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Century Grappling Dummy Review – The Ultimate Guide

If you do MMA, wrestling, BJJ or any other martial arts training, you definitely need a good grappling dummy since these have incredible benefits. You can basically improve many techniques such as takedowns, leg locks… with a good versatile grappling dummy and you can do these without a sparring partner!

Century produces many martial arts equipment like free standing bags, reactor bag and of course, it has really good quality grappling dummies on the market. Some of them are actually quite versatile and you can see them in many MMA, BJJ, and wrestling gyms.

Without further ado let’s start with the review of the most quality grappling dummy of Century.


Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator 

Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator ReviewWeight: 50 Lbs.

Height: 62”

Training Quality: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 9.9 / 10.0

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Good quality cover material
  • Reinforced limbs
  • Optimal resistance
  • Provides groundwork and stand-up striking!
  • Suitable for every Martial Arts (wrestling, BJJ, Judo, MMA…)
  • One of the most quality grappling dummies on the market!

Century VS.2 Versys is suitable for every training type. You can do groundwork with it and it also provides stand-up striking sessions. Yes, you read it right and we will get into that but first let’s talk about grappling use of this dummy. The limbs are not stiff and provide “realistic resistance” however these are reinforced quite well. This is why almost every commercial or local BJJ gym has it. Because it can take a lot of punishment.

My Experiences: Century VS.2 Versys is actually the only Century Grappling Dummy on this list which I have experiences with. I trained with it in a gym in Phetchaburi, Thailand for a month. During my MMA training sessions, I always wanted to focus on groundwork more and while I was doing leg locks, I felt “natural”. Also, it did not slip which is a quite common problem for many other grappling dummies on the market! I also did some of my stand-up training sessions while rocking my grappling socks and shin guards. Even though I did “light” kicking sessions for improving my technique, it stayed stable during my 4 sessions.

It is really important that this dummy has many reviews and feedback. Because before you train with it, literally every technique was done by someone and you can be sure that it will give you quality training sessions. Considering trustworthy (MMA, BJJ) forum members’ experiences, the limps provide optimal resistance for submissions (leg locks, arm bar, knee bar…).

As a side note, the weight distribution is good for suplex and takedown so you can do them and get realistic experiences.

Also, it has a support at the back and this addition allows you to punch and kick this dummy. So it also becomes extremely suitable for people who want to have stand-up striking sessions for boxing, MMA, kickboxing…

Guys, I saw VS.2 Versys in at least 6-7 different BJJ classes and if you followed me on G+, you would have seen that I have awesome experiences with it in 2 different MMA gyms in Phetchaburi, Thailand.  So, I can easily recommend it to anyone who does BJJ, Wrestling, Judo, MMA or any other martial arts training. If you are interested, click here to view more about Century VS.2 Versys.

Seriously, Century VS.2 Versys is the best Century Grappling Dummy by far!


Century Grappling Dummy

Weight: 70, 90, and 120 Lbs.Century Grappling Dummy Review

Height: 62”

Training Quality: 9.4 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for throwing and grappling
  • Change arm position for different techniques
  • Good stitching
  • Sturdy
  • 1-year warranty period

Alright, Century Grappling Dummy is made of with a thicker shell and this is arguably the most important reason why many people say that this is “the sturdiest grappling dummy” on the market. With that, I also prefer the cover material to be thicker and it just feels “right” when I work on my grappling. If you also prefer it, Century Grappling Dummy can be a solid option.

One thing to note that, the arms are adjustable so you can actually implement different positions and work on submission with many different techniques (bicep slicer etc.) and you can do these from many different angles! This dummy is made for you to have the most versatile grappling sessions. As you can guess, you can also practice throws with this dummy. Just adjust the arms according to your preference and you are ready to go 😉

Shortly, this grappling dummy is ideal for both grappling and throwing so it is suitable for wrestling, judo, MMA, BJJ and many other martial arts.

