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Best Heavy Bag Ceiling Mounts – The Complete Guide

I wish that I can hang a heavy bag to my place and can train anytime. Because it has so many benefits. I mean who would not want that?

You can improve your footwork and boxing skills significantly with it. Also when a bag swings properly you can also improve your timing. It offers too much and you can check out other benefits of heavy bag.

There are some very quality heavy bag ceiling mounts and these can make sure that you get an incredible workout. And some features can even extend the durability.

Below you will see best rated mounts for heavy bag and I also used the first one for years. 


1.    Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount 140

Exclusive Features

  • 360 degree freedom
  • Vibration inhibitor
  • Amazing punching experience
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very silent
  • Top notch heavy duty metal
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for installation
  • Simply the best product on the market

Warranty: Lifetime

Capacity: 140 Lbs.

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Have you heard of Firstlaw before? It truly dominates the heavy bag mount industry. Before I moved to another country, we had trained with this incredible mount for years in my old gym. When I trained with it, there was no vibration whatsoever. It gives complete freedom for punching bag. And we had really smooth striking experience and “natural” rebound rate from it.

So what is complete freedom for punching bag? It means that the swing will be %100 natural and the bag can swing to any direction.

Obviously this is a HUGE plus and if you do boxing or any other martial arts, which requires footwork, then this mount is just excellent for you. Thanks to natural swing rate you will improve your footwork skills properly. As a side note many quality mounts don’t allow it.

Thanks to its quality materials and vibration inhibiting qualities, Firstlaw can give lifetime warranty for this product. Considering all of these qualities and warranty period, I can say that the price is actually quite good and when you punch a heavy bag, you will not hear a thing so it is perfect for everywhere.

You can see it in MANY gyms. It is truly that popular. I also know that many commercial gyms prefer it.

It comes with ALL necessary hardware for installation and is really easy to mount. Its directions are clear and very straightforward.

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2. PROmountings Ceiling Mount for Punching Bags

Exclusive Features

  • Has quality vibration inhibitor
  • No noise
  • Top notch quality materials
  • You can choose very large capacity
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for installation
  • 1 year warranty


  • Does not allow 360 degree freedom

Warranty: 1 year

Capacity: You can choose according to your need (up to 190 Lbs.)

PROmountings Ceiling Mount offers very large capacity. You can choose its capacity from 140 Lbs. to 190 Lbs. It is actually quite well for a ceiling mount.

It uses sturdy materials and you can expect to get quality swing rate from this mount at least 3 years.

It has vibration inhibiting features and materials. Thanks to these, it is deadly silent like the mount above.

Most of other ceiling mounts vibrate like crazy. After you punch the bag; mounts, which don’t have any quality, can give you weird rebound rate. And I seriously hate it because it totally ruins your training. However PROmountings gets amazing feedback for these.

If you wonder about installation process, many users (verified purchases) reported that they can mount it under 20 minutes.

There is only one negative aspect of this mount. Even though the punching experience is really smooth, it does not allow bag to have 360 degree freedom. But still it gives natural rebound rate and if your bag is more than 140 Lbs. then PROmountings Ceiling Mount is a really solid choice. And if my bag’s weight is more than 140 Lbs. , it will be my definite choice as well.


Let’s continue with one of the worst mounts for heavy bag…

Balazs H2S Ceiling Mount for Punching Bags

Exclusive Features

  • No noise
  • Made of quality materials
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for installation


  • Vibrates
  • Does not allow 360 degree freedom
  • Expensive

Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty (some parts 1 year)

Capacity: 150 Lbs.

First of all I really like Balazs’ products. Its speed bag, speed bag platform are just excellent.

So why did I say this at first?

Because I really did not like this mount. It seriously lacks quality with that I don’t want you to get wrong idea about its other products 🙂

This mount vibrates and in future you will have odd rebound rate. I don’t know when it will happen but it will happen. And this will directly affect your punching experience in a very bad way. It also does not allow bag to have complete freedom and obviously this is another minus.

Plus to these it has more expensive price tag than quality products. So I highly suggest you to stay away from Balazs H2C.


Conclusive Thoughts

There is hardly any competition for heavy bag ceiling mounts on the market. And the companies, which produce Heavy Bag Ceiling Mountceiling mounts, generally make an incredible job. With that Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount is just the best among them. It literally causes no vibration and has top notch heavy duty metal. And last but certainly not least it has lifetime warranty as well. We used it in my old gym for years and we were really pleased with our experiences. And if you will get a heavy bag ceiling mount, the number one choice should be Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount. I am really sure that you will love training with it.


Why is Firstlaw at the top spot?

There are couple of reasons. Firstly, Firstlaw offers lifetime warranty. I also trained with different bags which are hanged to Firstlaw and I never had a bad rebound rate or noise with any of them. It was just too perfect. And let’s not forget that Firstlaw allows your bag to have complete freedom. It has vital importance for improving your footwork skills and timing.

Before I write anything related to products, I always read reviews of buyers, check forums, sometimes get in touch with verified buyers etc. I also did these before writing this post and Firstlaw gets very good feedback basically from everywhere. I also trust my own experience so I pick the Firstlaw for the first spot.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have anything to ask or share please just leave a comment below.


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  1. The Firstlaw fitness spider mount 140 sounds like the way to go. Thanks for giving me a better idea of which ceiling mount to buy. I’m fairly new to buying boxing equipment. I recently started putting together some equipment for my small home gym. I can use all the help I can get.

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