Everlast MMA Shin Guards Review (My Take!)

Everlast MMA Shin Guards Review (My Take)

No one wants to have sore and bruised shins after mixed martial arts sessions so investing in a good set of shin guards is essential.Everlast MMA Shin Guards Review (My Take) Originally, Everlast started producing boxing gears and expanded with various martial arts products including shin guards in the last decade.

The company has a couple of MMA shin guards for different purposes and in this Everlast MMA Shin Guards review you can read all about these shin guards and see whether these are suitable for you or not.

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Everlast Prime MMA Shin Guards Review

Everlast Prime MMA Shin Guards ReviewTraining Quality: 8.6 / 10.0

Protection: 8.5 / 10.0

Material Quality: 8.0 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 9.9 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Great foam distribution!
  • Decent foam quality
  • Decent cover material
  • Ideal for sparring
  • Really good price

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Everlast Prime is the company’s most quality shin guards by far and many people are searching for information about it as it has been creating a buzz for a long time. This shin guard is suitable for MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai Training.


This foam’s distribution is actually my favorite. The foam is concentrated mostly on the middle part and the sides have less foam. The middle compartment takes the most punishment during strikes. You will thank the company while striking your opponents, bags etc. since that extra padding will save you from a lot of bruises.

The sides have less padding and it helps with the fitting. Whenever I see this padding distribution, I generally see good votes for fitting online and this is also the case with Everlast Prime.

How is the quality of  ISOPLATE foam? Well, it is nowhere near Hayabusa Striking Shin Guards’ foam. But it is kind of regular foam which is just okay for absorbing the shock. But don’t expect that the shock will vanish just after you strike.

The instep compartment has a decent quantity of foam and it has that “bulky” look which goes well with shin guards. Shortly the instep protection gets a good grade.

The Durability

The leather is synthetic and considering other shin guards, it has medium thickness. Also, ISOPLATE foam lasts around 2 years.

Basically, you can kick with Everlast Prime around two tears without an issue.

Speaking of the leather, this one can be cleaned easily with standard shin guard cleaning methods like using soapy water, vinegar solutions etc. It only takes a couple of minutes. So you can clean it regularly without any effort if you don’t want your partner to become uncomfortable every time you kick.

The Fit

It has hook and loop straps. These provide a really close fit and the awesome thing is that you can adjust it according to your leg without any comfort issues as the lining is not too rigid. My only complaint is that even though this “one size fit” gets good feedback I really want to see that Everlast Prime has standard sizes. In this way, these can offer a more customized fit for your shins.

The inner part is made of neoprene and it is extremely comfortable.


The sides are quite tight and the sweat basically will be trapped. So even though the breathability is just fine your shins will not be as fresh as they do with other shin guards like Venum Shin Guards. Other than that, the inner lining is quite soft and does not irritate your skin.

Considering everything, the comfort is average.

Aesthetics: Normally, Everlast products have really dull designs and boring colors but this is definitely not the case with Everlast Prime. It has vibrant colors and the green strip goes well with the design.

The Cost Efficiency

Alright, the price is too good. Let me tell you again. Considering what you get the price is just amazing. This shin guard is on the high end of average. It lasts around two years and the foam will not get memory defects around two years as well. In my opinion, if you are getting a pair of shin guards from Everlast, I highly suggest you buy Everlast Prime.

Overall, this sparring style shin guard is above average. Everlast Prime can accommodate and protect MMA fighters quite well.

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Shin Guards Review

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Shin Guards ReviewTraining Quality:  7.6 / 10.0

Protection: 6.0 / 10.0

Material Quality: 6.5 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 8.0 / 10.0


  • All around decent training shin guards
  • Decent design for training performance
  • Good air regulating features
  • Suitable for all training types


  • Bad protection!
  • Low-quality materials
  • Dull design (aesthetics)

It is made of synthetic leather and it quite low-quality synthetic leather, however, it can last without any major defects around 1-2 years and synthetic leather shin guards are also easy to clean.

