12 Really Cool BJJ Gis!

If you are a BJJ practitioner or just a beginner you might probably have seen that there are a lot of kimonos on the market and many of them provide unique design, style, materials…

Some of these provide very good sessions and obviously, you can show better training performance with a good Gi which you are comfortable with.

There is literally a myriad of cool BJJ Gis that provide good quality training, grappling sessions. If you are looking for that, you are in the right place.

I gathered really cool jiu-jitsu gis which can provide very good training performance and below you can find the short overviews of these.

12. Bad Boy Competition GI

aesthetic giThis pearl weave gi is made with the lightest materials and basically, you can show really good performance with it. With that, the craftsmanship, aesthetics get really good feedback from many people who do BJJ training.

When you look at this brand’s products, you can see the touch of Bad Boy quite easily and this kimono is no exception. I am actually a huge fan of this brand and considering the really cheap price tag, it can be a solid option for your sessions in your dojo.

If you are interested, check out the latest price.

11. Shogun Fight Tao Premium

Well, the gi just looks amazing, right? The details and finish of the kimono are made carefully and even if you look at the pic, you can see it!

With that, it uses a pearl weave blend style which has a common gsm number (450). Considering my experiences this blend works well. You can use this gi in competitions and tournaments since it is IBJFF approved.

The contrast stitching is one of the most solid stitching types and you can use this cool BJJ gi for a very long time!

Some parts of this kimono are reinforced and the sleeve part is just one of them.

Shogun Fight Tao Premium also has a sublimated lining and basically wicks the moisture very fast.

Thanks to these qualities, it can withstand repetitive punishment for long years and if you think of using a gi frequently, these qualities make Shogun Fight excellent for it.


Actually, the design of this gi is quite different and as you can see the slit is a bit above normal. It provides a different look and also changes the dynamic of movements. With that, this design is actually preferred a lot by MANY people, who have an average size, on BJJ forums which I trust.

The knee part is extra reinforced with stitching and padding. Also, the other stress points are triple stitched. Even though you may not have the biggest range of motion it is quite decent and you should definitely keep in mind that this hinders your gi to be “loose” in the future.

When you wash this kimono it shrinks only a little. The company describes it as %90 pre-shrunk. However, you can also control it by changing the heat setting of your washing machine. Because the materials are suitable for this!

Pants are made of cotton which has a lightweight and you can expect decent quality and durability from it. With that, while you are rolling on and doing grappling on mats, thanks to the knee padding, you get hurt less than normal.

I know that many people complain about it. If you are one of them, have a closer look at Kingz Nano.

In my opinion, logos also look really nice.

9. “Spartacus” BJJ JITSU GI by Verus

really cool bjj gi overview

I bet that you have not seen a BJJ gi which has a coral weave type. Yes, you read it right.

Actually, I have been doing BJJ training and rolling on the ground for many years and I honestly had not heard of it before. After a quick research, I realized that it is lighter than some other commonly used weave types including pearl weave.

When you look at Spartacus, you can see that it looks way different from other gis and the feel of it is also different. The knee and the other compartments, which have more deformations during sessions, are extra reinforced for longer durability.

I also think that the price is just really good so if you are looking for an awesome BJJ gi which has a great price and is IBJJF approved, check out Spartacus on here and don’t forget that it is a limited edition! Many people also reported that this gi does not have any extra room in the arm compartment.

8. War Tribe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Legacy

awesome kimonoThis honeycomb weave gi is one of the softest kimonos on the market and the reason is the weave type which can stretch well. Also when you consider the aesthetics, this weave type also provides a very different look and the craftsmanship is very detailed.

Even though this weave type (honeycomb) is really rare, it is softer and allows a good range of motion and it has competition standards.

Also, collars are made thicker than normal and it provides you an advantage during sparring and in competition.

As a final note, the materials allow you to add (sew) your patches easily!

With that, you should really see the patches of this gi closely because these look definitely awesome!

See the patches closely here

In my opinion, if you have trained with other regular weave types (pearl, double, etc.) you can give this kimono a shot since everything (stretching, training performance…) is basically different and it just might be a better fit for you.

7. Venum Koi Absolute BJJ GI LIMITED EDITION

one of the coolest bjj gis on the marketVenum Koi has truly a unique construction and design.

This limited edition gi has 450 gsm pearl weave and the pants are made of cotton so sweaty sessions will not be an issue. Considering my experiences, Venum is just excellent about providing comfort and the boxing gloves of this company are just another example of that. With that, EVA foam is not rough and the collars are made of this foam. So it does not bother you while training.

As a final note, you just need to check out the interior design of the jacket on here! It is preshrunk and it will stay solid and awesome for a really long time.

6. War Tribe Men’s IceWeave GI

This gi is made for the anatomical structure of your bones and thanks to this, War Tribe GI actually fits way better than many other Gis on the market.

Cotton (blend) pants are lighter than normal and this 350 gsm pearl weave gi is preferred in many martial arts gym classes.

