How to Buy Boxing and MMA Equipment? – 7 Really Useful Tips

Alright, I have been in a buying process of boxing and MMA equipment more than 90-100 times and I can say that I trust my experience about it. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you need to consider many things before you invest any money in boxing and MMA equipment.

With that, over the years, I have learned a thing or two while choosing gears and in this content, you can find my 7 tips which will help you buy more quality boxing and MMA equipment!

If you are a beginner or want to learn all boxing gears, you can check out this beginner equipment guide. I included every boxing gear on that list. And you can check out here for learning all MMA gears which you need for training. You can follow the tips below for choosing any gear in these lists.

How to Buy Boxing and MMA Equipment

1. Check Out Company’s Reputation

First and foremost you need to check out the company’s reputation.

Sure if you get MMA gloves from Hayabusa, Venum etc. you are safe but not all companies are the same. You should research the company well before you decide to buy any boxing gear.

My Experience: People do this one mistake and I honestly hate it. They wear some boxing shoes which just suck and they slip in the ring all the time. And when I ask the company, I generally hear that some fitness company produced it.

Shortly, just check the company and see what it specializes in. For example, you don’t want to get MMA shin guards from a clothing company, do you?

2. Study the Materials

You don’t need to be a scientist for understanding the materials. I am sure that after you read about them for a couple of hours you can learn a lot of useful information.

For example, rubber provides good grip and many high-quality boxing shoes have rubber for more traction. Another common and good material is genuine leather for many boxing and MMA gears. For example, one of them is headgear. You basically feel good with it and it does not irritate your skin. Also after you take a hit, it is known for distributing the impact better and this is another reason why it is preferred a lot.

You don’t need to know all about the materials however if you know what materials provide for a certain gear, you will understand whether the gear sucks or not immediately. Obviously, this information is not enough at all. For example, even though you know the materials, you can’t know whether a gear will help you show better performance or not. However, you will know whether the durability, comfort… suck big time or not.

3. About Shopping Sites

Alright, I am a martial arts site owner for a quite a while now and I also have been in the industry for many years as well. So I have quite a bit of experience with shopping sites.

In addition to that, MANY people reached out to me with comments and e-mails about lots of stuff (gears, taking care of them, choosing them…). Some of them have good experiences with shopping sites and some of them have horror stories.

Considering these, there are only a few good places to buy boxing and MMA equipment online.

With that, there is literally a myriad of shopping sites for boxing and MMA equipment and this industry has seen many changes over time so I highly suggest you do not stick to one shopping site and always see what websites suggest. Trust me you will be satisfied with the product, customer service… And you will see better prices as well.

Considering all the e-mails, comments, which I got more than 1000 over the years, I know many people’s experiences. If the owners of martial arts sites can research well, they can also see detailed selling data about gears and analyze the data. Basically, they can know everything about how you can get the best martial arts equipment. Even forums are not good sources since anyone can make an account and write some promotional posts. I even know that there are plenty of Sherdog accounts, which have more than 100 messages, promote stuff time to time. They don’t do it all the time since people can figure it out.

So just be careful about while choosing shopping sites.

4. Bookmark My Site

I have been training MMA and boxing for 3-4 years and I also have been researching boxing and MMA gears for years as well. And when I write the “best posts”, I always put the best products and if a new model is released etc. I consider it after I get enough information from people who I trust. Obviously, my hard work paid off and in my opinion, this is why my site became successful. I actually don’t even have pop-up ads (yet ; ) ) for you to read and get all the information available without any distraction.

Just bookmark my site so you can find everything you need to know about boxing and MMA gears.

If you can’t find what you are looking for (I highly doubt it will ever happen), just send me an e-mail or drop a comment. Yes, I read them all and after a thorough research, I will send you a reply as soon as I can. But if I am traveling or something, I will get back to you within 2 days ; )

should you get gears from Boxing and MMA Gyms

5. Boxing and MMA Gyms

Alright, boxing and MMA gyms tend to get good gears. Since these have at least a few people who know what they are doing. These include coaches, even professional boxers, and MMA fighters. So if a gym has boxing gloves, heavy bags, stands… you can be sure that these do the job just fine. So just find MMA gyms in Google maps and before you go, see what people say about this gym. So if it sucks, you will not waste any time.

Even though you can’t get free boxing equipment from these gyms, it will be really affordable.

While I was looking for a heavy bag (hanging), I found a quality one (Outslayer) which was sold in a gym and it was only $15! I seriously could not believe my luck. Later, I found out that this gym had a new sponsorship deal (guess the company in the comment section) and they needed to get rid of the old stuff. So if you go to boxing and MMA gyms, you can get incredible deals on second-hand stuff.

6. Boxing and MMA Brands

This is an ongoing argument. Many MMA companies started producing boxing equipment and even though it is really rare some pure boxing companies also produce MMA equipment as well.

Many authoritative boxing figures say that if you are getting a boxing gear, you should stay away from MMA companies. Well, according to me, it is bullshit. If a gear does the job, then it does the job. In addition to that, many MMA companies use the latest technology. Hayabusa is a good example for that.

I also know that some boxing companies like Winning always get better reviews for boxing gears (gloves, headgears etc.). Because it is just better than the others. However please don’t disregard MMA companies’ boxing gears and vice versa. This is another recommendation which is quite important because many people don’t even consider MMA companies for boxing gears and in my opinion, this is just a huge mistake.

7. Don’t Always Trust Your Trainers!

As a last tip, even though your trainers may teach you how to throw a jab well, they may not be the best sources to ask recommendations for gears since I got bad experiences about it and it happened more than once.

I am sure that many of you are aware of the importance of gears for boxing and MMA and being good at something does not always equate to being good at another subject even these are related. After you consult your trainer, you can always do a quick research about it. Trust me you will not lose too much time.

Conclusive Thoughts

Honestly while I was writing this article I felt good. Because I know very well that if you follow all the tips above, you will be less likely to waste any money and it will help you get good boxing, MMA equipment. I try to be informative as much as possible and if you have anything to add or ask, please share it in the comment section.


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