Does Shadow Boxing Help You Lose Fat?

Actually the real question should be how much it helps the fat loss. In this content you will find the answer to this question and how can it be effective even more.

Boxing sport has lots of training variations and shadow boxing is one of them. It can help you to lose fat and if you eat right and get right nutrition, it leads to gain lean muscle. At the end of this content,  there is also a recommended diet for maximizing these results.

People have been aware of this workout quite some time, however a real blast occurred when Muhammad Ali performed his shadow boxing routine on ABC. Well, I am certainly glad  that he did. Thanks to him, it became very popular and we know all the benefits of it. And shadow boxing is not only done by boxers, this training type is also used for MMA, kickboxing and even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

muhammad ali

Of course It All Starts with Muscles

Shadow boxing is a great way to train ALL your muscles. It is the one of the best training type to practice foot movements. It is not a strength training and it canโ€™t be described as a cardio training. It is a mixture of both. Even tough it does not provide a lot of resistance, all muscles do strength training and cardio at the same time. It provides very fast coordination between muscles. In this way, we burn calories more effectively.

If people do shadow boxing instead of running, they lose more fat and also gain little bit of muscle mass. One of my personal favorite side is that we don’t even have to be in the gym for shadow boxing. We can do the training in home comfort and honestly I am not a huge fan of cold weather or treadmills ๐Ÿ˜‰

I Bet You Have Heard “Denser Muscles” before

Your core, legs, back, chest and arms work in coordination. There is a very good chance that you can make some muscle gains on every single body part during shadow boxing. You won’t be building big muscles, however doing these muscles with cardio makes muscles much more denser and it provides better oxygen consumption. These all maximize fat loss and even make the most stubborn belly fat disappear. I can easily say that your muscles look better after just couple of sessions. There is also a quality shadow boxing pair on market and thanks to its ideal weight distribution, it can give you a way better shadow boxing session. If you are interested in having more info, check out  Adidas Boxing Gloves review.

This is why boxing training is great,  there are lots of training types and these various training types help improving many different physical skills in so many ways.

Boxer’s Secret – Toned Muscles Burn More Calories

Toned muscles are naturally more denser and have less fat within them. So they burn calories like there is no tomorrow. Shadow boxing is a great way to make muscles toned and burn fat at the same time.  You can burn a lot of calories during training and also add toned muscles to burn even more fat in next session. This is one of the the reasons why boxers get in shape very fast.

If you try staying in balance, will you burn more calories?

Unlike heavy bag training, there is not any object to absorb the impact of your puncDoes Shadow Boxing Benefit Fat Losshes and hold you in shadow boxing. Staying in balance can be easy at first minutes; but after some time, your arm can lead you. In order to prevent it, you need to make an extra effort. Of course its outcome will be more energy consumption and fat loss. I know that some of you think like how hard can be to stay in balance. Well I used to think just like that, but that was before I had not done any serious shadow boxing routine. Obviously I changed my mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I am sure so will you.

More Endurance Leads More Duration and More Duration Leadsโ€ฆ.

As other training types of sport, you will get better next time and can have longer training session. After couple of weeks, you can even add extra 5-10 minutes to your workout routine. As a result you will burn more fat.

Donโ€™t Forget Legs Have Most Muscle Mass of the Body

Shadowboxing is great way to practice footwork, actually it is the best way after sparring. With that, I strongly recommend you to do shadow boxing before sparring. So you donโ€™t feel awkward when you spar. Having an idea about how to move your feet can make a real difference in sparring training.

After shadowboxing training session, I have a lot of pain in my legs and it is much more than my other body parts. Of course, the reason behind it is that legs have the most muscle mass of body. Even though I hate that sore feeling, I definitely lose fat and get leaner after training sessions. If you have trained your legs before in moderate or intense level, you probably guess how I feel.

Recommended Diet for Best Results

It is seriously a great training for fat loss, however results can be even greater and faster with right nutrition. Whatrecommended diet for shadow boxing I mean by right nutrition is of course healthy foods. It is also important what kind of foods you eat before the shadow boxing training. Eating fat before workout affects your energy in a negative way. Even if you eat healthy fats, it extends duration of digestion and this results in not having enough energy for workout.

