Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review – Is It Really Good?

Training Mask 2 Review

Training Mask 2.0 is one of the most popular training masks on the market and many boxers, MMA fighters, and athletes actually train with it since elevation training masks have many benefits for your respiratory system. However, how is this product’s quality?  Can it provide the benefits at a good level? Below you can find the answer to these questions, sizing information and differences between the older model as well. I also included my friend’s first-hand experiences and his internet page in the writing. Without further ado let’s start the overview.


Training Mask 2.0 Review

Training Mask 2.0 ReviewEffectiveness: 9.8 / 10.0

Design: 9.7 / 10.0

Durability: 9.9 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Aesthetics: 10.0 /10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Improves lung capacity and ventilatory threshold
  • Train longer and harder!
  • Make you ready for different altitudes (6 different selections)
  • Breath better with stronger diaphragm
  • Comfy
  • Good price
  • Incredibly popular
  • Comes with instructional sheet
  • A myriad of people benefited from it!

First of all Training Mask 2.0 is a great product and according to my research, it is the most popular mask on the market and always gets really good feedback. Well, it is really hard to pull off in the online world and it already made the top of my good altitude training mask list.

As you may know, sleeves of many training masks just suck and these generally don’t hold the mask properly and people have slipping problems etc. With that, the sleeve of Training Mask 2.0 is made of performance grade Neoprene and it is really high-quality material. It basically gets rid of sweat well and also stays in place all the time. The sleeve lasts more than 3 years! If you consider durability price ratio, it is one of the best products as well. There is no wonder it sells like crazy.

According to many verified results, Training Mask 2.0 improves your breathing quality and you can get more energy for every breath. With that, it improves ventilatory threshold and thanks to this, you can do longer high-intensity training sessions.

In my old gym, my sparring buddy had used this mask and he just posted the results on his website. At first, I was quite skeptical but just after 2 months, he could do way longer heavy bag sessions. It mostly affects workout types which are both aerobic and anaerobic. The results also show that the lung capacity and oxygen usage efficiency improve a lot with Training Mask 2.0. Also, many verified purchases give similar feedback so you can be sure that you can push yourself more and get more benefits from your sessions after you train with it.

Train at Different Altitudes! Whether you are a professional athlete or not, you may workout, compete at different altitudes. Even if you did many cardio, HIIT sessions before, your respiratory system is simply not ready for higher altitudes where have thinner air. So if you are not prepared for it, your endurance won’t be as much as it used to be. With that, you can train with Training Mask 2.0 and get ready for higher altitudes. This is actually critical if you compete at any level! It has many altitude selections which include 3000, 6000, 9000, 12 000, 15 000 and 18 000 feet. The cool part is that you can change it quite easily and without taking the mask off. Even though this looks like a small detail many other elevation masks require you to take it off the masks for changing the altitude. With that, you can change the altitude of Training Mask 2.0 without even stopping your workout and this is another plus of it.

Sizing: You can choose your own Training Mask 2.0 according to sizing information below. I also checked out many shopping sites and verified purchases give quite good fitting rates. Comparing to other products, I can easily give A for it.

Under 150 lbs. Small
150-250 lbs. Medium
Over 250 lbs. Large

Safety: Well this elevation mask is in the many best-seller lists of many reputable shopping sites and I am sure that if it caused any health issues, they would have removed it from the market a long time ago.

What Is Included in Shipment? You get 6 air resistance caps, 3 air resistance valve base pieces, neoprene sleeve, head sleeve, instructional and workout sheets.

Quality/Price Ratio: Considering the quality, durability, results, and extras; price of Training Mask 2.0 is just incredible.

Differences between 2.0 and the older model: The new model is made of more quality materials (sleeve) and has more altitude selections as well. With that respiratory system faces an optimum challenge and you can actually expect result faster with the new model. Training mask 2.0 also has more ergonomic design and the price is almost the same. In addition to that Training Mask 2.0 is sold much more. So I can easily congratulate the company for delivering such a high-quality product.


Who Can Use Training Mask 2.0?

The short answer is everyone. With that, I know that some people, who have beards, worry about whether they can train with it or not. Well many people, who have beards, already experienced great results. So there is no problem there.


Final Thoughts

Alright, many professional and successful MMA fighters, boxers etc. use Training Mask 2.0 without any sponsorship. This alone tells the quality of it. I should also add that the mountain design looks really cool 😉 Even though this mask is wildly popular you simply can’t see a bad review anywhere and I am %100 sure that you will be satisfied with the incredible (breathing deeper, pushing yourself more…) results. Also, let’s not forget that it is always at the top place of many best lists. If you are interested, I strongly suggest you have a closer look at Training Mask 2.0.


