How Should Your BJJ Gi Fit? (My Test and Suggestions)

If your BJJ gi fits right you can be more comfortable, grapple and escape better.

Even though choosing a brand and weave type take a long time you should even be more careful about the fit. As fitting has vital importance for your performance in a dojo.

Firstly, I will explain how you can know whether the fit is right or not. And if you are still not sure about fitting in the end there are some solid suggestions about how you can get feedback from expert grapplers.

How Should it Fit? You should move, grapple comfortably with your gi and pants. It should not be too tight, however; you need to feel the gi with your lower back. If you can, it is not too loose.

The middle section should be firm and flat. There should not be any extra fabric anywhere. Sleeve length should not be long and finish just before it reaches your wrists. If it is long it can restrict your wrist movements. If it is short, according to advanced practitioners it is easier to make a grip so your opponent can grab it easier. Thus make sure that sleeves have appropriate length.

About the Pants: Your pants should not be too tight and allow your legs to do submissions without any restrictions. Some people may have longer legs or more muscular legs etc. If you fall in any of these categories, your pants’ size might be different from your jiu-jitsu gi size. If this is the case you will need to purchase it separately.

Now you can move, roll on the mats with your gi and see whether the gi stays in place or not. If there is not anything wrong with it then you are ready to roll!

Does it come pre-shrunk? Scramble, Adidas and many other brands say that certain kimonos come as pre-shrunk. So these jiu-jitsu gis don’t shrink much after you wash them for the first time. However, others shrink to a certain degree. So you need to be careful whether it is pre-shrunk or not. If you don’t factor this in you may end up with a gi that is too long or too short and it will not fit right.

Brand Selection: You need to choose the brand and the model for your body type. A brand’s model might be good for people who have long arms and another model can be better for skinny people. Obviously I can’t review every brand here so you need to read a review of the gi that you think of buying. For example, I have a muscular body, very big biceps and Adidas Stars Stripe fits perfectly.

After you determine the brand get the right size. Just be careful that brands might have different sizing than the others. Shortly, there is no universal A0 size. Many brands use their own measurements.

Our Suggestions

I think the following suggestion is amazing and if you follow it, you will definitely know whether it fits right or not. Simply post pictures on BJJ forums or Reddit. Take multiple pictures from different angles. There are a lot of black belts, practitioners who have different backgrounds can give you feedback. If you have other problems with your gi like tight back people can also share their experiences about caring BJJ kimonos. So you can get the most out of your jiu-jitsu gi and train jiu-jitsu with it a longer period of time. Other than forums you can also post your questions and pictures on Reddit however definitely find the right subreddit otherwise you will not get a decent reply.

Are you sure that you selected the right size, brand? When I first started I was quite sure that the fit was perfect. I was going to dojo regularly and learning, practicing escapes and submissions without any issues. However, once I tried my dojo’s uniform I realized the fit of other BJJ gis might be better than my current kimono and pants. So shortly try other gis and pants.

Final Words

You are probably just at the beginning of your jiu-jitsu journey. This is why you don’t know whether your gi fits right or not. This is understandable. After all, you have not practiced in a BJJ academy even once and have no idea about it. However, if you read the suggestions above carefully you can be sure whether the fit is right or not. After you make sure that you can start rolling on mats as long as you can and learn this effective grappling martial art!

Do you have anything add? If you have extra tips or questions please have a comment below!

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