Century Wavemaster Review – Is It Really Worth It?

Century produces many top notch free standing bags on the market and these include my all-time favorite Century Bob series. I seriously trust Century and almost all Century products are above average. With that, is Century Wavemaster one of them? Unlike Century Wavemaster XXL, I spent a considerable amount of time with Century Wavemaster. I also know that this bag is sold a lot. However is this really worth the money? In this Century Wavemaster Review, you will find the answer to this question, all of the qualities, my experiences and also warranty period.


Century The Original Wavemaster Product Overview

Century Wavemaster ReviewExclusive Features

  • Durable cover
  • Good and fast rebound rate
  • Can add or remove weight
  • Adjustable height (47″ to 68″)
  • Portable (can be rolled with round base)
  • Arguably the most popular free standing bag on the market

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 250 Lbs. (The base can be filled water or sand)

Height: 47″ to 68″ (7 different height selections)

Training Quality Rating: 9.4 / 10.0

Durability Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Quality/Price: 10.0/10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Color Selections: Red, black, pink and blue

First of all this bag provides optimal rebound rate and that is the most important thing for a bag. Without it, you just can’t get any benefits. This one has it and it is a bit faster than usual. With that, you can add or remove filling material according to your strength and still it will give you “natural” striking experience. I know that most free standing bags fail miserably here. Low-quality ones swing unnaturally and I also trained with some bags which just stop for a moment and complete their swing motions. It was just horrible however you will always get very smooth punching experience from Century Wavemaster. In my opinion, this is actually why this bag is preferred a lot by people and smooth punching experience is definitely one of the reasons for that.

The base is not high or low. Even though you can’t do extra low kicks, still you can do low kicks. You can also adjust the height. There are 7 selections between 47″ and 68″. You can increase or decrease the height by 3″ with the button. The body of the bag is also long enough so I think anyone can punch or kick this bag without any problem.

Who can Use This Bag?

It provides many height selections and it makes this bag ideal for any boxing and martial arts classes. They can just change the height and continue. With that, many free standing punching bags have very high bases. You can’t do low kicks with them however the base of this bag allows you to do low kicks so you can practice MMA, kickboxing or any other sport which includes punching, kicking.

Back then, I did only boxing training so I did not kick this bag, not even once. However, I made some really powerful punches. Apparently, this bag distributes shock evenly. Becuase when it does not, you can understand it pretty quickly. Because if a bag can’t distribute it well enough, it won’t be having optimal swing and you can even get hurt. These were all good with Century Wavemaster.

As a side note, you should always have proper gloves, boxing hand wraps etc. while training. So you won’t get injured.

With that many free standing punching bags have very high bases. You just can’t kick them however the base of this bag is low and allows you to kick so you can practice MMA, kickboxing or any other sport which includes kicking.

I also found a fun video which shows the Century Wavemaster from different angles and you can find it below.


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My Experiences: I did cardio and strength training and I always got smooth, natural striking experience. The swing was just perfect and my hands were not sore after the training which happens a lot with free standing heavy bags which have rough cover materials.

Durability: Well the plastic base is sturdy and the inner tube is thicker than usual which is really good. Because considering that many bags are reported as broken after a couple of sessions, Century did a spectacular job. I know many bags have that problem and their tubes are not durable at all like Everlast Omni. These can be broken in a couple of months. However, Century Wavemaster gets 5-star ratings from many verified purchases and I checked many durability reviews. Almost all of them are quite satisfied with it.

Installing and Usage: You can fill the bag with water or sand. If you fill it with sand, the bag will be around 250 Lbs. If you choose water, it will be around 200-205 Lbs. The base is round so you can just roll it and put it away after training. You can literally do it in seconds. Seriously, installing and usage of this bag can’t get any better 😉

Warranty: This bag comes with one year warranty. However considering my experiences and myriad of reviews, I seriously doubt that you will ever need it.

Superb Bag with Superb Price

I did not talk about the price until the last part, however, thanks to the thick inner tube this bag is really sturdy and as you read above it provides quality training sessions. Actually, some of my boxing gloves have the same price with this bag. Also, keep in mind that there are many height selections and many people can train with it. Considering all of these, you have an incredible deal.

With that, there are blue, red, pink and black color selections. If you are interested, get your own Century The Original Wavemaster on Amazon. I always try saying bad things about the products and I rarely finish the writing without saying one. This writing is actually one of them. Because I seriously can’t find anything bad about this bag.

Final Notes:

Century has been producing this bag for a very long time, I could not get the exact data but it is one of the most used bags on the market. When it is the case, I have a chance to look at MANY verified purchase reviews and they seem to be really pleased with the bag. Also, I have seen it in many MMA, boxing gyms and many people get it for their homes as well. I really hope that you enjoyed reading my Century Wavemaster Review and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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14 thoughts on “Century Wavemaster Review – Is It Really Worth It?”

  1. Hi! This is great to discover! I’ve always been intrigued by boxing but had never heard about free-standing punch bags. What an amazing find. Thank you for this article!

    1. That is really good and Wavemaster is perfect for everyone. Considering that you are a beginner, at first, you should not fill it fully other than this, you are good to go 😉

  2. This is a very interesting product for training. To be honest I haven’t seen this model before. The most I’ve seen are the hanging punching bags in the gym. What are the differences between a hanging punching bag and the Century Wavemaster?

  3. Thank you for this review. When my daughter was 6 years old she was in Tae Kwon Do for a year, and I considered getting something like this for her to practice on, however it was a nightmare trying to research products like this without the excellent internet we have ten years later.
    I want to sign up for TKD myself, but wonder if this type of bag would be good for young children as well as adults? Mostly I am concerned about height differences, since many of the guys in the video are much taller than children and it did not show the bag at a lower position. Thoughts?

    1. According to your preference, you can just empty and add some weights and train with it. It is really easy to do and there are also many height selections so there are not any resistance and height issues 😉 And I also saw that many people use it in Taekwondo classes all the time.

  4. Great stuff Furkan. I love visiting your website as it contains really good information and reviews. I especially like the Century Wavemaster that you are describing here.

    Can you tell me how strong it is and what would be its life time expectancy?

    Looking forward to your response.


    John ツ

    1. Hi John, great to see you here again. You can easily train with it more than 3 years and I even saw MMA gym classes which use Wavemaster more than 4 years.

  5. I do jeet koon do and this looks like a good product. Do you think there are any drawbacks to a free standing bag as opposed to a hanging bag? I can see the benefits though – like you can move it around anywhere in your home.

  6. Okay, I like this one! I don’t have to hang the bag or buy a stand. This appears to take up less space than the stands. Am I correct? I like that I can move it around to a different spot if necessary. Glad I found your website. Looking forward to starting my workout with a bag 🙂

    1. You are right. This one can help you save a lot of money and in my opinion, this is the reason of popularity. Yes, it is correct. It takes way less space and the cool thing is that you can move it around easily.

  7. Hey!

    Great information. This will surely help a lot of people in the same market.

    I am looking to get into boxing but I am only a beginner.

    Do you recommend this product for those that are just beginning? Or is it for those that are intermediates?


    1. Hey Russell,
      This is suitable for beginners. Just fill the base according to your level. If it moves a lot when you kick, you can fill it with more filling material.
      Also, the capacity is not bad at all. You can increase the weight as you can do more powerful strikes.

      If you like the price, Wavemaster can be a good option for you.

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