Training Performance

Let’s start with the positives. The design is standard. In the past years, this design was used a lot with the first MMA shin guards on the market. It has regular foam distribution and will not slow your kick.

This shin guard is suitable for every training type. You can kick the kick shields, heavy bags and do any drill you desire.

The Fitting Complaints

There were several complaints that people say Everlast Mixed Martial Arts do not fit well. A common problem is that there is extra room between their shins and shin guards. Now that is an issue.

It does not slip to the sides which is a common issue. However, the sleeve makes a good job to help Everlast stay in place. This sleeve provides a closer fit and if the fitting of this shin guard was good, this could improve it further.

Another con is that the shin guard does not have straps. Even though compressive neoprene provides a firm hold it is definitely not effective as straps. So you basically can’t adjust it according to your shins. Especially if you have big calves you are most likely to feel uncomfortable with the sleeve as well.

The Protection

The padding is quite standard and it absorbs the shock just fine. It has an equal distribution throughout the shin guard. It can protect your entire shin without a problem whatsoever. The instep part is firm and you will not have sore instep or will not feel an odd feeling on your joints after sessions.

But there is a serious protection issue…

That fitting issue creates problems for the protection. Basically, that part, which does not fit well, causes protection issues for your shins. It might be small things like soft tissue injuries but it can also cause fractures etc. This is a huge red flag and this is why I don’t suggest anyone train with this shin guard.

The Comfort

The inner part is comfortable and the sleeve is also soft as well. It wicks the moisture and you will be relaxed during drills with Everlast Mixed Martial Arts. The sleeve wicks the moisture and this shin guard is actually not bad about comfort.

The Aesthetics: According to me, this shin guard does not look nice at all. It has really boring colors and very simple design. On the top of that, after kicking a few months with these shin guards, the colors will start fading and it will even look worse just after a couple of months later.

I seriously would not consider Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Shin Guards. As you read above, even though it has some decent qualities such as decent padding and you can do all training types it also has a lot of problems including protection. So when this is the case, you should never kick with this model.

Note: Both of these shin guards above have 120 days of warranty. This period is not long at all however you literally can’t find any other MMA brand which gives some kind of warranty.

My Opinion about Everlast MMA Shin Guards

I live in Thailand and Everlast is not really popular over here. With that being said, when I trained in Europe, it was common to see that people do sparring with Everlast Prime on MMA mats. These are budget friendly and the materials are above average. So you can expect to see it in MMA gyms especially in local ones.

Everlast Prime Amazon Link

In my opinion, Everlast Prime is the only good choice of this brand and other than  Everlast Prime, I suggest you don’t invest in any other Everlast Shin Guards as the others tend to have slipping issues and I don’t know what they used for foam but it is a quite common issue that people feel the impact with other Everlast Shin Guards.

With that being said, if you have money to spend on shin guards there are definitely better options than Everlast Prime, if you have the cash, you can check out these better MMA shin guards.

Anyway, that is all I have to say in Everlast MMA Shin Guards Review and if you have questions just write them below.

Image Courtesy of  (Wikimedia, www.everlast.com) via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved

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22 thoughts on “Everlast MMA Shin Guards Review (My Take!)”

  1. Marvelous job. I know a little about boxing equipment because my husband was a pro boxer and trainer. Even though MMA is not the same, the basis for good equipment is the same.

    Very good reviews and understandable.

    1. At least he is familiar with fight sports and if he starts doing MMA, this will help you learn the necessary techniques faster. Also, he already knows everything about punching and some defensive strategies. Considering that he is a boxer, his body is pretty conditioned. So he can go on and practice grappling, kicking, wrestling etc. more.

  2. Thanks for this, I was considering getting the Everlasts but will check out your post of better shin guards before making a purchase. So jealous that you live in Thailand!! Whereabouts are you based? It is so beautiful there but it must be hot when you exercise!

