Century Wavemaster XXL Review – Is It the Best Punching Bag in its Class?

After Century Wavemaster Original, I had not thought that Century could produce new free standing punching bag which can get in the best seller section. However they have done it. But does it really deserve to be there?  In this Century Wavemaster XXL review; you will find its pros, cons and unique features of this punching bag.Century Wavemaster XXL Review

Product:  Century Wavemaster XXL                                                                         My Rating: 9.4 out of 10
Best Place to Buy: Amazon
Guarantee: One Year                                                                                             Diameter: 18”                                                                                                           Max Height: 69”                                                                                                     Weight: 270 Lbs. when it is filled with water                                                         Color Selection: Blue, red, and black


Is “Century Wavemaster XXL” Good for All Training Types?

Century named this product XXL for a reason. This bag is so BIG. Actually it is the biggest punching bag on the market and this allows you to do lots of different striking variations with it. Also, Wavemaster don’t swing much and has very rapid rebound rate.  In that way, you can get very efficient cardio workout. So strength DEFINITELY won’t be your only improving side.

You can do boxing training with “Wavemaster XXL” as other punching bags. However, it is also so close to ground, so it is perfect for low kicks and knee strikes. With that, it can provide perfect use for kickboxing, muay thai..


Cons of Being So Huge

When striking surface is HUGE, does it cause some disadvantages? When I strike huge surface, I can’t focus on where to strike. I punch with purpose. I get strength and aerobic exercise but there is not any precision improvement and honestly I don’t think that anyone can improve striking precision with Wavemaster XXL. As a note, any punching bag can’t accomplish this task.  However if you want to improve your precision, considering a punching dummy would be best choice. If you are interested in that, then can check out Century Bob XL Review. Other than precision, being so huge provides lots of ADVANTAGES like better strength, cardio and explosive power training.


Best Aspects

Century Wavemaster does not swing much,  you can strike with all your power over and over again. Also, you can do it VERY fast. So your explosive power increases incredibly. There is only a few products on market which you can get this benefit from and Wavemaster is one of them. These features provides you to get in shape very fast and it is the best training bag which provides it. Bigger surface provides more variation for strikes including low kicks, uppercuts… If you are looking for most combination number of strikes, then Wavemaster XXL is just for you. Also you can try ALL these strikes with all of your power and can improve explosive power.


Is It better than Other Free Standing Punching Bags?

Right now, Century brand owns more punching bags than any other brand on the market. Its products generally have very good ratings and even some of them have best ratings among heavy bags. I can honestly say that they know what they are doing. Century have made punching bags exclusively for aerobic, strength… However, Wavemaster XXL can give you the best benefits of all. When it is the case, obviously its price tag is more than others and Wavemaster DEFINITELY deserves the price. Because it provides all training types.

              =======>Get your Own Wavemaster XXL and Start Doing All Training Types<=======



It is the most needed feature for punching bags. Obviously their mission is to absorb all strikes and stay durable. However durability has vital importance for Wavemaster XXL since it is the most suitable punching bag for explosive strikes. So it needs to be extra durable. This free standing punching bag uses filler as foam. After every strike, it distributes evenly. In that way, the duration of heavy bag extends a lot. Plus, its leather is rated as one of the most durable leather on highly authoritative boxing forums. However if you think of using it at outside, you should consider covering it. Even though its leather is durable, it can get old pretty quick with rain. Century gives 1 year warranty for this durable product. Also, my gym’s muay thai classes have used Wavemasters for years without any problem.


It is Perfect for Everywhere

After filling the base with sand or water, you can train with it in anywhere. It is 270 Lbs. however it has also round plastic base like other Century punching bags. It moves around so easy with this feature, just flip it and roll.

