8 Really Cool Boxing Gloves!

Comparing to other posts this post will be even more fun 😉 Many people in my gym really love their boxing gloves and the design, color are huge factors for that. I have seen many reviews of gloves, also trained with many pairs and I compiled a list of “cool boxing gloves”. These will not only look good but also will give you awesome training sessions. Below, you can also see sizing chart for your hand.

Without further ado let’s start cool boxing gloves with the number 8…


8. Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves

Exclusive Features

Cool Boxing Gloves for Your Training

  • Suitable for ALL training types (heavy bag, focus mitts)
  • Good wrist support
  • Japanese style design
  • Comfy

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Hayabusa is made according to lots of University Researches and they even published these studies in detail. I greatly appreciate it and the company produced an amazing pair with an incredible wrist support. This pair is also in many “most quality boxing gloves list”. With that Hayabusa also did not disappoint people who look for a cool design 😉 It just reflects the Japanese style very well.

Its cover material (synthetic leather) gets quite good ratings for durability. You can also do all training types with it.

You can get Hayabusa Tokushu according to size chart below or you can have a look at my extensive review for Hayabusa.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

Important Note: All boxing gloves on this list (except number 3, Rival Evolution) can be chosen according to sizing chart above. I will also provide a sizing chart for Rival Evolution near the explanation of that pair.


7. Top King Gloves

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for ALL training types
  • Good wrist support
  • Quality padding
  • Good air circulation

Top King Gloves are known for its padding quality and quantity. It is just superior to many other training gloves. Even though I train with it only for 3-4 months, I am quite satisfied with its heavy bag training performance. It has also many cool designs, different colors and it definitely deserves to be on this list.

This pair can be used for any training type including focus mitt, sparring.

People, who have weak wrists, also can get this one because that part is really snug fit. Thanks to this wrist safety and being all around training pair, it is used in many commercial gyms. They generally use it for punching bag training. So far this pair gets only positive feedback. However you will have a short break in period. Many reviews on boxing forums and on amazon say that Top King has break in period around 3 months.


6. RDX Bazooka Boxing Gloves

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for ALL training types
  • Made of incredibly sturdy cover material (Kevlar)
  • Good air circulation
  • Amazing feedback for its design
  • Incredible quality price ratio

Even though this pair has only a few color selections many people seem to like it. It is made of one of the sturdiest materials. And it is Kevlar. You can expect to train with RDX Bazooka around 3 years without losing its padding quality. As you may have already guessed nothing is going to happen its cover. Well quite honestly you wouldn’t expect anything less from the Kevlar. Considering that many very quality pairs have rough spots and edges in 2 years, this is actually a huge plus. Also RDX Bazooka is the most affordable pair on this list. You can also check out my extensive review for more info. As any RDX pairs this one also has very good price.


5. “Sharp” Nappa Leather

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for ALL training types
  • Good quality “Nappa” leather
  • Have all safety features
  • Amazing feedback for moisture wicking features
  • “Wild” design

Many users describe Venum Sharp’s design as “wild design”. When I look at the pair, I think that the description just suits it. This is also suitable for all training types including heavy bag, focus mitts and double end bag.

This pair is handmade and gets very good “fitting” ratings.

Like all pairs, which are made in Thailand, it has incredible air circulation and wicks moisture quite well. Its looks cool and also you will feel cool with Venum Nappa 😉 When a pair has these features and good quality leather, it becomes perfect for long sessions. If you are one of the people, who like to have really long boxing training sessions, Venum Nappa is a really solid choice for you.


4. Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for ALL training types
  • Genuine goat skin leather
  • Provides the best punching performance (incredible design)
  • Good air circulation
  • Mexican Style and many fancy color selection
  • The most quality gloves one the market (in my opinion)

Well I must say this at first. When you punch with Cleto Reyes, you simply punch better. So doing heavy bag training with it is just awesome. Other than that it basically has great wrist support and very durable genuine goat skin leather. You can expect to use this pair at least 3 years and it won’t lose its padding quality even a bit. With that you will have a break in period around 5 months. You can have a look at how to break in boxing gloves and even decrease the duration of this period.

It has many color selection. Last time when I checked, it was 17. These include green, white and blue. Cleto Reyes Training pair is seriously my all-time favorite and you can also check out its extensive review for more info and if you are looking for an incredible pair which has remarkable looks, I highly suggest to get your Cleto Reyes on amazon. Also I reviewed its features way more extensively on here.


3. Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for only heavy bag and double end bag training
  • Incredible wrist support (one of the best rated)
  • Amazing padding quality
  • Have all safety features
  • Good air circulation

Rival has synthetic leather and amazing padding quality. It is already on my and many other most quality heavy bag pairs’ lists. If you look at the wrist part you will see that the part is much larger than other pairs and it secures your wrist quite well. It makes your wrist extra stable during the punching bag training. This pair also has a lot of padding andheavy bag gloves sizing chart due to its padding distribution you will punch incredibly well with this pair. The bag will just swing more. You can also check out its more extensive review.  This pair will give so much more than its cool look 😉 And you can buy it on here.

Rival Evolution is different than other pairs on this list. It is made exclusive for punching bag and double end bag training. So the sizing also changes and you can get it according to sizing chart at the right side.


Please keep in mind that all other pairs (except Rival Evolution) on this list can be chosen according to first sizing chart at the beginning of the page.


2. Ring to Cage Japanese Style Boxing Gloves

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for all training types
  • Quality and durable genuine leather
  • Have all safety features
  • MANY color and design selection
  • One of the most quality gloves one the market

This pair has many incredible features and its top notch leather, comfort are just a few of these. Some people even go beyond and say that its quality matches with Winning. I also know that lots of trainers religiously train with these gloves.

I was about to say that Ring to Cage has many color and design selection. But it would be truly an understatement. It has 28 different design and color selection. There are even military green, flashy orange colors. I am sure that you will be blown away by these fancy designs and colors. You can just go and check out this awesome pair and its designs. Thanks to its quality it is sold like crazy. Apparently the design also plays a huge role for that.


1. Twins Special Signature Fancy Boxing Gloves

Exclusive Features

  • Suitable for ALL training types
  • Good wrist support
  • Have all safety features
  • Good air circulation
  • Greatest quality price ratio for a pair
  • Many color and design selection
  • Very easy to wear and take it off

Twins Special had a very quality pair and the company released a new pair which has exactly same features with that quality pair. So why did the company do that? Basically that quality pair got amazing feedback all the time and the company did not feel any necessity for an upgrade. The new pair has only new designs, color selections and I am absolutely sure that you can find a design which suits you. Even the company says “Twins Special Signature Fancy is for people who want to express themselves”. training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

This genuine leather pair is made in Thailand and it just wicks the moisture ultra-quick. With that its padding memory is also superb. After you punch it returns the zero state just in a second. The padding distribution is relatively even and its velcro system allows you to put it on and take it off in just seconds. All these qualities make it a superior pair. You can also read more about this pair in my Twins Special Boxing Gloves Review.

You can choose Twins Special Signature Fancy on amazon according to sizing chart at the right side. (This is the same sizing chart at the beginning of the page). It is suitable for all pairs on this list except Rival Evolution.

All of these eight boxing gloves have great designs and colors for sure. Some gloves even have shades of orange. However these gloves do not have only cool looks these also provide amazing training quality. I hope you enjoyed reading and if I forgot to put any quality and cool pair in this list, let me know in the comment section 😉


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23 thoughts on “8 Really Cool Boxing Gloves!”

  1. Hello There,

    It could be a difficult task to find the best gloves, suitable for you at a reasonable price.
    I like the Top King Gloves as they are OK for all kind of training.
    The price seems fair as well.
    You’ve made a great research so hat off!

    1. As you said Top King Gloves definitely offer both quality and affordable price. I train with a lot of pairs and always do my research well. I am really glad you liked it.

  2. Hi Furkan!

    Love the post! It was super informative to know all of the traits each individual gloves have.

    Which gloves would you recommend to somebody just starting out with little experience in boxing?


    1. Hi Derek, if you will just start you can get a pair for all training types. You can do all training types with all pairs on this list except Rival. I am also glad you liked it.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to review these gloves!
    Looks like I’ll probably go with the Twins, I hate wearing gloves that are hard to take off or are easy but don’t provide good support.

    For the Cleto gloves, you mention that they provide the best punching performance, how does it differ from other ones? What are the factors that make you punch better?

    1. Man, Twins special is a great choice. As for your question Cleto’s design and padding distribution provides you to punch a little bit faster. Some other pairs also have it like some models of Rival. And I definitely mention it within the post.

  4. Great review. I thought to go with RDX glove. Which one is better between bazooka and T9 cowhide?

    You select bazooka from RDX list to be the cool glove and T9 cowhide seem to the best from RDX list…

    Im beginner and searching for my first glove.

