Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Review – Quality Ones On the Market

Some companies do advertising and commercials so well that they don’t feel necessity to work on their products properly. However Hayabusa does EXACTLY opposite of it. And in my opinion it has seriously amazing quality pairs and has one of the most quality pairs on the market. In this Hayabusa boxing gloves review, you will find these pairs’ unique features, cons and also the sizing chart for your hand.


Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Review                                                                            Hayabusa Ikusa Gloves Review







Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis                                                         Hayabusa Ikusa Gloves  

Protection Rating: 9.2                                                                                          Protection Rating: 9.2

Training Quality Rating: 9.4                                                                                Training Quality Rating: 8.0

Durability Rating:  9.2                                                                                         Durability Rating: 8.0

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 9.8                                                                          Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 8.1

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Hayabusa Tokushu’s Unique Pros

  • Excellent Quality cover material
  • Safest Gloves to Train  (like rest of Hayabusa products)
  • Delivers punching impact so well
  • Ideal for ALL training types
  • VERY Ideal for heavy bag session
  • Lasts 2-3 years

Hayabusa Ikusa’s Unique Pros

  • Quality cover material
  • Safest Gloves to Train (like rest of Hayabusa products)
  • Good for ALL training types
  • Last 1 year

Hayabusa Ikusa’s cons

  • “Average” training performance


Let’s continue with extensive review…

Always Protection

Their motto is “you spoke we listened”. All Hayabusa gloves get excellent ratings for protection and unlike other companies they always put all essential safety features in ALL pairs and I greatly appreciate it. Ikusa and Tokushu pairs are no exception. These both have ultimate wrist protection for heavy bag and these also have attached thumb which is really important for sparring. So your sparring partner’s eye will be protected.

Hayabusa’s gloves always provide the best protection possible.


What are the Differences between Ikusa and Tokushu?

These are both quality pairs for all training types including sparring, punching bag, double end bag and pad work.

However, Tokushu has some unique and superior features. When you punch, it simply delivers the energy better, so your delivered punch impact will be more than Ikusa. Also its padding quality is simply superior, it forgets memory pretty quick. It means that after you punch the heavy bag, the padding returns original place ASAP. In that way, it becomes excellent choice for punching bag training and you can have very sweaty aerobic sessions with it.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

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Is Cover Material Excellent as They Claim?

I punched, sparred a lot with Hayabusa’s older model. However I did not have any experience with Tokushu and Ikusa models. In product description of Tokushu, they say ” It is %400 more durable and %29 stronger than regular pair’s leather” and I only read very good reviews and see excellent ratings about its durability so far. With that, people on boxing forums favor Tokushu’s durability more than Ikusa. Even though these are good they won’t give you 4 times durability of other pairs. However you can expect to use Tokushu 2 times more than “a regular pair”.


“Feeling” of the Gloves

When you wear the gloves, sometimes your hands just feel right. Lots of people have “this feeling” a lot with Hayabusa. When I used the older model, I exactly felt that as well. There are some brands which can manage to do this like Winning, Cleto Reyes and Rival. Even though Hayabusa is not widely known like them, I can say that Hayabusa accomplished this task pretty well.


Always Comfy

I generally evaluate it in all my reviews. It is a criterion after all. However I have never seen a company which is dedicated to explain every step about thermal regulation and moisture wicking features. I mean literally pages after pages university studies, boxer’s experiences… you name it. They clearly put SOME hard work on it. Based on reviews and ratings of Tokushu and Ikusa, they clearly did it perfectly and you can be sure that your hands will be relaxed, stay fresh during the workout. If you want to know the details, you can check it out here. And its inner lining get rids of sweat quite well.


Do These Pairs Look “Cool” ?

Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis ReviewWell if you come this far in this review, you already have seen a couple of pictures. Everyone has different style. It is for you to decide. Personally I love the looks of Cleto Reyes and now when I think about it I don’t know why I love, it is just my style 😉 I like Hayabusa’s style as well but I am not the guy who selects gloves just for its design. Also both Tokushu and Ikusa have LOTS of amazing features to offer other than their sleek designs and wide range of color selection.



About Price

First of all Tokushu provides best protection possible for your hand and it will be durable around 2-3 years. And this is almost 2-3 times more than regular training type pairs. And Tokushu’s price is not even the double of these pairs. Thanks to these qualities Tokushu has truly great quality price ratio.