If I have one or two hours until the training, I eat 150 grams of lentil and 100 grams of carbs with fiber such as whole wheat pasta. Of course foods should have very little fat. But if you have only 30 – 45 minutes prior to workout, it is better to have one scoop protein powder and fast digesting carbs like white rice. In that way, these foods digest fast and you will have completed your nutrition needs and fuel your energy before workout. This maximizes weight loss and protects your muscles at the same time.

Do Other Boxing Training Types to Have Even Leaner Body

Doing shadow boxing is great but there is a way to get more out of it even more. Supporting shadow boxing with other boxing training types gives incredible results. Every other training type has different and its own incredible benefits. For example, heavy bag training improves positioning and timing together. If you are interested in knowing them, then check out here. It is also okay to focus more one type of training. I personally love training with my free standing punching bag ๐Ÿ˜‰ and know lots of people like sparring etc.  However, doing all of them is deadly for even the most stubborn belly fat. These training types attack fat in lots of various ways. As a result,  fats just have no option other than burning.

Does shadow boxing help with weight loss? Hell yeah… But “how much” question’s answer depends ENTIRELY on you. Having a good nutritional plan and adding other boxing training types to your routine maximize fat loss, help you achieve a lean body.

I hope you liked the article and if you have any questions or personal experiences about shadow boxing for weight loss, please leave a comment below.

Image Courtesy of Joshi Bhavya, (cc licence is provided on google search) and Ruocaled via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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14 thoughts on “Does Shadow Boxing Help You Lose Fat?”

  1. I’m certain that shadow boxing will help weight loss. Any movement of the body is extremeley beneficial. These days we sit in cars and office chairs all day, even just moving around is great.

  2. We just got a new boxing bag at the gym at my work. Sometimes our cross-fit trainer has us punching it. It’s certainly not something I’m used to! But I’ve come to like it the more I do it. I don’t have a need to lose weight, but I would like to increase my muscle tone. Will shadow boxing help with that?

    1. Absolutely it will help your muscle tone. however I recommend more punching bag training then shadowboxing. In that way you will have easier and shorter time to achieve it.

  3. I’ve heard about shadow boxing before, but never looked into it much. It’s great to know it can have great muscle building and fat loss results! I might give this a try soon.

  4. Great article. Now that MMA is a main stream sport this is even more relevant. I agree with the nutrition part too. Everyone’s body is different in how we keep our homeostasis, it really is a balance between work and intake. Shadow boxing seems quite the workout too, yet simple enough for almost anyone to partake in.

    Thanks for the information. I look forward to reading more.

    Best wishes,

    1. As you said Mike. Shadow boxing is so easy to do.
      Balance between meal and workout is also important otherwise all work can be for nothing. And you are welcome anytime ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The “opponent” in boxing with a shadow is definitely a great sparring partner, and in my opinion not only benefit in fat loss, but that is better than boxing with the right partner and with the bag because it does not damage the cartilage and bones, and the training is more practical.

  6. Hi Furkan!
    Well, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t tried this yet. Skipping rope? Yes (and I ended up with shin splints that took 4 months to heal). Heavy bag? Yes. Occasional training with a partner with pads? Yes? But Shadow Boxing? Err .. I haven’t tried it yet.
    Is there a “right way” and “wrong way” to do it? Everything you’ve said makes total sense. And there is a room at my gym they use for dance and cardio classes, etc, and it’s got mirrors on the walls. Sometimes I go in there to skip. That’d be a perfect place to shadow box. I’ll have to try it …
    Thanks for another great article!

    1. Hi Kevin it is great to see you here again. I jump rope a lot too and I still suck at it. It will be good with time. Well at least I hope ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually you can just do jabs, cross, hook etc. Just visualize an opponent and it will be okay.

  7. I enjoy shadowboxing, but as you mentioned, it’s very different from punching a bag! I’m not so sure I would agree that after a couple of sessions someone would notice a difference in their muscles, though. A difference might be noticed for a short period of time after shadowboxing because your muscles are pumped up and swollen, but that eventually goes away. A true, permanent, at rest difference in muscles won’t really be noticed until after weeks of continuous hard work and proper nutrition.

    1. Well, obviously we wonโ€™t build big muscles however as you said couples of weeks are just enough to see some little results ๐Ÿ˜‰

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