Overviews of Cheap Grappling Dummies for Budget Buyers!

I know very well that grappling dummies can cost a lot and not everyone is willing to break the bank for a good grappling dummy which basically costs a small fortune.

With that, there are a few cheap grappling dummies on the market which are pretty versatile and sturdy. So whether you think of getting a dummy for BJJ or throwing, takedowns (wrestling, judo…) you can get it without spending too much money.

Let’s start with the obvious first choice for BJJ sessions

1. BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy

review of a good cheap grappling dummyCompany: Daan Industries

Size: (XL)

Training Quality: 9.2 / 10.0

Durability: 8.5 / 10.0

Check It Out: on Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Synthetic leather
  • Solid stitching
  • Suitable for many martial arts (BJJ…)
  • 3 zippers for filling
  • Affordable price

This synthetic leather has decent sturdiness and can take constant punishment so you can do regular BJJ drills with it without any problem whatsoever. This is actually improved model and the body parts are more suitable for techniques like armbars, leg locks…

These are basically more “realistic” so while you are mastering these techniques, you will get more realistic experiences and this can make a huge impact for your progress in BJJ.

Velcro shoulder joint provides 360-degree rotation so you can try various positions with it and in my opinion, this detail is just a huge advantage and definitely helps you step up your game. Basically, you will get really good quality training performance from this dummy. However, one thing is to note that the durability period is not the longest one however it still gets without a doubt.

Thanks to the affordable price and good decent quality, Daan (BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy) is preferred a lot in local BJJ and MMA gyms. If you are interested, have a look at the latest price and see whether you like it or not.

Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling

a review of an affordable throwing dummyCompany: Daan Industries

Height: 70”

Training Quality: 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 8.3 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Very sturdy cover material
  • You can do many techniques
  • Perfect for Wrestling, Judo, MMA
  • Popular

Alright, it is actually harder to find an affordable dummy for takedowns, lifting (wrestling, judo…). Since the cover materials cost more than a pure grappling dummy which has a softer cover material and does not need to face takedowns.

This dummy’s artificial leather is quite sturdy and I am really a fan of artificial leather since it can be reinforced or basically, the company can do everything for it to meet the training requirements and Daan apparently did since it gets quite amazing feedback for the training performance from various wrestling and judo forum posts.

You can find Daan Grappling Dummy in many gyms however it is really popular among local wrestling gyms.

The maximum weight is 55 kg and it is actually high for a throwing dummy. With that, the cool thing is that you can adjust this throwing dummy’s weight according to your preference.

For example, if you can’t perform throws, lift… in a proper form, you can just remove some weights and try again. It is quite straightforward and easy to implement. The positions of arms and stiffness are decent. It is not extra stiff however it is still stiff so while you are doing the techniques like takedowns, throws etc. it provides a decent session.

Other than this, it actually does not have any fancy qualities. Basically, Daan Grappling Dummy does the job just fine and with its relatively affordable price, it is definitely a good option for wrestling, Judo, MMA…

You can also hit this bag from a ground position as well.

Some Tips: Alright, I am not going to say that these will last as long as grappling dummies which are made of high-grade materials. However, you can definitely do things and implement some methods for improving the durability of these.

For example, if you do BJJ grappling sessions and have an old BJJ gi, you can dress your dummy with it.

Bacteria can invade your dummy and moisture can also hurt cover materials as well so you should clean them with wipes after every session. However just make sure that these wipes do not hurt the cover materials of dummies.

After takedowns, throws, mats should soften the impact. So while getting mats for judo and wrestling etc. you should make sure that you are training on mats, which have really good shock absorbing qualities, period.

If you consider these tips, in some cases you can even improve the durability over a year!

Save Some Money! You can get an unfilled grappling dummy and fill it with fabric pieces. After all, the companies mostly use small fabric pieces, paper… It is really easy to do and you can find a myriad of instructional videos online about it.

Final Thoughts

I know that many people, local, wrestling, BJJ gyms don’t want to spend too much money for grappling dummies and try making it themselves. Considering my experiences, there is a really huge chance that it will not be good martial arts equipment. Since the limbs need to give optimal resistance and in some cases, it should not even stretch more than a certain point. This is just one of the requirements. So shortly don’t even bother.

Honestly, when it comes to getting a cheap grappling dummy which has a good quality you do not have a lot of choices. Especially finding a decent company, which can stand behind its products, is difficult. With that, if you are on a budget and need a grappling dummy, your best bet is Daan (BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy). It basically provides everything you need for submissions (BJJ, MMA training) and it is preferred a lot in martial arts gyms! However, while you are getting an affordable one, you need to sacrifice from something and in this case, it is the durability. Don’t get me wrong, the dummies on the list still last a decent period of time but just don’t expect to use these for long years.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and found this writing helpful. If you have any questions or anything to share, feel free to comment below.


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4 thoughts on “Overviews of Cheap Grappling Dummies for Budget Buyers!”

  1. Very interesting! People definitely like to spend the least amount as possible, a lot of times that isn’t the best answer though! In my opinion it is almost always better to go with a little more expensive and higher quality!

    1. You are absolutely right. For example, I just don’t earn money enough and sometimes need to go for more budget-friendly MMA gears.

      Many people including me may not have money to spend on martial arts gear and as you know these add up pretty quickly.

      If you are looking for higher end grappling dummy and have the cash, you can check out these best grappling dummies.

  2. I have looked into these dummies, but felt they were always too expensive and never bought one for my training. However, you have given some links to go off and i shall do that and look into purchasing some budget ones. Thanks


    1. Hi Habib, I know many grapplers including me just find the price of grappling dummies too expensive. There are some affordable ones which provide optimal limp resistance which many affordable dummies have a problem with and the dummies above are all you need.

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