    Thank you n advance

    1. Man RDX gloves are great and these have good prices.
      I know T9 is also a good pair, however, Bazooka’s padding and construction are just awesome. You can literally punch with less effort. So this is why I put it on this list.

  5. I like the cleto reyes. The design looks great and I love the black and white color. You also added that they have the best quality which is important to me. How long does a good pair of boxing gloves normally last?

  6. I’ve used Rival gloves in the past, and have always been impressed with their design and performance. These Evolution gloves look to hold up to that same quality design. I love heavy bag training, and the increased wrist support in this style glove is definitely a high point.

    1. Yeah, actually Evolution Bag gloves are already in my most quality bag gloves list. As you said it just provides one of the most solid wrist supports and it is a great choice for heavy bag sessions.

  7. This is really cool. My son just started boxing and he is really getting serious about it. He always running around the house shadow boxing and asking me to run drills with me.
    I think it’s time for him to get some actual gear so he can take his skills to the next level. So I been looking around for some boxing gloves and training shoes and this article was exactly what I was looking for gloves wise.
    I am definitely going to check some of these out. Great article, very helpful.

    1. I really like when young people start boxing. Well, it seems like it is the right time get him a couple of gloves. The boxing gloves on this list have serious quality and look nice. So he will probably love wearing these.
      You can also have a look at these shoes. Many of them have smaller (youth) sizes.

  8. Hi Furkan!
    I really love the design of the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis black but in amazon i can only find the purple and the blue ones. I will wait a little.
    I really like your site. I’m planning to buy the gloves and a punch bag to do a cardio rutine two days a week. I wlll definitely check your site more often. Thank you for the review.

  9. Hi there! I am contemplating getting a newer set of boxing gloves. Looking at this post, I’m thinking of the Twins Special Signature Fancy Boxing Gloves? My gloves are beginning to wear out. I’ve got a pair of Morgan Classic’s Zulu Warriors. They’ve done alright but I’ve had trouble with my thumb bending too far and have sprained my knuckles a few times on both right and left fists. I’m orthodox stance. What glove would you suggest for this problem?

    1. Man, It does not depend on whether you put your left your foot first or not. It depends on how you punch. You need to have a good form while making a fist and do punching techniques properly. I never stumbled upon someone who picks his / her gloves according to being orthodox or southpaw. I honestly never tried Morgan Classics. I heard that the inner lining is really tough and can hurt your hand. But I think that was not your problem. But your problem might be the thump positioning.

      Twins Special is huge. The padding is also a lot and it is the last pairs which you have any problems with your knuckles. The thumb positioning of Twins is natural. It is not curved. Do these suit you?

  10. Hello Furkan,
    I was intrigued with the read. I would love to do more boxing for fitness and I found the information very helpful. I am sure that a spell check was completed but sometimes when words are spelled correctly it still misses the intent.
    On #4. Reyes section,
    The most quality gloves one the market (in my opinion) should it say ON.
    on #2 Cage Japanese
    One of the most quality gloves one the market (ON) same suggestion.
    Those were the only things that I saw.
    Again, great info. I like how you are able link reviews in your sections. Something I need to learn to do.

    1. Yeah, boxing was started using for fitness a lot lately. You can build muscle quite effectively with it.

      Exactly Cleto Reyes is one of the best pairs on the market and it also looks really cool as well.

      Ring to Cage has a great price too and it has the widest design selections. You can check out Ring To Cage C17 review for more info about training performance, how it fits etc.

      If you are running a site, it takes to learn all the stuff but don’t worry you can learn them within 2 months.

  11. A very nice article, my nephew does martial arts and I was wondering what to get him for his birthday this month. I think I know now, I am going to go with one of those gloves off your site, thanks for the very helpful review. I now know so much more about boxing gloves.

    1. That is awesome. It can be an amazing boxing gift idea for him. These have really different designs and I am sure that you can pick suitable and awesome boxing gloves. These gloves have many designs which youngsters might really love.

  12. Having the right pair of gloves is like having the right set of golf clubs, the right pair of ballet slippers, the right baseball bat for a player – its essential and *personal* to the player / participator, and I can respect that each of these gloves are meant for a particular type of boxing fighter, personality, sense of style and taste… heavy weight or light weight, I can really appreciate each one these gloves. The quality of all of them are remarkable.

    1. Well, I have never touched a baseball bat so far however you are right. Having a proper pair of boxing gloves, which fits your needs, is essential for better training performance, results.

      I personally like to train with Mexican Style Gloves as I found out that I like their design, fit, padding design…

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