Ikusa is also a quality pair yet it does not have the training quality of Tokushu. However it has much lower price. So Ikusa can be excellent option if you are on a budget and want to do all training types.


Conclusive Thoughts – Which one is More Suitable for You?

These gloves are amazing pairs for your boxing training. You can have very quality training sessions with either Tokushu or Ikusa. However, Tokushu delivers punching impact well and has incredible padding quality. So you can
get the benefits of punching bag training more with it and this padding quality also helps this pair to last more. If these features are appealing to you, I am sure you will LOVE Tokushu boxing gloves and make both yourself and bag exhausted 😉 If you are looking for a really quality pair which has amazing quality price ratio then get your Hayabusa Tokushu on amazon and start training with it. Also you can expect it to use 2-3 years. Even Ikusa doesn’t provide the same quality it is more affordable and definitely provides decent training sessions. Let’s not forget that Ikusa is also an ALL around average quality pair. I hope you enjoyed the Hayabusa boxing gloves review and company actually released some other products as well. If any of these products shine you will definitely find on here 😉 If you have any questions or personal experiences related to these pairs, please leave a comment below.

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16 thoughts on “Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Review – Quality Ones On the Market”

  1. Thanks for this post on boxing gloves. I’ve only ever used boxing gloves when doing a personal training session and I do believe having the right pair of gloves is important to make you feel comfortable. Which pair of boxing gloves would you recommend just for cardio training with a partner?

    1. well If you do sparring, Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis is for you. Other one is a good pair as well but Regenesis will last longer due to its better material quality.

  2. I’m an everlast amateur boxer fan and I have an everlast boxing gloves. However they’ve become very old and I need a new pair of gloves! Which one do you recommend for “casual” amateur boxers who’re taking this sport only for fun and entertainment?

    1. Hi Elias glad to see you here again, well Everlast can be good for fun. however if you are looking for regular training you can have a look at all around quality beginner’s gloves. I am sure these are what you are looking for 😉

  3. Looks like Hayabusa boxing gloves are a good pair of gloves that I would try out.

    I have heard Everlast are good as well, which you would you recommend Everlast or Hayabusa?

  4. Furkan! Finding your site gives me an idea to mention this sport to my grandchildren. I have many boys and one really tough girl! I want her to at least think about this too! I will pass this information on to my children and the older Grandchildren.

    What age do you recommend beginning lessons? Great sport to blow off energy and anger, probably!


    1. Well sooner the better 😉 If there is a boxing lesson for your grandchildren’s age I would say definitely go for it.
      And I know kids needs to energy out time to time and everyone needs that :)If you look a pair for them check out these gloves for kids.

  5. Hi great post. Boxing is something I might take up for my fitness. Reading your review I might go for the Tokushu ones.


    1. I am glad you will start boxing 😉 Tokushu will be great for you. You can use it in any training type so you don’t have to change the gloves between the sessions.

  6. Thanks for all the details. I have personally trained taking kick boxing lessons and MMA. It is a lot of fun and you are extremely right that the right pair of gloves is important. Thanks for the reviews. Will definitely come back here if I get back into it!

    1. Man Tokushu is just great for any type of workout. I think it will be my next training pair. Let me know if you have any questions.

  7. Hi there, thanks for the information about Hayabusa Boxing Gloves, they look great for competition as well as every day use. I see that you recommend buying them on Amazon, are there any other places to buy them (like are they stocked in sports supply shops), or is Amazon the best option? Thanks for sharing, Cheers, Karen

    1. Hayabusa is generally preferred for regular training routines and I honestly don’t know about Hayabusa competition gloves but training gloves are just great and when I go back to my home country I will order Tokushu Boxing Gloves for my main training pair and I will have heavily padded sparring pair from Ringside for sparring.
      Anyway, I get comments where people say that they are satisfied with Amazon so yeah you can order from there.

  8. Nice and easy to navigate.Great information for those interested in Boxing. It makes it easier for them to be able to understand better about gloves.

    I have a son who likes boxing, do you have the gloves for kids or it’s only for adults?
    And which ones will you recommend for a six-year-old?

    1. Yeah, I try to keep the layout simple and include features at the beginning of the pages. There are gloves which are more suitable for kids. These are easier to make punch and also offer more comfort children’s hands. After all, they are just starting out doing boxing they will need these. You can check out these young gloves which I updated a while ago.

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