Do Elevation Training Masks Work? – Here is the Truth!

There are many sources online which explain why elevation training mask work or it does not work. However, these sources do it without backing up with research. With that, I have spent a considerable amount of time with many elevation training masks and I also took my time and read a myriad of research, experiments etc. I also checked out many professional athletes’ (MMA fighters, boxers etc.) experiences with altitude masks. By the way, some of these athletes don’t get any sponsorship money so their experiences actually matter! Without further ado let’s start with some of the athletes’ experiences with these masks and at the end of the content, you can also find my experiences as a summary.

Do Elevation Training Masks Work

Antony Joshua: Well, I just watched Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko again and I am impressed with Antony Joshua’s performance once again. Antony Joshua is one of the professional boxers who do many regular training sessions with altitude mask. As you may know, boxers, MMA fighters and many martial artists (BJJ etc.) actually do matches at different altitudes and after they do their regular training sessions with these masks, many of them claimed that their endurance is more at higher altitudes and they can push themselves more during any type of training.

Marshawn Lynch: Marshawn Lynch (NFL running back) started using training masks a long time ago and he started experiencing way more explosive strength in the 4th quarter while everybody else was tired. You can feel free to check out his stats and he also stated that he can focus better during the training and matches! As a side note, Marshawn Lynch was using Training Mask 3.0, which is quite popular, while he was training and I also have a great experience with it and you can find it below.

Norris Fredrick:  This guy is 11x NCAA All American athlete and also prefers Training Mask brand for his regular training sessions. With that, Norris Fredrick competes in many different sports branches and long jump is one of them. According to my research, after a year of training with these masks, he increased his training session period.  Also, keep in mind that he has won a myriad of competitions and always gets ready for them with training maks. Also, many people view him as one of the best athletes in the world. So if training masks are good for successful athletes, who compete in different sports branches, I am sure that you will also be satisfied with the training performance results as well.

Jenna Durros: She is a model and founder of Lift into Life & Become JDFit. I should definitely say that her body looks incredibly toned and just amazing. She also says that training masks definitely helped her achieve that body. I also know that many bodybuilders train with training masks to look better and have more toned bodies. According to my research, she has used Training Mask brand for a really long time.

Marcos Maidana: Marcos Maidana is one of the names who use training masks during boxing workouts. I recently saw that he trains with a heavy bag while rocking Twins Special. As many other people, Marcos Maidana also uses training masks mostly during punching bag sessions for maximizing the effects since it is both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. If you are interested in how he trains with a training mask, you can just check out the video below.



Other Reasons Why Professional Athletes Use It

Even though it improves athletic performance and they can train harder and longer with more lung capacity, these are not the only reasons. Athletes test different altitudes since in future they will probably have a match at different altitudes and they want their respiratory systems to be ready. So many of them simulate the real situation with altitude masks. With that, according to Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, you need to train with a training mask at least for 6 weeks so your respiratory system can adjust to a higher altitude. With that, you can see other results like having deeper breaths etc. way faster. You can even see some results less than a week!


My Experiences: I trained with Training Mask 2.0 and Training Mask 3.0 as well. A few years ago, whenever I My experiences and athletes experiences with Elevation Training Masksslammed the battle ropes, I put on Training Mask 2.0 and just after a week I could train longer and felt less soreness in my muscles after workouts. However interesting enough I did not experience any difference in balance board training. As usual, I felt the same soreness in my legs after balance board sessions. So, this actually proves that high altitude masks are more effective for both anaerobic and aerobic training types.

In Samut Prakan, Thailand, I also trained with another mask, which is Training Mask 3.0. , while I was punching free standing punching bags. After a month I could do way more explosive strikes than I used to. I have no idea whether these are more powerful or not but I can definitely say that I could show way better training performance and I also started reaching my respiratory threshold later than usual. So I can easily suggest everyone use Training Mask 3.0 as well.

However please keep in mind that, I never tested different altitudes after I trained with elevation masks but as you read above many professional athletes saw great results.


Let’s Wrap It Up

Let’s clear things up a little bit. High altitude masks are in the best-seller sections of many shopping sites. Many professional athletes also use them without taking any money and I am sure that many of you had heard many success stories before you even reached this very writing and if you are interested in getting amazing benefits of training masks, definitely have a look at the reviews of the best high altitude training masks. Some of them are actually used by the athletes in this writing! Lastly, I want to say that these masks are used over and over again by professionals (some of them even don’t get any sponsorship) and they train with them during regular training sessions because they see great results and I also saw great results as well. Yes, training masks just work fine and I strongly suggest you start training with them as soon as possible. I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any experiences with training masks, I would love to hear them in the comment section.


Image Courtesy of  SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Jimmwandishi via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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  1. This a very detailed article and I like the use of the video which demonstrates how the product works. You’ve mentioned only MMA, Boxing and weight lifting athletes using this product. I’m an avid runner I’m interested to know if I can use this product to train for running competitions?

    1. Of course, you can use it for running and I gave boxing, MMA examples because my site’s main focus is boxing, MMA, and martial arts so I did not do much research about running ; ) But you can surely use it and many runners also use it for getting ready for competitions.

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