Unique Features 

  • Provides ALL training types
  • Improves explosive power
  • Helps you to get fit very fast
  • Very large striking surface
  • Suitable for all martial arts including boxing, muay thai…
  • Easy to move around


The Verdict

This free standing punching bag is one of the BEST rated on market. It gives lots of training types including strength, speed, aerobic, explosive power… Honestly most of the punching bags don’t give the half of the benefits of Wavemaster XXL. It also has the biggest striking  surface and this increases number of striking variations a lot. If you are interested in having benefits of all training types, then Century Wavemaster XXL on Amazon and start getting fit immediately. I hope you enjoyed  Century Wavemaster XXL review and if you have personal experiences or  any questions related to the subject, leave a comment below.

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22 thoughts on “Century Wavemaster XXL Review – Is It the Best Punching Bag in its Class?”

    1. You are welcome I think it depends on size a lot 😉 I used to live in Studio just 2 months ago ,there is no way I can put a free standing bag there, but if it is bigger than 40 sqm2 than probably you can

  1. Hi Furkan sounds like a good punching bag,Boxing is an awesome sport, it helps you to become self confident and you can protect your self when you are alone outside.

    This bag is good but it’s a bit expensive, is there any cheap alternative that is good as well?

    Thanks for sharing?

  2. This is a good review! I bet that punching bags have a lot of health benefits in building up strength, durability and fitness. I wouldn’t mind strengthening my arms a bit more!

  3. Great review.

    Questions for you: When you say these are easier to move around, do you mean that they are portable? So I can empty the sand or water each time everywhere I go? Will this affect the durability of the punching bag? The reason I ask is because I was wondering if this suitable for travelling.

    1. It can be easily move around. you don’t need to empty the water. It has plastic and round base, just flip it and roll then you are good to go and use it in anywhere 😉

  4. The wave master from your review should be a good buy, you did a very good review. I have been looking to start training. But this for a chic and a starter isn’t to big?
    You have any female sized you can recommend?
    Thank you

    1. Well if you fill the all base, it will give you too much resistance, so you can experiment and I recommend you to fill the half of the base, then strike and experience it, according to resistance you can fill the bag or empty it more.

  5. Do you recommend this product for a “beginner”? I’ve never owned a punching bag, and don’t even know where to start with buying one. But my sister and I are looking into them.

    1. It is a good choice however it can provide a lot of resistance if you fill it with water until full. But you can always experiment. Also you can take a look at heavy bag choosing guide for other features as well. I really think that it can help.

  6. Hey Furkan!
    The very first thing I wondered about was durability and, of course, you addressed that. Then again, I wouldn’t expect to see anything of less-than-top quality on your site. Great info! Thank you!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Kevin, Great to see you here again. I always try putting good products however when it is bad I also put it and definitely mention that it is bad 😉

  7. Awesome in depth review!

    I feel like the base of this bag would interfere with footwork in close quarter strikes. Do you find that to be a problem with this product?

    Also, do you recommend these free standing bags over traditional hanging punching bags that offer more swing?

    1. Both of them have unique features. if you want to concentrate on your foot work then go with heavy bags. If you need to include kicks and precision then go with free standing punching bags So it will be your preference. However if you are choosing free standing then Century Wavemaster XXL will be an excellent choice.

  8. I am using one of Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD at home right now, and it has kicks and uppercut strikes in it. This punching bag will be great for me to use to take my aerobic exercise to a new level. The fact that it is so heavy when filled with water, is it ideal for a light weight person?

    1. I heard good things about this DVD but never saw it. I saw another comment mentioning about it well now I definitely need to check it 😉 This is actually the best part. You can fill it according to your level and still Century XXL will give natural rebound rate.

  9. Wow! Great review…I can’t tell you how important it is to know this bag will not move! The worst thing is a bag that is constantly moving. I do not always have a partner to hold the bag and it can become daunting chasing a bag around…ESPECIALLY when you are trying to do some combos with kicking and punching! This is an awesome bag and Century makes some pretty top notch stuff!!!

    1. Man I hear you I actually never have a partner while I train with a bag since I live in suburbs in Thailand and had to do my heavy bag session at 6 am. It is definitely top-notch and provides a lot of resistance. So we don’t need a partner and Century Wavemaster XXL is actually at the top place of many best free standing heavy bag lists.

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