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How to Improve Aerobic Endurance – 8 Amazing Methods

Improving your aerobic endurance will improve your training performance greatly. You can push yourself more and save energy. Another outcome of it is that you can do every movement with more focus. These are just some examples if you have more aerobic endurance. I do boxing and if you simply do any kinds of sports, you will need to have more endurance like I do and I recently got a comment about this subject and decided to write about how to improve your aerobic endurance. Without further ado let’s start with the most common way.


1. Run

Of course, running will improve your aerobic endurance and it exercises lungs a lot. If you do it outside, you can even get greater benefits. Of course, it should be in a clean environment. However, there are many studies which show that HIIT training is far more beneficial than steady state running and once you start doing HITT easily you can increase the fast running duration a bit longer or you can even run faster.


Let’s continue with the best way to improve your aerobic endurance…

2. Battle Ropes

This is actually the best way to improve it. As you may know that fighters (boxers, MMA fighters…) andHow to improve aerobic endurance with battle ropes people, who train Martial arts, started including battle rope training in their sessions very long time ago. I actually haven’t been in a boxing gym which doesn’t have this amazing equipment and I have gone to many gyms in many different countries. There are many scientific researches which show that when you do resistance and aerobic exercise together, you can get the aerobic benefits in a maximum way. And the cool thing is that you need to continue doing it, so you don’t look like a fool who waits with ropes 😉  These are just some benefits of battle ropes and some reasons why a myriad of people are doing it.

You can also do explosive techniques and over time it will increase your lung capacity and your aerobic endurance as well. If you want to improve your aerobic endurance, according to many authoritative figures, this training should be your first choice and you can literally train with them anywhere. If you are interested, go to reviews of quality battle ropes.



3. Heavy Bag Training

Punching bag training actually provides the same benefits of battle ropes. However, considering aerobic benefits this training actually comes after battle ropes. Because firstly you can’t do explosive workouts like you can do with battle ropes. Secondly, you can get lazy. And don’t just say “No, I am not going to be lazy”. I actually tell that too and sometimes lose concentration and can’t train hard. However, you can get denser muscles and aerobic benefits at the same time with this amazing training. There is no wonder that heavy bags have been existing in gyms for decades. If you are interested, check out these best heavy bags and you also need boxing gloves for heavy bag for proper protection and training performance. These gloves need to offer some serious protection and it even becomes more crucial if you do punching bag training a lot like me.


4. Jump Rope

Many people, who have boxing and MMA training sessions, jump rope for improving their footwork and aerobic endurance. So they can stay at their pick as much as possible. According to me, jumping rope is harder than many other training types on this list, however, the benefits should not be overlooked. If you want to challenge yourself, you can do different techniques in a row and you can do this training type as HIIT so the aerobic benefits of it will be even more.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, it will improve many skills like footwork and also has many physical benefits like improving explosiveness and aerobic stamina. If you want to start jumping rope today, here there are very good quality jump ropes.

jump rope training for increasing aerobic stamina


5. Swimming

Your muscles will be really sore after swimming but so are your lungs. These just need work a lot and you actually need to control breathing and adjust according to your situation and technique. And this forces you to practice and control breathing because you may be under water for the next second etc. According to many experts, you should definitely add it to your routine for having more aerobic endurance.


6. Double End Bag

Well, double end bag improves your aerobic endurance in a controlled way. Because you need to hit the bag with a certaindouble end bag provides that your breathing and body work together intensity. If you hit it too hard, you just can’t control the bag or if you punch it soft, it may not swing at all. With that, you also need to control the breathing while you punch it in a certain way. It actually mimics a real situation. If you are interested in knowing more about this training, you can check out the other amazing benefits.



7. Eat Healthy

In order to have more aerobic stamina, your lungs, heart and vessels also need to function well. For that, you need to get proper nutrition. I seriously can’t write about how you should eat because everyone is different and everyone does different training types, workouts etc. However, you should have balanced diet for your own circumstance.


8. Be Consistent and Keep Changing Intensity

Obviously if you don’t train for 3 months and do a session which lasts 10 hours you can’t get any benefits at all. The key is being consistent and secondly, your body should not adjust to a certain routine. If you do that, your organs, blood cells will adjust to it too and these won’t improve. As an example, the oxygen capacity of your blood cells won’t change one bit.

I am also sure that you can notice some of these while you are having the exact same workout over and over again. You always need to change something. This can be the duration of your workout, workout type and so on. Also, you don’t need to always increase the intensity, sometimes you can lower a bit. The important thing is here that your lungs, blood cells etc. should not adjust to a certain intensity. When it does, you just can’t improve it.

Final Thoughts

There are actually many ways to improve your aerobic endurance, however, according to many authority figures, these methods are just better for improving aerobic endurance. I also did all of them and saw the biggest change after I had done some serious workouts with battle ropes and my sparring buddy also experienced the same. With that, I am sure that any of these will work for you and obviously, some will work better than others. I hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


Image Courtesy of stroopsmma, U.S Navy and TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE  via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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Reader Comments

  1. These are indeed great exercises to stay in shape. I can’t help but think about the scenes in Rocky. I think he was doing most of these exercises except for the swimming. The battle ropes seem the most difficult exercise to do. Which time is the best time to perform this exercise (early in the morning or at night)?

    1. I really love it too and it is extremely challenging and it is really hard to master. Man, I still can’t do power slams as I want. Anyway, as for your question, it actually depends on you. However, I generally don’t put it in my heavy bag day because I would probably die after that day. You can add battle ropes to your routine according to the intensity of your day.

  2. Can’t agree more with the “eating healthy” mention. Too often, people eat unhealthy and then justify it by working out to work it off when eating healthy could actually lead to less trips to the gym. Or better yet, keep your same routine but just maintain a better diet!

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