How to Choose the Right MMA Gloves? – The Complete Guide

Whether you are just starting to do MMA training or already have advanced skills, the choosing period is simply detrimental for every MMA equipment.

Choosing right MMA gloves can improve your training performance and also if you choose it smart, you can use your pair a lot longer. Of course, material and padding type are important factors for choosing and if you know more about them, you simply can make better choices and also save some money as well. Would not that be awesome? Below you can find all about them and all about the sizing at the end of the writing.


MMA Gloves Choosing Guide


This should be your number one priority. Firstly the padding should protect your knuckles and distribute shock well.How to Choose Right MMA Gloves Secondly, wrist department should stabilize your wrist well and it is actually vital for me because I have really weak wrists and I had many wrist injuries. So you should definitely do your research about it before you buy and looking at verified purchase reviews is a pretty good method for it.

Material types and quality affect safety, training quality and durability.




Let’s Start with the leather types…

Synthetic Leather: Synthetic leather is way cheaper than genuine leather, however, there are some cons of it. Firstly it is not durable and according to my experiences and MMA forums, you simply can’t expect to train with them more than 2 years. After a certain point, it will have defects. Even though these don’t jeopardize your health it can jeopardize your sparring partner’s health or if these get larger, it can hurt the focus mitt’s cover material. However, according to my experiences and research, if the design is right, synthetic leather does not lower your training quality.

Genuine Leather: High-quality genuine leather MMA gloves can last even more than 3 years and quality ones will not have any defects for very long time. These also feel right and natural. As another plus, you can use conditioning (essential oils) to extend the durability. It also feels natural and due to the construction of it, when you do grapple, clinch etc. it stretches well and this does not make any harm for the durability.

My Suggestion for Choosing Leather Type: If you will do sparring, always go with genuine leather pairs. Since once the cover material has a minor defect you should not use it unless you want to injure your sparring partner and synthetic leather ones tend to have serious defects sooner than genuine leather gloves and this is why you should use genuine leather MMA gloves for sparring. However, if you want to do other training types (punch mitts, heavy bag training etc.) and want to save some money, then you can go with synthetic leather ones. After all, having a minor defect does not cause any harm for a heavy bag.

Handmade: Handmade pairs fit better and these are made for your hand’s shape. This actually helps your finger department fit better and you can have more quality sparring sessions with good handmade pairs. You will also feel natural with your pair. However, this type tends to have a longer break-in period. As a side note, considering my personal experiences, I got best training performance from handmade pairs.

Padding: The padding is the most important aspect of the training quality. If the memory of the padding is good, it returns the original state fast and provides you very smooth punching experience. After you punch with a glove, the padding of it returns the original state very soon and thanks to this quality the durability of padding does not lower at all. As you may know, if the padding loses the quality it can soften, harden etc. So you can’t punch efficiently or safely and it can be harmful to your knuckles.

You obviously can’t understand the padding quality by looking at a glove’s pictures. However, you can read reviews and decide accordingly.MMA Glove qualities

In my opinion, you should never get a pair without looking at the reviews. Choosing the right pair is simply vital for your training quality and health as well.

If you are interested in getting the best training performance and durability, check out these best MMA gloves and their reviews. These are best-rated ones on forums and by authoritative figures. I also used some of them and have very good experiences. You can also find my experiences in there.



Sparring: Sparring pairs need to be at least 7 oz. Training type pairs are also suitable for sparring but you can only MMA Gloves sizing guidedo light sparring with them since these have less padding.

Heavy Bag, Pad work, and others(Training Type): You can do all of these training types with training type pairs and generally companies produces pairs which are 4 oz. Also, companies offer many sizes for your knuckles. There are small, medium, large and X-Large sizes. If you are interested you can have a look at the sizing information below.

Size: S Wrist (A) less than 6.25″ Knuckles (B) less than 4″
Size: M Wrist (A) 6.25″ – 7.00″ Knuckles (B) less than 4.5″
Size: L Wrist (A) 7.00″- 7.75″ Knuckles (B) less than 5″
Size: XL Wrist (A) 7.75″ – 8.5″ Knuckles (B) less than 5.5″

Fight Gloves: These are way less padded than other gloves and these need to be certified from some particular institutions and I am not going to bore you with the details. So far I know only three Fight Gloves which are certified and the most popular one is UFC Fight Gloves. By the way, it is the only pair which is allowed in the Octagon.

Usage: All of them are velcro and you can wear them and take them off in seconds.

Brands: Other than RDX and Hayabusa there is no other brands which you can completely trust. You can have a look at my brand overview for more information about them. Considering what is going on the equipment industry, you always need to check out the reviews and please just don’t get a product of some “popular” brand because these generally suck and if you go “hard” during your session, you will realize the quality of it within seconds.

Final Thoughts

In this content I write all about choosing criteria and what you should be careful about. I am sure this writing will help you make more educated choice and I also included my experiences and suggestions to help you even further and if you have any more questions, you can leave them in comment section and I will get back to you within a day 😉


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