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For past decades boxing robes are designed for showing insight of the boxers. So these don’t look only cool and if you know how to look at them you can see many things about the boxer and in my opinion this is really cool 🙂 Also many boxers tend to wear them for only advertising purposes. When you see a brand’s big logo in a match on television, it certainly increases the sales.

However the main purpose of boxing robe is to keep boxer’s muscles warm before the match. When the boxer is more relaxed, they can simply fight better. There are many studies which show that you can punch more powerful while having relaxed muscles.

Below you will see reviews of the best cheap boxing robes and luckily I was also able to talk with a few buyers. You will also read their experiences as well. Below I also provide information about the quality of cushion and some other important details.


TITLE Boxing Full Length Stock Satin Robe

Review of Best Cheap Boxing RobeComfort Rating: 9.9 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


  • Top notch material quality ( satin fabric)
  • Really comfy
  • Great fitting rate
  • Complete set (pockets, belt and hood)
  • Looks cool
  • Simply the best boxing robe
  • Many color selections including red and blue
  • Many sizes available including youth
  • Great quality price ratio (according to me, it is the best about it)
  • The most popular boxing robe on the market

First of all Title Boxing Full Length is made of %100 satin fabric. I don’t know that you have ever worn a satin cloth before however it is extremely comfortable and keeps you warm. And that is why this robe is made, isn’t it? You will feel warmer as soon as you wear it.

Thanks to quality satin fabric it is light and many other robes, which are not made of quality materials, simply can not pull it off. This is actually one of the main reasons why it is the most popular robe on the market.

It is tailored nice and craftsmanship gets very good ratings. In my opinion it just looks awesome. It has pockets, belts and really cool hood.

And it has the greatest fitting rate among all other robes on amazon.

There are red, white, black and pink color selections and it has many sizes including youth. Title Boxing Full Length is also preferred a lot by females as well.

As a side note many customers (verified purchases) on amazon say that the shipment is ultra fast.

Price: It is made of Satin and it is actually quite expensive material. However I compare this robe to boxing shorts and even though the material quantity, which is used for boxing short, is way less, their prices are equal. Last time I checked, it was even under $60. Considering my experiences about boxing robes it is a pretty sweat deal. This robe has two versions. One is full length. And you can check it out on here. The other one is shorter. It is actually 3/4 length of the long model. And you can check out the shorter robe on amazon as well. Please note that both of these are made of exactly same materials and one of them is just shorter. You can choose it according to your preference.


Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Robe with Hood Product Overview

Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Robe ReviewComfort Rating: 9.7 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10

Quality / Price Rating: 9.2 / 10.0


  • Top notch material quality ( satin fabric)
  • Really comfy
  • Light
  • Good fitting rate and many sizes
  • Cool looks and many color selections
  • Good quality price ratio
  • Machine washable

Cleto Reyes always produces products with high quality materials including boxing clothing. And I also have experience with the boxing short of the company. And it made many best lists including mine. And it was all good. Anyway as Cleto Reyes boxing shorts, Cleto Reyes Robe is also made of same and very quality material which is satin fabric. It is also durable since I read many feedbacks from people who continue wearing it after 2 years.

Another huge plus of this robe is that you can wash it in a machine.

Many robes have many sizes however the other robes generally have only one size belt. And after you get it you need to adjust it or it just might not be an excellent fit. However Cleto Reyes makes custom belts for each and every one of these robes. So once you wear Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Robe you will feel like it is custom made for you. Is not that amazing?

There are many size and color selections including blue and red.

I don’t know why but I just love Cleto Reyes design. And there are two logos at the sleeves and in my opinion these look really cool. If you like Mexican design like I do, then this robe is definitely a solid option.

With that Cleto Reyes provided size information at the product page as well.

Price: Check out the most recent price on amazon.


How I picked these two best cheap boxing robes?

As usual I did many researches on forums and sites as well. With that this time I also contacted some of the verified buyers and luckily 6 people answered out of 77 e-mails. So I learnt their experiences and durability of robes. And I came up with these two robes. If you are looking for a boxing robe, these two robes in my writing are definitely ahead of other robes on the market. Both of these are made of satin and very comfy. These robes are also light and have hoods, belts. Title Boxing Robe (first one on this list) is way more popular than any other robe and has nice pockets as well.

I also noticed that many people do not buy boxing robes only for boxing matches. Some people get it for fun, some get it for acting classes and some even get for Halloween. These two robes are sold a lot for these purposes as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any experiences, questions or anything to share about my writing, please just have a comment below. I will be more than happy to hear about your first hand experiences.

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12 thoughts on “Reviews of Best Cheap Boxing Robes”

  1. That satin red robe looks really comfy, it’s something I could definitely wear around the house pre-workout to get me pumped for the gym! I like the fact you include all the pro’s for each own as well

  2. Thank you for a great review of the boxing robes. There is nothing quite like the feel of satin on the skin.. I just love it! 🙂

    I also like the Cleto Reyes range of products and when compared to some of the other robes I have purchased in the past the quality and value is unbelievable!

    After seeing your article I am excited to get one as a Christmas present for that special person in my life!

    1. I also love Cleto Reyes and satin. These are also really comfortable and many people buy it for theatre, Christmas or even plays in school… I am sure that any of these robes will be a good present man.

  3. Both of these pieces look EXTREMELY QUALITY and I can imagine the extreme comfort that a boxer can get inside this babies!!

    I didn’t know about the relaxation purpose of boxing robes and relaxed muscles hitting harder… Definitely many useful information there. Cleto Reyes robe looks BADASS and I would like to have one!!

    1. Yeah, satin is quite comfy and soft. It is just needed before boxers get into the ring so their muscles can remain warm so they can move faster and do everything better. As far as I know, Cleto Reyes always produces boxing gears, equipment with top-notch materials and this robe is one of them.

  4. I read this more out of curiosity. For being made from satin, I thought the prices would be much higher than these. Also, I wasn’t sure about how durable they were. I figured boxers would have to change them out every few months. This was very informative.

    1. Exactly the prices are really affordable. When I look at satin clothing I see unbelievably high prices. The reason might be that these robes are not really popular. I mean I have trained in boxing for a decade but I only wore a robe 3 times to feel how it feels. Because of this, I am guessing that they lower the prices.

  5. I found your review of the boxing robes very informative. I had no idea how inexpensive they are.
    The layout is nice and the images are very clear. The article flows well and provides all the necessary information for the reader in a very friendly way.
    I also like how clean the pages are and not cluttered with a bunch of ads.
    Nice job.

    1. Hi Jim, I just changed the looks of my site and I am glad you liked it. I was worried that something was broken.

      The cool thing is that the prices have not changed for a couple of years. Even though I did not buy any robe before, I check out the prices regularly. The price of Title was really close to the current price.

  6. Solid article. That is very interesting that there are multiple different kinds of robes. I like the black and gold one, but think the belt that wraps around the red one is a great addition!

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