With that, the fabric is processed with a technology which allows pants and jacket to have good airflow and dry quickly.

Also, the GSM number is different (lower) and it provides different training quality and even though it can be used by anyone according to my research, War Tribe is preferred more by long-legged people who want to move quickly.

As a side note, the black model looks way more awesome than this model. If you want to see it, check it out on here.

5. Twister Black Mamba

The pants are made of twill and the stretching qualities are quite good. As a side note, I always go for twill pants because I just move and do submissions better with them.

It is pre-shrunk and can be washed in cold water. Thanks to that you can actually use it a quite long time without worrying about shrinking!

Also, colors won’t fade since the materials have decent quality. So you can be sure that Twister Black Mamba will look good even after a myriad of washes.

Also, the anti-odor technology provides your gi to stay fresh after long sweaty BJJ sessions on mats. In addition to that, it is light so if you think of spending a lot of time in your dojo, this is a great option.

The logo just looks great and it has a great price tag. If you are on a tight budget and want to look good, have a look at the most recent price of this Gi.

Also, a material bag comes with the shipment and it has BJJ belt loops for comfort. As a side note, many average-sized people just love rolling on mats with this kimono!

4. Verus Ultra Strong Version

It has patches and many parts of this gi are reinforced and this is why it is called Ultra Strong Version. Seriously it is one of the most durable kimonos on the market.

This is another kimono that comes pre-shrink and it is also IBJFF approved. If you think of competing, Verus provides good design and material quality.

It has a yarn blend and it goes well with the stitching. Basically, this provides lightweight and thanks to reinforced stitching, it does not stretch much.

As a side note many people, who have long legs, give great feedback for grappling performance.

Alright, if you consider the training quality (range of motion), Verus definitely has an advantage over many kimonos on this list and considering the quality-price ratio, I highly recommend you to get it!

The Verus logo and craftsmanship get quite good feedback and look stylish.

If you are interested, have a look at the awesome design of this gi.

3. Scramble x Godfather Gi Black

The Godfather is one of my all-time favorites and Scramble has “a fan gi” which has amazing quality and I am seriously impressed with the amazing quality. Because 550 gsm is quite high and this is why it has a bit more expensive price tag than other jiu-jitsu kimonos. This actually makes Scramble x Godfather Gi lighter than many 450 gsm kimonos on the market. With that, this is officially licensed and the twill pants are made for more quality groundwork sessions. Other than these amazing qualities, don’t forget that it has the classic logo on it! In my opinion, it is the coolest BJJ Gi!

2. Hayabusa Cotton Goorudo 2

Hayabusa is one of my favorite gi brands and I used this model (Goorudo) of it around 6 months before I went back to my country. I actually borrowed it from my sparring buddy for my grappling dummy sessions in my friend’s home. While I was doing submissions on the mats, I felt comfortable “enough” which was a really rare situation for me. With that, the Japanese style looks awesome and unlike other kimonos on the list, I actually have experience with this kimono and considering the fitting rate, I strongly suggest you grab yours!

The awesome fact about this gi is that Goorudo 2 is decorated with traditional kanjis which means courage and bravery.

If you like the traditional feel and look as I do, click here to check it out more about this gi.


First of all, the jacket is made of hemp. Yes, you read it right and the pants are also made of hemp. Hemp twill pants are softer and can stretch more than the others. It is also 550 gsm. I can say that it is dense. Also, if you hate tying your drawstring during sessions, you can just get Flow Kimonos since you don’t need to do it with a printed stretch drawstring! Like the other Gis, it is also made of antimicrobial, anti-odor, and natural materials. Is not that really awesome?

You can save the environment with this kimono!

Other than these, you can also wash it in cold water so you don’t need to think about shrinking again. With that, the brand is serious about producing quality Gis and if you are looking for a kimono which is really cool and also delivers incredible quality, have a closer look at Flow Kimonos on here.

Honestly, do not these look just really cool? I personally just loved the looks of Scramble Godfather. These kimonos have good reviews on martial arts forums and unlike many other plain-looking kimonos, you can actually look awesome with these cool BJJ Gis!

I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you want to know about other cool martial arts stuff, don’t forget to check out my cool boxing gloves. And if you think that I skipped any cool kimono please tell me in the discussion area below!

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  1. This is awesome bro. I have always been fascinated in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after seeing one of my friends trained for it. This is a good article and will keep it handy when I decide to jump on it =) I’ll definitely share this with my friend too as he might have an option for a new Gi =) Thanks brother =)

  2. Hi, that is some really good information that you have there in your quick reviews of 12 different kimonos. I understand that some kimonos are not suitable for competition use, are all of the 12 different kimonos in your review suitable for competition use?

    1. Man, these jiu-jitsu gis can be used for rolling on mats however not all of them are IBJFF approved so no you may not enter the tournaments with some of them. I selected these according to their awesomeness. I also checked whether these have cool patches or not. Because some people really like their patches.

      Basically, you need to check out whether it is IBJFF approved or not before you get one.

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