How to Change a Speed Bag Bladder – The Most Common Method

When a bladder leaks a lot and it is useless then it is time to change it and below you can find the best common method (instructions and a video) for how to change a speed bag bladder.

Let’s start with the most common and best method…

First of all, you need to deflate the bladder fully. Take the needle out of the pump and place it in a valve of the speed bag. Then COMPLETELY deflate the speed bag. Definitely, control it before you continue with next steps.

Then unlace your speed bag.

You need to push the back part (valve part) through the inside of the speed bag. The back part of the bag should go only half way like the video below and then take out the old bladder. I know that this process can take time so you need to have a little patience 😉


Note: This video includes all the steps in this writing. However, you can find additional useful tips below.

Let’s continue with “How to Fill a Speed Bag”…

You can put some rubber cement around the air valve. So your speed bag can hold the bladder well in the future. In this way, you can increase the durability. With that, you should be careful because you don’t want cement to get into the valve.

Now you need to insert the new bladder to valve part of the speed bag. You should hold it until bladder sticks to speed bag. Make sure that it sticks well. So the bladder can hold the air well. In this way, you will need to pump less air in the future 😉

Now it is time to slowly place this new bladder in your speed bag. And make sure that it is placed throughout the bag. You can check this with your hand. If it is done, just re-lace the speed bag and finally pump air in the air valve.

Important Note: Don’t pump a lot of air in your speed bag so welt seams don’t stretch more than it needs to be. This can lower the durability of a speed bag and it is impossible to have a good workout session. After you punch it a couple of times, you can definitely understand this from the bounce rate whether you pumped a lot of air or not.

After you hang your speed bag to swivel, if you don’t like the bounce rate, you can take it off and you can empty or pump some air in it, according to your preference. With that, if your speed bag loses more air than usual then check the air valve part. If it is loose you can put some more rubber cement between the bladder and speed bag.

The used speed bag bladder’s brand in the video is Title. Its ratings are really good and actually, it is used in different speed bag brands including Title, Ringside, Cleto Reyes… It always gives good training performance and durability. In my old boxing gym, we pumped some air in it four times per week. However, please note that this bladder is used in a boxing gym. So if you use it at home, it will need air far less.

Durability (Latex or Rubber): I used both latex and rubber bladders. Durability changes according to the quality. Title Bladders seems to outlast any other bladder.

However, if you want to have relatively quiet training sessions, then go with latex.

Actually, there is no rule for how many times you need to pump air in a speed bag. If you spend a lot of time with it, you may even need to pump air every other day. However, if you think that you pump air in your speed bag more than “usual”, the reason can be your speed bag and also the platform. Some speed bag platforms are made of quality materials like oak (it is my favorite ) and these don’t hurt the speed bag’s seams. It increases the durability of speed bag and the bladder significantly. If you are interested in these platforms, then definitely check out these good speed bag platforms and their incredible features. Some of these even have lifetime frame warranties! Also, if your speed bag is useless and doesn’t give natural rebound rate then you can also have look at these best speed bags. Some speed bags on that list don’t even need a bladder so you won’t need to change it ever again 😉

I hope that you find this content useful and if you have any questions or experiences related to “how to change a speed bag bladder” feel free to share them below.

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2 thoughts on “How to Change a Speed Bag Bladder – The Most Common Method”

  1. Hi Furkan thanks for this informative post, now I know how to change a speed bag bladder.

    I’d like to buy a new one though as mine is damaged, any good suggestions?


    1. Hi Anis, well when I first search the web I have not found a single article so I thought I should write it 😉 If your speed bag is not usable then definitely check out these speed bags and their features. Actually if you buy the first one you don’t even need to handle the bladder and it has perfect balance as well.

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