    1. Everlast Prime Shin Guards have decent quality and it can be classified as an entry level shin guards. Yeah, it sometimes gets really hot in here. Can you believe that many gyms here don’t even have air conditioners?

      Well, Thailand is fine but there are many beautiful European cities which I want to visit. I live in Asok at the moment.

  3. Great recommendation. Everlast Prime is here in the United States. It is probably one of the most popular brands. I didn’t realize that they were in Europe and Thailand as well.

    1. Yeah, I know every American seems to know the brand. Even though it is not really popular in Europe as in the US, it is still quite popular and I see people train with Everlast Gears every single day. I also had used MMA gloves of the company for a brief period of time.

  4. Great review, there’s all the information needed to make an informed choice right here in your article.

    I like the fact the review is balanced and you give people the pros and cons of products, good job!

    1. Every MMA gear has its pros and cons so I explain them in great detail so you can see whether that particular product suits you or not. I am glad you found it useful.

  5. It is good to see such an honest and thorough review of these shin guards. I really would not want to compromise and get something of low or questionable quality in this area! I would spend the money to get something really good and not have to worry about injury. It is good to know the Prime is the only one of the Everlast brand you can recommend and there are better options. Everlast is one of those ubiquitous brands that is just everywhere.

    1. Swelling and bruises are the most common MMA injuries and good padding, fit help preventing them. Everlast Prime will definitely help with these. Exactly, you can find it in almost any store.

  6. What a great review Furkan. I think that anyone who is in MMA sport should see this and of course buy it for yourself because I think that quality is on the first place. My cousin is MMa fighter and I think that he would like to try prime guards primarily because of durability which is very important.

    1. Actually, if he is a fighter I would recommend better and sturdier shin guards as he will probably need it. I basically don’t think that it would satisfy an MMA fighter. You might want to check out the link above. I included a few shin guards for fighters in that writing.

  7. I am pleasantly surprised to find that everlast shin guards like this to be good. A lot of my previous experience with everlast fight gear seems to be not as great as I feel most of the products you find at a sports store are generic at best. This is what caused me to switch to more Mma brands like venom, Hayabusa, etc. 

    1. I have the exact same experience with other Everlast gears. Many of them are average at best including boxing gloves. But Everlast Prime has certainly above average qualities and I give credit to where credit due.

  8. I would have to go with the Everlast Prime MMA Shin Guards because the more basic ones you show have the sleeve instead of straps and this would not work well with my big calves. I like the level of quality I would get from the Prime Shin Guards for a reasonable price. The Venum Elite Standup shin guards may be better for me because of the breath-ability (important to me) and not a bad price on Amazon, either.

    1. Sleeve shin guards can be too tight for people who have big calves and your calves will be more comfortable with Prime.

      Venum Elite has a lot of premium qualities for comfort. It is light and lets good air circulation though I never used that one.

  9. Thanks for the great review. I have been considering MMA shin guards for a bit of time now. Hope to save up some money so I can get the Everlast Primes.

  10. This is great information that you have provided a very unbiased review is wonderful.
    I think it is important to understand how this product fits especially considering the activity in the areas being protected.
    Thanks for being honest,

    1. I always do that as these basically protect your body. That is the most commonly asked question. How do these fit? Do these have too much room after you wear them? Do these slide? I got many questions similar to these so I include it in the reviews.

  11. Hi,

    I used to use the old Caged Steel shin guards.

    They had good protection but they would constantly spin around when my kicks got checked.

    I think this is because they used ‘elastic’ gripping rather than straps.

    Will these ones be any better fitting do you think?

    1. Caged is not bad at all. It is quite sturdy but after you kick, you feel odd with the shin guard as the shock absorbing is not provided with padding completely.
      Also, elastic gripping is not as good as straps.
      Yes, these ones are more modern and provide a more natural and better fit.

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