Thoughts about the Company

Hands down, it is the best brand for training masks and has the most popular products on the market. Even though I have seen many people, who use it, I have never heard anything bad about it. So you can trust the company and I rarely say that 😉  I really hope that you enjoyed reading my Training Mask 2.0 Review and if you have any questions or anything to share please leave a comment below.

Image Courtesy of  Jimmwandishi via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved

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16 thoughts on “Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review – Is It Really Good?”

  1. What an incredible training tool for optimizing your breathing. As a runner, this would be great for increasing my stamina and lung capacity.

    Is there a recommended time-frame you should use this for? Is it more for short periods of training? Or could it be used for longer training sessions, like a 10k run?

    1. It works for everyone who needs to improve stamina. Actually, it is a good question and you can use it for short periods of training during. You can use it for 15-20 minutes. However, if you want to use it for 10k run you can use it 15 minutes then continue 15 minutes without a mask and then wear it again… I also do the heavy bag training like this and it works wonders with my endurance levels.

  2. I actually have a training mask, but not this kind. I don’t use the other one as often as I should. They work really well though. I have noticed a difference in my lung capacity when I train with one and then train without one. This kind is a little different than the one I currently have and seem like this is a little better, so I might need to upgrade. Thanks for the review!

    1. These masks come in all sizes and shapes. Almost all of them have different designs. Even the older model of this mask looks completely different than this one. But their mission is the same. Many athletes also prefer Training Mask 2.0 and it will be a great update for sure.

  3. I have never heard of or seen anybody using a training mask before, so this is a new product for me. I can certainly see how this would be a great training aid for certain athletes, particular those who are expected to perform at certain altitudes. However, your article mentions its advantages for certain sports which are typically male dominated like boxing and MMA. Is the training mask suitable for females or is there a version which has been designed specifically for women? Also, is this product suitable for people who suffer with breathing difficulties like asthma?

    1. You can actually see that many people wear altitude masks in gyms. However, as you said there a lot of people who don’t like the idea of training with a mask. The reason may be that they don’t want to look like a fool etc.

      Yeah, fighters need to train with this if they don’t want to have any disadvantage during matches. I think that it does not matter that you are a professional or amateur, you need to do regular training routine with it from time to time.

      Women can wear training masks without any problem whatsoever. However, if you prefer, there are some more feminine sleeve designs and color selections.
      I actually have no idea about your last question. People, who have asthma, should consult doctors.

  4. I haven’t any earlier experiences about that kind of training masks. There seem to be many great benefits according to your lung capacity, oxygen efficiency, and diaphragm.
    One of the benefits surprised me, and that is the possibility to train at different attitudes. It’s a great feature of the training mask and will benefit athletes and trainers within different sports.

    1. Thanks to those benefits anyone, who does any kind of sports training, should use training masks.

      Exactly, many martial artists, boxers join tournaments at different altitudes and thanks so training masks, which have altitude adjustability, they can experience different attitudes and get ready so they don’t need to travel somewhere.

  5. Great information on training masks. I was not aware that these were even available. I used to take martial arts training when I was younger, as well as a marathon runner, and these masks would have come in very handy. I know that running and training in higher altitudes is more difficult, and having an aid like this could make a big difference. Thanks for sharing this info. Tom

    1. Training masks are fairly new. Many martial artists started using these devices just a couple of years ago. They breathe with these during workouts to go longer and push their limits during the sessions.

      It can work for anyone who practices martial arts.

      It is way more difficult. When I started jogging at a mountain house, I could not breathe properly after a couple of minutes. I can normally run 20 minutes in a place where I normally live.

  6. Wow,

    All these years and I thought those masks were just cosmetic or for show. I never realized how many benefits something like this could have, despite it being such a simple to use product.

    Even though I’m no longer in martial arts, this is something I now wish I had, I would have benefited even more, though I’m not sure if this is something that’s useable for all kinds of martial arts.

    Are these masks just general martial arts tools or is it more commonly used for a specific style of martial arts?

    1. It has a lot of positive effects like having more stamina… And yes you just put it on and train. There is nothing else to do.
      It is commonly used among boxers, MMA fighters but I see that it gets more recognition among other disciplines of martial arts.

  7. Furkan,
    This is a great training tool for those wanting to have a better stamina than their opponents. You can start out at one level and work yourself up to better level.
    This trainer can be used for any sport, just do your regular workout and keep upping the resistance.
    Glad you stated that a beard does not hurt your workout with the mask.

    1. Many people, who have long beards, wonder about whether they can train with this mask or not so I had to answer it : )

  8. This is an amazing product.

    My son in law runs long distance races in the mountains, and this could be very useful for training for high altitudes.

    Thanks so much for this review,

    1. People increase the endurance of lungs for mountain running, climbing with these masks. It will help him get ready to face tough conditions.

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