You have 3 weight selections which are 70, 90 and 120 Lbs. and you can choose it according to your strength level. As a final note, you have 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty!


Century UFC 70 lb. Martial Arts MMA Grappling Dummy

an overview of Century UFC 70 lb. Martial Arts MMA Grappling DummyWeight: 70 Lbs.

Height: 33”

Training Quality: 8.7 / 10.0

Durability: 9.5 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Ideal for ground and pound
  • Heavy-duty vinyl cover
  • Very thick layer
  • Really sturdy
  • Decent groundwork


  • Provides only a few grappling techniques

I witnessed that people train religiously with Century UFC 70 lb. while rocking MMA gloves. I am sure that if you have ever been in an MMA gym, you would probably have seen that someone is punching this dummy on the ground. It is seriously ideal for ground and pound!

One thing to note that you can practice only a few grappling techniques. It is limited. Because, as you can see, it has no legs and arms. So if you prefer doing many different grappling techniques, just go with the first grappling dummy (VS.2 Versys) on this list. With that, Century UFC 70 lb. is just ideal for striking, takedowns, ground and pound. So you can go really hard since it is basically made for these. The vinyl is ultra-thick and stitching is really solid. Simply, it is made for taking a lot of wear and tear!

I also read many verified purchase reviews which basically say that they go hard as they can and the bag did not have rough or soft spots for years! As you may know, this is critical for durability and I might add that it is a really good sign for the padding.

In my opinion, if you do Wrestling, Judo, MMA or any other martial arts, which includes striking or throwing, you can go with Century UFC 70 lb. You can see Century UFC 70 lb. Grappling Dummy very closely and clearly on the Amazon’s product page.


Brand Overview and Final Thoughts: I have used many Century products before. Some of these are heavy bag stands, MMA gloves and some other Century martial arts gear. With that, I also did many grappling sessions with the first dummy on this list and seriously, there are many garbage grappling dummy companies out there which didn’t even figure out the limb stiffness… Guys, shortly considering my research and experiences, there are only a few brands on the market which produce good grappling dummies and if you go with any of these Century Dummies, you will be pleased with your choice. With that, Century VS.2 Versys is the most versatile and one of the most durable grappling dummies on the market! Basically, this sturdy dummy provides good grappling, takedown, throwing sessions and also provides you a good punching experience. If you are interested, get your own Century VS.2 Versys on Amazon.

As a final note, Century VS.2 Versys gets way better feedback than any other Century Grappling Dummy and it is definitely one of the best grappling dummies on the market! I hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about my Century Grappling Dummy Reviews, please just have a comment below.


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Reader Comments

  1. In my wrestling room, I used to have a dummy and it worked wonders. You could practice moves and get a solid workout in. It lets you do a lot of drills even if you are alone. If I ever create my own mat room, I will be sure to get one. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great day!

    1. Man I wish I have an MMA room and this is the part that I don’t like about traveling, I could not get punching bags, dummy etc. for myself. If you decide to create your own room let me know, I can give you some great ideas.

  2. I’m in the process of buying a punching bag, but I’m thinking now if it would be better to get one of these. They sure offer a wider option for different kinds of workouts.
    You do need quite a lot more space for a Grappling dummy tho :).

  3. This makes me really want to get into MMA a bit more. The idea of taking my aggression out on something like this sounds fabulous. I just don’t know if it would fit into my apartment and still allow me to move. Do you know of anything like this that’s a bit more portable that can be used outside?

    1. That is a common reason : ) Half of my sparring buddies got into MMA because of this reason.
      I don’t see any reason why you don’t get VS.2 Versys for your home. It is not that big and if you have some MMA mats you can start rolling on them immediately. The shell is also suitable for outdoor use and the effect of sunray is minimal. Seriously I could offer any other dummy but it is made for you. Also, it looks big in the picture however it has the same height as others. Just check out the heights of the dummies and you will understand.

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