Heavy Bag Gloves vs Training Gloves

There are a couple of things to consider when you choose training and bag gloves. First of all, which training type will you do? Obviously, bag gloves are for heavy bag and training gloves are for all training types including heavy bag, sparring and focus mitt.

Generally, padding quality of training gloves can’t handle constant heavy bag training sessions, so companiesHeavy Bag Gloves vs Boxing Gloves produce lots of heavy bag gloves. Considering the popularity of punching bags, they obviously made a right decision. Let’s face it, lots of people do only heavy bag training. Even there is a rising trend which lots of bodybuilders start including heavy bag sessions in their workout routines. Most of them won’t spar or do any mitt drills, so a pair for heavy bag will be sufficient for them.

In this content, you will find advantages of using training and bag gloves, also when to use both of these.


Let’s start with the training evaluation of heavy bag gloves vs boxing gloves…

Padding quantity of bag and training gloves can be equal however are these same? Absolutely no. Heavy bag glove’s padding mission is to deliver the shock well, so we can practice footwork as the bag swings whereas training gloves are used in sparring sessions and it should not deliver punching impact well, in that way it does not hurt your sparring partner.


Can training glove’s padding quality match the bag glove’s padding?

After you punch the bag, this glove’s padding should return the original state before the next punch. If it doesn’t, you won’t feel right with your punch, so your technique won’t have a chance to improve. Heavy bag glove’s padding provides it excellent and this is why we buy them. This feature of heavy bag gloves is far more superior than training pairs. With that, there are some gloves which can match the quality of bag gloves. Some great examples for these training gloves are Cleto Reyes, Winning and Hayabusa. My all-time favorite pair is Cleto and it gave amazing training performance for my heavy bag sessions. If you are interested, have a look at the review.

training gloves vs boxing gloves

Do we need quality leather for bag gloves?

Heavy bag glove’s padding will be exposed to very high impacts in very short time. Even though the padding has excellent quality, it will eventually be useless and there is no way that it can outlast the leather. So, companies don’t produce heavy bag gloves with durable leather. Because there is no point to make a pair which its leather can outlast its padding. When bag glove’s padding is useless, the pair is automatically useless. So, I really doubt that you will ever see goat skin leather, which is one of the most durable materials, for a heavy bag pair.

Training gloves have lots of deformations during sparring and focus mitts training. Only quality leather can handle all of it. Due to the leather quality, you will see their prices are more than any other type of gloves on the market and when these have premium genuine leather, these pairs deserve price tag.


Let’s continue with safety…

It is really hard to recover from a wrist injury. I had wrist injury very long time ago, still feel pain time to time and I hate it. Heavy bag gloves should have excellent wrist protection. Period. When you punch the heavy bag, your wrists are exposed to high impacts. This is why cuff part of quality bag gloves is designed exclusively and it wraps your wrist quite well.

With that, I rarely see attached thumb feature in bag gloves. And you won’t need it in punching bag training. Attached thumb protects your sparring partner’s eyes. So, it is essential for training gloves.

Also, don’t trust bag glove’s padding size. Padding of heavy bag is to protect your knuckles and deliver the shock at the same time. So if you wear these in sparring session and have a chance to punch your sparring partner, you can even knock out them.


When do you need heavy bag gloves?

When do you need heavy bag gloves?If heavy bag training sessions are more than 50% of your total training, then you definitely need a separate pair for heavy bag. Because padding of the training gloves are generally not good and you simply need a premium pair, so your gloves can last a lot longer. There are some training gloves which can provide the safety and training performance at the same time. If you need either heavy bag or training pair, then check out best boxing gloves for all types. Or if you need a pair for a punching bag session, then check out these most quality gloves for heavy bag. You can also read their incredible unique features.

These are all circumstances of when training gloves and heavy bag gloves are useful. I hope you enjoyed the writing and if you have any questions related to the content, please leave a comment below.


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  1. I didn’t know there were so many things to consider. In all honesty I didn’t even know the difference between the 2 types so thank you for this post. I was planning to buy a pair as a gift. Will check out your reviews.

  2. Hello =)

    Yet again another excellent article on finding the best boxing gloves.

    Just like Dira, I didn’t know the difference between the two types so I am very grateful that you pointed out the differences – Thanks man! =)

    1. Hi again Lawrence 🙂
      Glad it helped and these have really lots of differences. I have seen people use wrong gloves time to time and I just don’t want happening 😉

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