How to Clean MMA Gloves? – All Methods

How to Clean MMA Gloves

Cleaning MMA gloves has some really cool advantages and there are really effective methods to do it. With that, you may not even have access to cleaning equipment so you can not implement some certain methods. It happened to me more than once while I was traveling and I also know that many people always want to do their best to keep their fighting gears clean. Below you can see all methods for cleaning and drying your MMA gloves and at the end the writing, I will explain what you should not do and also talk about my experiences as well. Without further ado let’s start.


1. Glove Deodorizer

cleaning leather MMA glovesGlove deodorizer get rids of bacteria and clean your MMA or any type of glove. It is made for products which have tight space and are not machine-washable. Many MMA gloves also fall in this category and glove deodorizer is the best and most effective way to clean it. Just put the deodorizer in your glove and wait. This duration actually depends on the deodorizer and this is the most effective cleaning method and gets rids of smell incredibly well. I also used it over and over again.

If you are interested in doing the best way to clean your MMA gloves, definitely have a look at best glove deodorizers. These are most commonly used and really quality deodorizers and I also used one of them.


You also need to clean the cover material of your glove… 

After you use deodorizers, the inner compartment will be clean. But how about the cover material? You can simply get some antibacterial wipes and wipe your gloves.


You can use soap and some soft napkins or towel. Wet your napkins with soapy water and simply wipe the cover material of your MMA gloves. You can also use other cleaning materials which do not harm your MMA glove’s cover material.


2. Is it Machine washable?

This is different for every glove. Since some materials can not be washed in a washing machine. On the other hand, you can put some of them in a washing machine. It really depends on your glove’s material. So, you need to check the product description of your gloves. Also, keep in mind that your MMA gloves can be made of 2 or more materials. So, always check the product description.

How to Clean MMA Gloves


3. Is Lysol an option?

Even though I am an old school guy, I always research very thoroughly. I double or triple check it before I write anything on my site. However, I rarely just can’t find enough data to support my writing and Lysol is one of them. It works for some MMA gloves however it also ruins some of them as well. I have used a glove dog for a couple of years, however, I had used Lysol at least 10 times before I was using deodorizers and it always did the job. But keep in mind that these are my experiences. I also see many bad feedbacks from people who use Lysol for cleaning their MMA gloves.


Conditioning Your MMA Gloves

If your pair is made of genuine leather, conditioning it improves the durability and it also helps with the looks of your gloves. There are many awesome essential oils on Amazon. You can rub a few essential oil drops to a cotton sheet and rub it to your MMA gloves. Personally, I did it over and over again and I am quite satisfied with the results. If your glove’s construction is suitable for essential oils, I am sure that it will have positive effects on your pair.


Drying Methods

Stuffing Newspaper – Cedar Chips

As you may know that some materials just absorb the moisture quite well and newspaper, cedar chips are most commonly used materials for it. If your glove is machine-washable then you may want to wait a day or two for your gloves to dry completely or you may want to speed up the process. Then you can stuff some newspaper, cedar chips or any other material which can absorb the moisture, in your MMA gloves.


What Should You Do After Clearing?

After you clean it, according to my experiences you should let it have some air in for a couple of hours after you remove the deodorizer. According to my experiences, it is just better for the smell in long-term.


What Should not You Do?

There are many things which can destroy the construction of your gloves or decrease the durability. For example, as I explained above if your glove’s material is not suitable for washing then it can stretch more than normal or just ruin the leather.

Also freezing or drying with a hairdryer would simply destroy the construction of your glove. Whatever you do, just make sure that your MMA gloves stay at room temperature.

Also never put your wet gloves in your gym bag, because it only helps increasing the bacteria number.


When to buy New MMA Gloves?

Firstly I want to talk about MMA Sparring Gloves. When you clean your MMA gloves you will see your gloves closely and if it has even some minor defect, you should change it immediately. Even though it is a minor defect when you go to MMA gym and spar, this defect can enlarge greatly after a punch or grapple and you may end up hurting your sparring partner.

Cleaning inside of MMA gloves

However, if you do pad and bag work, a minor defect won’t harm anyone and you can actually continue with that pair. However when it is likely to harm focus mitts or heavy bag, then it is time to get a new one.

With that, conditioning your gloves will certainly delay rough spots to occur and you should definitely do it.

If your pair is useless (have defects, bad padding etc.) and are interested in getting a new pair, check out my reviews of Best MMA Gloves. There I am sure that you can find a right pair for yourself. I also included everything you need to know and also sizing information as well.



Final Thoughts

Cleaning your MMA gloves improves the durability of it greatly and it also provides rough spots to occur later and this is a huge plus for safety in sparring. By doing these you will obviously save some money as well. Above, I covered ALL “safe” and common methods for cleaning your MMA gloves and also gave some tips as well and I know that these do the job just fine. However, if you have any questions, suggestions or experiences, please leave them in the comment section and let’s talk.


Image Courtesy of  Peter GordonMarchall via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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4 thoughts on “How to Clean MMA Gloves? – All Methods”

  1. Could you use those silica gel packets inside gloves to absorb moisture after cleaning or, indeed, to absorb sweat after a match? I’ve heard that rice is very good at absorbing moisture too.

    1. I have not used silica gel packets for cleaning MMA gloves but I just did a research and many people say the same things (wicking the moisture etc.) So it can be an option. After doing that, you can share your experiences here.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know there was so much that went into cleaning gloves. Eye opening is to say the least. I don’t own a pair, but I have used them on multiple occasions. And I’ve seen my cousin when he had a pair, maintain them very carefully. I could see how important the material is to keeping your gloves in the best shape and from not tearing apart, so it’s careful to read before you buy. The next time I put on a pair of mma gloves I’ll look out for any minor defects. I didn’t think it could lead to something much worse, but come to think of, one punch could change the material and cause a greater defect. I learned a good deal today, thank you!

    1. I guess you have used it a couple of times in gyms. You probably don’t understand when you use them a couple of times, however, when these are clean your hands will be definitely fresher.

      As you pointed out, it can drastically lower the years of usage so definitely check out these before you get one.

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