Cheap Speed Bags for Budget Buyers!

Training with a speed bag can help your arms and shoulders get in shape and improve many skills like timing and punching.

Whether you are a martial arts gym owner or a person who wants to save up some money, there are some legit reasons to buy a cheap speed bag and after the overviews, you can also read them.

Also, some famous brands offer really affordable prices so you really don’t need to go for some random speed bag brand.

1. Hawk Boxing Speed Bag

cheap speed bagTraining Quality (Performance): 8.7 / 10.0

Durability: 8.9 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.9 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Classic good design
  • Light
  • 1-year warranty!
  • Very affordable!

This company has a lot of MMA equipment personally I am quite familiar with the products. Some of them are rash guards, gloves

Hawk is teardrop shaped and has a quite lightweight. With that, there is a reason why local boxing gyms prefer Hawk. The leather is quite sturdy and it is dense. The classic shape provides you decent punching sessions.

Also, it leaks very little air and if you are training with a speed bag more than 3 times per week like me, you don’t need to pump air every now and then.

If you are interested, you can check it out on Amazon

This bag has a really cheap price tag. Seriously if you are looking to spend less for boxing equipment, Hawk Boxing Speed Bag is made for you.

On the top of that, it comes with one year warranty and if you are scared it is tearing apart after a couple of punches, this period surely will comfort you.

2. Everlast Everhide Speed Bag

affordable speed bagTraining Quality (Performance): 8.5 / 10.0

Durability: 8.5 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.1 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Good construction
  • Classic design
  • Solid seams

Even though I got burnt after I had purchased a pair of cheap Everlast Boxing Gloves, I experienced that Everlast speed bags, which have affordable prices, are not bad at all.

I am not going to say that Everhide is made of the sturdiest materials out there however it is still decent. But that is not really important. The seams, stitching, construction of the outer shell is quite well and it is even a bit bulky.

However, while you are punching you will not feel odd with the shell and someone like me, who is punching speed bag almost every day, will surely appreciate the swing and “this regular punching feeling”.

Thanks to these, Everlast Everhide Speed Bag will not get defects in a few months. The laces are positioned in a way that it does not change the balance of the bag so you can get the most of your workout and as you may know, this is a quite common problem for speed bags which have bad lace positioning.

Alright, the shape is typical so you should not expect any surprises like weird rebound.

3. Ringside Boxing Training Maize Punch Bag

Training Quality (Performance): 8.4 / 10.0

Durability: 8.3 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Synthetic leather
  • “Old school” look
  • Affordable price tag!

This 2-pound bag is made of synthetic leather and if you look at the picture, it has that old-school look which I just love.

Depending on the training frequency, synthetic leather can last a year or two.

Seams are quite large and these are positioned quite above the bag. This is not a negative or positive however it is just different than the many bags on the market hence getting used to punching it can take a bit more time if you are already used to the other speed bags.

There is nothing else I can say about this bag other than the old boxing gym in your town probably has Ringside Maize.

Common Problems with Cheap Speed Bags

Obviously purchasing a speed bag which has affordable price tag has some disadvantages.

For example, bladders need to be replaced more often. Since generally, cheap speed bags don’t have much shock absorption between the bladder and the cover material. So bladders always have constant punishment and have defects.

Also, if you have a speed bag platform, which costs hundreds of dollars, I highly suggest you check the materials, welts, seams of a speed bag. Otherwise, it can start hurting the construction of speed bag platform. Sure it is just a speed bag, right? What can happen to the platform? First of all, if you are doing speed bag routines regularly, that makes thousands of punches in just a couple of weeks. Laces can scratch the drum over and over again. After spending a lot of money for a platform, I am guessing that no one would want that to happen. Also, when this is the case, it can obviously affect the bounce so when you are thinking of saving some dollars, you may end up getting a new platform 8 months later.

These are the disadvantages however if you get a quality one, which is also cheap, you will not face these problems.

The Advantages

Let’s have a look at the advantages.

Obviously, you spend less money : )

I have been going to the MMA, boxing gyms for several years now and not everyone punches the speed bags properly. Some guys just go there to have fun with heavy bags etc. and I witnessed this a lot of times. A guy punches a speed bag as hard as he can and that may hurt the speed bag’s construction pretty badly.

These just suck for gyms and I witnessed this at least 10 times. This is another reason how the gym owners can benefit the speed bags above.

If you have any questions or need information about a specific and affordable speed bag, just reach out to me and I will get back to you after I make a research. I always reply to my readers within two days.


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8 thoughts on “Cheap Speed Bags for Budget Buyers!”

  1. Those speed bags are so hard to hit, or worse keep the rhythm! I can see why it is important to buy a good quality speed bag that doesn’t break the bank. I just naturally thought they were all roughly the same!!
    How long does a bag last if used every day?

    1. At first, it feels like the hardest thing to do however if you follow a good guide, I am confident that you will learn all the basics within days.

      There are some minor differences like shape and weight. For example, you need to hit a different section to keep it going etc. So basically these minor differences can change some things. Anyway, as for your question, it depends. Considering that you will get one of these the durability changes 1 year to 2 years.

  2. Maybe you will laugh, but I have this crazy idea to buy a speed bag only to release my nerves 🙂
    My friend is practicing some kind of martial arts and I’ll recommend your article. He was thinking of a human body shape bag, but maybe this one is good as well.

    1. Man, it is one of the common reasons why people train with a speed bag. I am also sure many people experience that the rhythmic sound calms nerves.

      When you talked about human-shaped bag, do you mean Century Bob? Because it is used for completely different reasons and it has nothing to do with speed bags. Anyway, if you can pass these articles along I know that your friend can find the necessary information.

  3. I always wanted one of those…
    But I thought that maybe I’ll break my wrist using it!
    Stupid, I know.
    But I like the idea of using a speed bag as a tool for stress relief!
    Great post, thanks for sharing it.

    1. I literally laughed. Man, trust me you will not experience such an injury with those so you can relive your stress without worrying about that.

  4. Now I feel as though I could make a responsible decision about a speed bag gift for a friend! I did not know it was so complicated and so individualized to each person! If I do purchase a speed bag for a friend I will make sure to save the receipt in case she wants to exchange it for one of her choice! Thank you for an informative read! Janice Fox-Henley

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