. Its perfect design, adjustable height will give you the benefits like realistic fight experience which other punching bags can’t. Thanks to urethane foam and plastisol body, its durability is amazing and you can train long years to come. Amazon has EXCELLENT ratings for this product. If you are interested doing all training types, get your own BOB  with lowest price. I hope you like Century BOB XL review and If you have anything to share or ask, please have a comment below.



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Reader Comments

  1. This looks really cool. I had no idea you could get punching bags that resemble a human body. It’s retry cool as well that you can adjust the height as well. With this you can imagine fighting a short or tall person. Can you tell me though how short and high this punching bag will reach?

    1. before this model I was not aware too. You don’t even have to imagine you can just set it up. It can be adjusted 5’6 to 6 feet tall.

  2. I have seen a punching bag like this. I never thought that I would use it until reading your review.

    I thought a human like punching bag may injure your hands or feet. You may miss-hit it and injure yourself. Especially, if you are punching the head. But you said that it will increase accuracy. I have to agree with it. Now you can focus punching in the nose!

    I think I might buy this one just for venting out my anger. 😀

    1. It improves precision, however I recommend you to use a pair of boxing gloves for punching bag when you let out of your anger. Have a intense training Arief

  3. Thanks for the review! I had no idea you could adjust the height and resistance so drastically – I think the punching bag my parents had growing up must have been a low-tech version. It definitely seems heavy-duty enough for serious training and it seems to be made out of very high-quality materials. Do you think this is a good value for the quality you are getting with this product or is there a significant difference in quality if I were to buy a higher-end, more expensive model? Thank you!

    1. Actually higher models don’t have higher reviews and I personally used one. The best punching bangs generally the ones people using for a while. Even hough there are lots new punching bags lots of them won’t survive. I think it is the best free standing punching bag you can get. You are welcome Audrey, and if you are any more questions please don’t hesitate and comment again:)

  4. Wow, I thought this is something that I see only in movies, I didn’t know it is a real item. This seems like an interesting buy for to practise. Do you have a cheaper alternatives to recommend?

  5. I think that boxing workouts are the absolute best way to gain cut, lean muscle. It is not only fun, but much easier on your joints than using heavy weights. When i was younger i used a combination of a heavy bag, speed bag and free weights to get into the absolute best shape of my life. Bob looks like he would be much easier on the wrists than a traditional heavy bag. Great review on Bob!


    1. Exactly it helps so much to get fit with training with Century bob Xl. you are exactly right it will be lighter on your joints, Thank you Jamie.

  6. It seems a bit unfair on Bob, he has no arms to hit back!!

    Seriously though, this is a really clear review and more importantly, it is from personal experience.

    You say the warranty is one year, which I assume is standard. But how long can a person who trains on it for an hour a day expect that a product like this will last?



    1. It is standard warranty for all Century products, it always gives 1 year for heavy bags. I train at least 2 hours in a week and I assume it will last more than 3 years if you train everyday. After 3 years I am sure you can use it but it can have tougher or softer spots

  7. Interesting post. I ended up on your site after having searched about boxing for beginners. How is this “Bob XL” for someone just starting out and wanting to learn more about boxing? Do you have any other recommendations for beginners? Thanks in advance for your response!

    1. Glad you found 😉 It is great for everyone and I am sure you will improve your skills faster with it. if you can take a look at this post, I am sure it will help you to get better training.
      Also you can do every training type with these gloves.

  8. Bob seems to be some serious bit of kit, is there anything out there that tops him (it!) or would you say this is as good as they come?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Bob is the perfect for boxing training or any other martial arts it provides very good skill improvement. In my opinion it is the best (so far) and I am sure you will really love training with it.

    1. Exactly this punching is ideal for every one and because it will give quality striking experience whether it is totally full or not.

  9. I wanted to start working out this way!! i did many sports but never boxing and recently I’ve been taking some classes and wanted to practice at home do you reckon this is the right thing for me? if not anything you can recommend?
    thank you!

  10. I didn’t know it has a name…BOB. 🙂 Thanks for the very interesting article. I used to train a bit of Muay Thai and we didn’t have this. Apart from training use, if you position it at the right place in the home, it can stand in as a security.

  11. Great post! I have seen the older version of Bob when my kid was in TKD.
    I was wondering if this is a good product to have for a family with younger children – I mean will it adjust for a younger child of about 6 years old as well as for adults?

  12. The base of Bob seems kinda big. My concern is that when I’ll want to try some close-up kicks and punches it might get in the way.

    From your own experience? Is this the case?

    Best Regards!

  13. Okay, I could see myself using this. I could picture it as someone I wanted to take my frustrations out on LOL. Does this replace getting a bag then? What would you consider the best for someone just starting out, something like this or a punching bag? Or do some people have both?

    1. Exactly ; ) Well, it actually replaces the punching bags but heavy bags and dummies have some differences and before you invest any money you should check out the differences and see which one is more suitable for your skill and strength development. I provided a link above you can check it out from there.

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