How much do Boxing Gloves Cost? – Guide for All Pair Types

When you look at gloves’ prices you can see huge differences even between same company’s products and it is quite normal. “How much do boxing gloves cost” depends on lots of factors and in this content you can find my research and experiences about the pricing and whether the pair deserves the price tag or not. So you can make a more educated choice.

How much do boxing gloves cost

Let’s start with cover material types…

Cover material is the most important factor for the price of a pair. Genuine leather (goat skin, cowhide…) pairs have better quality and durability. If you take care of these pairs well (cleaning, conditioning etc…) these tend to last a long time. I even had cowhide bag gloves which I used more than 4 years! You can drastically change your pair’s durability with doing these. If you are interested, you can have a look at how to clean and condition boxing gloves.

Even though some vinyl pairs have quality features like lining, nylon mesh… these simply won’t last long. In my opinion, Vinyl pairs are people who are not sure about doing boxing training. They can give it a shot with these pairs and if boxing is not for them they barely lose any money. However, keep in mind that companies know that these boxing gloves won’t last. So they generally don’t put all the features in them. I even had a cheap vinyl pair which I had used only for a month.  Even though you can train a couple of months with them, you should always look for pairs which have all safety features.

When you consider synthetic leather gloves, the prices almost equal to half of its genuine leather match. So is it worth it? When the leather quality increases, not only durability improves, but also the pair becomes better as overall. I researched about it and found out that even “liner” becomes better with more quality leather so quality leather definitely gives your money’s worth.

how to determine the price for boxing gloves

Let’s continue with training types…

Gloves for Punching Bag

Heavy bag gloves generally do not have premium leather quality because the padding faces lots of deformations. It will basically face an impact and after it will face another impact. So the padding should have premium quality, period.

With that, you may not see the padding’s material in the description. When it is the case you can have a look at the ratings, reviews for the padding quality and decide whether it is worth your money or not.

Also, lots of heavy bag gloves need to have features like excellent wrist support and these pairs tend to use more cover material. So the price can go up accordingly.


Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves need more padding quantity for the safety of your sparring partner and your knuckles. This should be also “soft” as well.

With that, the padding does not need to have premium quality like heavy bag gloves. Because these pairs don’t face a tough item like a punching bag. Also sparring gloves generally use more quality leather than heavy bag gloves so you can expect that these gloves are more expensive than heavy bag pairs. The premium ones tend to have at least $50 more expensive price tags.


Gloves for All Training Types

Training pairs should have every quality including leather quality and all safety qualities (attached thumb etc.). So it won’t have rough edges even after years and you can use these training type gloves in all training types (heavy bag, sparring, double end bag and focus mitts).

These gloves are built to face intense deformations and the padding quality also needs to be perfect for heavy bag training. And let’s not forget that it needs to have all safety features like extra wrist support, attached thumb etc. These pairs have all of them and obviously, you can expect to pay way more money for quality training pairs.

And if the price is not more than $80, you can immediately understand that either you see a great deal or that pair doesn’t have much quality.


What about Handmade Pairs?

Handmade pairs are always relatively more expensive and it is normal. With that, some of these have VERY long break period and this actually shortens the period of “quality” punching experience. So getting a handmade pair doesn’t always benefit you. Because important thing is to get amazing punching experience as much as possible. I would suggest you get same punching experience at least 2 years. Otherwise, handmade pairs simply aren’t worth your money.

genuine leather boxing gloves are expensive

Where is Your Pair Made in?

Venum made some of their pairs in Pakistan and Boon Boxing Gloves are made in Thailand. Because some companies try producing the products cheaper.

So, some pairs, which are shipped from other countries, can actually have more quality and better price tags as well. Actually, I know lots of brands which can do it for some of their pairs and sometimes the quality can actually match with top-notch pairs of famous brands!

However, there is one particular brand which can provide it for ALL their boxing gloves and it is Boon. According to me, it is pretty impressive and if you are interested you can check out the review for more information.


Conclusive Thoughts

Price of the gloves can change according to their padding, leather quality, safety features… Of course, the quality of leather changes the price most. However, it will only cost you more initially. Because these pairs will last 3-4 times more than vinyl pairs.

When you make an educated choice (comparing the pair prices, quality etc.) obviously you can save some money. If you are interested in doing all boxing training types you can have a look at these pairs and exclusive features. These will LAST a long time, give you amazing training performance and give more than your money’s worth. If you need a pair just go and check them out 😉

I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions or experiences related to “how much do boxing gloves cost” please have a comment below and let’s have a chat.


Image Courtesy of  Mark Hillary and sportsandsocial via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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8 thoughts on “How much do Boxing Gloves Cost? – Guide for All Pair Types”

  1. How interesting, I never knew there was so much to know about boxing gloves. I did always wonder why some are more padded than others. Will let my Brother in law know about this article I know he has been wanting to pick up boxing!

    Best wishes,


    1. This is really good I am sure this article will help him to choose boxing gloves and how much he should pay 🙂 Also this boxing gloves post can be great help for him. In that post you can also see their unique features and cons as well.

  2. Hey Furkan, I really enjoyed reading your post. You really make some good points. I’m not a boxer, but I’m doing MMA for 11 years now and I must say there is nothing more annoying than bad gloves. I once had a pear from Everlast ( not cheap) and it actually was great but the belt to close them wore off after like 3 weeks which made them useless. Now I got handmade once of each kind and they are the best I have ever had. I even got one pair sign by Conor the guy that will kill Floyd 😛

    1. I also hate using a pair for a couple of months and buy another again. It happened a few times when I first started training but that was almost a decade ago. Yeah wrist strap of Everlast can be a problem but 3 weeks duration is even bad for Everlast ; )
      I also love handmade which can be useful for a long time. So you have some collectibles and This is also good. I will also start collecting some of them as well. In these days, I found a Cleto Reyes Gloves which was signed by Manny Pacquiao.

  3. Hello Furkan, I have a pair of open-fingered Everlast heavybag gloves that work very well for me, but I’m considering a pair of boxing gloves as well. Your advice is great, and I’ll definitely keep it in mind going forward! Do you have any specific tips/recommendations?

    1. Man that one is ok but. It does not have enough wrist support for constant abuse. You need something more protective and the padding, which actually absorbs the shock, (I don’t like Everlast padding). Check out these suggestions.

  4. Hi Furkan,

    I did some boxing but most self defense in several styles for some years. I regret not learning to box properly as I feel its just more efficient at knocking someone the hell out!

    Anyways, I have a punching bag at home now but no gloves. I did something silly and thought me super strong and starting punching it.

    My knuckles are a little raw. I will have to wait to let them heal first and so now I am here looking at your gloves. I really do need a pair as I felt good for the work out.

    Thanks Furkan for assembling all of this useful information for us 🙂 ~ Philip

    1. Well, there are arguments about that. Many argue that no-gi BJJ is the most effective one. I took a few classes and it has a lot of real-world uses. But I also think that boxing is more effective self-defense than the other martial arts but I am biased as I love to go to boxing gym : )

      I understand you quite well. My knuckles are also quite sensitive and bone erosion might be an issue for you in the future. Check out Title Gel World Bag Gloves. I am sure it will satisfy your needs.

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