Cheap Punching Bags – Best Ones for Your Money

Right now, there are lots of cheap punching bags on the market. However some of these have some certain quality and also there are ones which will be completely useless after couple of striking sessions. In this content,  you will find free standing, classic and complete set heavy bags, their features and warranty periods. Even though these are not premium like Century Bob XL, all of these cheap punching bags will give you quality punching and striking experience.

Note: When you choose punching bag for boxing, it should be close to half of your weight. For example, if you are 170 lbs. , then you can use 70-90 pound with ease. If you consider tall heavy bag for leg strikes, then it should be more than half of your weight. In that way, the bag’s swing will be optimal and you will get all the benefits. Punching bags in this list comes filled and you can fill free standing one with water or sand.


Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Warranty: 120 daysCheap punching bag

Ideal for: Boxing, MMA…

Weight: 70 Ibs

Height: 41”

Rating: 8.0

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Everlast’s this model has not the most durable synthetic leather, however it can do the job. Honestly other punching bags in this price range become toasted very quick. We have used lots of punching bags in my old gym and Everlast punching bag has lasted a lot more than the others. The common problem was having tougher or softer sports. This simply makes the punching experience worthless. Before I went to another country for work, they had been using this bag more than 10 months and its striking experience was always the same. However, other bags, which are in this price range, had tougher or softer spots just after 6 months. I know these were used in gym and many people punched them furiously, but just two months? In my opinion, this period is very little. So, Everlast gets thumbs up for having decent durability with its affordable price. It also comes with MMA heavy bag gloves and 108 inches hand wraps.

As a huge plus Everlast has adjustable chains, it is so easy to adjust for your height preference.


Outslayer Boxing MMA 100 lbs Heavy Bag Filled

Warranty: 10 years

Ideal for: Boxing, MMA, kick boxing, muay thai…

Weight: 70 Ibs

Height: 55″ (can be extended 10″)

Rating: 9.3

If you are looking for better and much more durable punching bag with very decent price, Outslayer is what you are looking for. Also it has quality filler, which is basically shredded fabric,  so you won’t find hard or soft spots ever. It is 100 Ibs and has approximately 10″ straps.

According to me, if a boxing heavy bag is considered as durable, it should give the same quality striking experience at least 3 years and its leather should not wear off easily. Here comes the good news, this one’s warranty is 10 YEARS. It is simply incredible and  right now, it is only $20 higher than Everlast. Also if you don’t like this product, you can get ALL of your money back. And this guarantee comes from very well known company. You can also check out extensive review for more info.

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let’s continue with most versatile bag…

Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

quality cheap heavy bagWarranty: 120 days

Ideal for: Boxing, MMA, kick boxing, muay thai…

Weight: 80 Ibs

Height: 36″

Rating: 8.8

Omni Heavy bag is quite versatile. It has handles for knee strikes. You can even implement Thai clinch with it. Also it uses most quality filler which is foam. So you can expect to use it for a very LONG time. When foam is the filler, you won’t be having any hard or soft spots. After striking, it will always distributes evenly. Thanks to these features, Everlast Omni  has incredible price quality ratio. This bag also also comes with one chain which is 15 inches.


Century The Original Wavemaster

quality cheap alternative heavy bagWarranty: 1 year

Ideal for: Boxing, MMA, kick boxing, muay thai…

Weight: 250 Ibs (when it is filled)

Filling Material: can be filled water or sand

Height: 47″ to 68″ (7 Height Adjustments)

Rating: 8.9

This one has been around for a while and it is one of the most quality free standing punching bags. Its vinyl cover has certain quality, so it won’t wear off easily. Even though its rebound time is quite good, if it gives too much resistance, you can just empty it according to your need. Also, Wavemaster can be used for cardio sessions as well.

Another huge plus is that if you want to train your legs, this is the most suitable one on this list. Low base allows you to perform knee strikes and very low kicks. So, it is ideal for muay thai, MMA, kick boxing and other martial arts which can be performed low kicks.

It can be filled with either sand or water up to 250 Ibs. Its height can be adjusted between 47’’ to 68’’. It has also 7 height adjustments, so if more than one person will use it, you can adjust the height.

If I wrote this content couple of years ago, Original Wavemaster definitely would not be on cheap punching bags list. However, its price has decreased over the years and now it has a quite decent price. Also it has more than awesome reviews and  ratings.


Which One is for You?

These are all cheap punching bags with decent quality. Every single one has own exclusive and unique features. If
you are looking for affordable bag with decent quality, get your OWN Everlast.

If free standing punching bags are your style and want to focus on improving cardio and strength at the same time, then check out Wavemaster on amazon.

I hope you already found your punching for your need and if you have any questions or personal experiences with either of these bags, please leave a comment below.


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13 thoughts on “Cheap Punching Bags – Best Ones for Your Money”

  1. Wow this is a great site and very informative, my son has recently started boxing and I was thinking to purchase equipment so that he may train at home.. I will definitely visit this site before purchasing as you have very good reviews and recommendations.. thanx for the info.

    1. These boxing equipment is perfect however I recommend free standing punching bags above others. You are welcome and wish your kids to goods training:)

  2. Hey, love this site! My son has also started boxing and is looking at some equipment as well. I will give him the link to your site. Keep up the great work here. I will come back often.

    1. I am sure you your son find a heavy bag for himself here 😉 If he has a question just leave a comment somewhere 😉

  3. Cool info on punching bags. I’d love to get one and knock it around some to get out some put up stress. Fishing helps but nothing like going ballistic on a bag in the privacy of your house or garage. I like the RDX bag you have listed. Love to knock that around. Great post.

    1. It definitely helps with stress 😉 I can vouch for that. And RDX heavy bag won’t hold dust and you can use there David.

  4. Thanks for this great review on punching bags. The Outslayer one with 10-year warranty looks appealing to me because of its very long warranty. The quality should be good.

    By the way, is there any difference between the hanging one and the standing one?

    1. Considering the quality and warranty of Outslayer, the price is more than excellent. I already have a post for regarding your question. You can find more info on here.

  5. Great post. I used to have an Everlast bag that I didn’t spend a lot of money on, it was fantastic and held up for many years. I don’t box or anything, I just enjoy a good workout and punching the bag as a solid form of stress relief. Thanks for the advice as I will be needing one in the very near future to replace my current bag.

  6. I have considered getting a bag for a different way to work out and relieve stress. There are a lot of choices and prices that it can get overwhelming. I am always worried about the quality which is why I am considering the Outslayer since they have a 10 year warranty which is awesome.

    1. I have buddies who come to the boxing gym for the same reason. I also feel like I start relaxing just after a couple of punches!

      Exactly, there are many really cheap yet garbage brands out there so I listed somewhat more respectable ones and the ones which I punched and kicked! I totally agree that ten-year warranty is intriguing, however, the bag itself actually even makes the price more appealing.

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