How To Become a Boxing Judge? (Fully Explained)

how to become a boxing judge

After seeing the frustrating outcome of a close match, are you a boxing fan who throws up his hand and wonders how come the judge got the job? And you think you can judge a lot better than that.

If you’re wondering how you can become a boxing judge. Worry not because we have got you all covered up!

Boxing Judge Qualifications

To become a professional boxing coach or judge, you will first need to take classes for your training and shadow judge boxing matches. Afterward, you will have to pass written and practical tests, and then you can apply for the license. As soon as you get the license and secure a job, you can start judging matches as a professional boxing judge!

So, if you want to become a professional boxing judge and not like the one you find inefficient, it’s gonna take up a lot of hard work and requires a comprehensive procedure. It involves licensing, training, mentorship, and more. You can’t be a professional boxing judge without these — consider them core elements for this job.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the crucial steps to becoming a boxing judge. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Boxing Judge Qualifications

The key requirements for a professional boxing judge badge depend on your state.

The essential requirement is filling out an application form. After that, you must complete the state-certified training and pass a medical fitness test and a thorough background check. Being physically fit is necessary for becoming a boxing judge in any state.

No matter how qualified you are and how much experience you have, the thing that matters the most is how familiar you are with boxing. Cutting it short, the more knowledgeable you are about boxing, the more you stand the chance of becoming a judge.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to undergo training — that’s a prerequisite.

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming a Professional Boxing Judge

1. Pre-Training Preparation

Before starting your training to become a boxing judge, you need to fulfill a few official requirements. First, you need to contact the State Athletic Commission to request a consultation for becoming a state-certified professional boxing judge.

Next up, check the state requirements for age, medical fitness, and criminal record. Different states have different criteria, such as some states need applicants to be aged 18 or higher.

Boxing Judge Approved Training

If you meet all the above-mentioned requirements, it’s time to start an approved boxing judge training program.

During the training, you will learn about the boxing rules, make quick and precise decisions, and have problem-solving skills. It’s the theoretical part of the training.

After completing the theoretical portion, it’s time for you to attend guest speaker lectures and real boxing matches. You must compare the practical match situation with your theory learning during these events. The next and final stage is to perform boxing judge duties in mock or practice matches.

After the training, you must attend an exam to pass this course successfully. While attending the theory lectures and the matches, your supervisor observes you strictly. So, your performance there can also affect your exam result.

Licensing Process

You’ll first need to pass a theory test and then a shadow boxing judge test to get the license. If you pass these tests, congratulations! You have qualified as a professional boxing judge.

Moreover, a few costs must be paid before a license issuance. First of all, you will need to pay a background screening fee. Then, you will have to pay a fee for the medical check.

Next up, the tuition or training fee is to be paid, which varies from state to state. Furthermore, a processing fee is to be submitted as well.

After all your dues are clear, the committee will issue you a professional boxing judge license, and you’re now eligible to apply for boxing judge jobs.

How to Find a Job as a Professional Judge

2. How to Find a Job as a Professional Judge?

You can start working as a professional boxing judge by judging amateur boxing matches. It will help you improve your problem-solving skills and learn to cope with the pressure.

By the time you get your license, you will already have built many connections. More connections and references are built when you judge amateur matches. Using your connections is crucial to getting an early job. Everybody in your network should know that you have completed your training and are looking for a job.

Apart from that, you can also apply for boxing coach job vacancies. However, most jobs prefer experienced judges, and you may need a referral initially to get a good job.

3. Post-Training Career Opportunities

After getting your boxing judge license, you can either work as a professional boxing judge or a boxing referee. Let’s see how it works:

Becoming A Judge

After acquiring the boxing judge training and the license, you are now legally permitted to work as a boxing judge in any organization or agency. Moreover, you can also work as a freelance boxing judge, which is more common nowadays.

It is recommended that you look for a part-time boxing judge job. The reason is that there aren’t enough competitions going around generally. So, if you go for a full-time job, you may be short of work often.

Becoming A Referee

Suppose you have worked as a boxing judge for a year or two but now want to upgrade your job. In this case, you’ve got the option of becoming a boxing referee. To be eligible to apply for a grade C referee exam, you must have worked at least 12 months and attended at least 50 bouts as a boxing judge.

It’s a written test that checks your boxing knowledge and problem-solving skills. It is typically marked by a level A referee. Passing this test will let you to the next level.

You will be asked to work as a boxing referee in 5 matches. The examiners will assess your ability as a referee in these 5 matches. If they find you good enough for this job, you will be issued a certificate and are eligible to work as a boxing referee.

What Exactly Is The Job Of A Boxing Judge?

Most people are unaware of the duties and the work that a boxing judge has to do. They consider the man who gets in the ring along with the two fighters and monitors the match in real-time as a judge. You may be surprised to know that it’s a misconception.

That person is actually a boxing referee responsible for enforcing the boxing rules in the ring. The referee also monitors points for breaking the rules but has nothing to do with deciding a winner. Also, this guide is about becoming a boxing judge rather than a boxing referee.

There are 3 ring-side judges in a boxing match who are responsible for scoring. Each of the 3 judges assigns points to the fighters based on knockdowns, hits, and defenses. The winner of a boxing fight is decided by these three judges based on the given points. So, as a boxing judge, you must know the scoring system well or at least have the ability to grasp the concept quickly.

Do I Need A License To Judge A Boxing Match

Do I Need A License To Judge A Boxing Match?

It depends on what kind of boxing matches you want to judge. You won’t need a license if you want to judge boxing matches in a local gym. Basic knowledge of boxing rules shall be enough for you.

However, for a professional boxing coach, having a license is a must. If you want to advance from amateur fights to high-profile boxing matches, you must get a license from your State’s Athletic Commission.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Boxing License?

Cost is also an essential factor to consider when deciding to go for a license as a boxing judge.

If you are planning to get your Level 1 Official’s Certification through the USA, you are required to become a non-athlete member of USA Boxing. It will cost you $90 for a non-athlete, with an additional $25 for a background screening. Also, a $50 processing fee needs to be paid.

Fingerprint scans and medical evaluation are also needed in some states, and their costs are variable amongst the states.

However, the certification cost via your state’s Athletic Commission may vary per state requirements. For instance, the training course offered by New York state costs $125.

How Much Can I Make As A Boxing Judge?

As a boxing judge, you can either work on an annual salary or based on per match fees. In either case, you need the experience to earn big. Once you become a high-profile boxing judge, you can earn as much as $500,000 per annum.

Professional boxing judges charge around $1500 for a single match. An average boxing judge makes $100,000 to $250,000 a year. In the early stages, $200 to $400 per match is not a bad deal.

Wrap Up

If you are a die-hard fan of boxing and love scoring matches, we have good news for you. You can become a judge or a referee.

You must make the required effort, pass through different training stages, and gain experience while judging various boxing matches. The process includes approved training, fulfilling license procedures, and choosing whether you want to become a judge or a referee.

It takes a lot of time and effort. But, with passion and consistency, you can achieve your goal!

And simply pursuing your passion, you can earn a lot. But that requires to be a high-profile judge.

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