How to Improve Balance for Boxing – 6 Amazing Methods

How to improve balance for boxing

Balance means everything in boxing. It can be literally the difference between winning and losing in a boxing match and without good balance you simply can’t compete in a higher level. With good balance you can make stronger punches, do better defense and footwork.

You can also move calmer in the ring and this is a huge plus.

Below there are really good methods for how to improve balance for boxing and without further ado let’s start with one of the most effective methods.


1. Balance Boards

There are many exercises which you can do with balance boards. And these boards are used for many sport Balance Board training (wobble board training)branches including boxing and MMA.

Basically you will master your center of gravity and you will figure out how to stay in balance. One huge plus of this training is that you can do this training anywhere. You just need to find a flat surface.

I used to train with it in my home but that was long time ago while I was living with my parents. Now I practice it in studio rooms of boxing gyms. Anyway you can work on your balance from many different positions and each one will help you improve your balance even more. These are also called as wobble boards as well.


2. Shadow Boxing

We use boxing gloves during sparring or in a match and after when you miss a punch, the force will push your body to the punch’s direction and you will try recovering from it. Best case scenario is that we exert more energy and regain our balance. The worst case scenario is getting knocked out.

So you really need to get better at it. And even if you can regain your balance a millisecond ago it can save you from a powerful punch. With that there are not many training types to prepare you for it. For example when you train with a heavy bag, punching bag will always hold you so you won’t lose your balance. But this does not happen during shadow boxing.

After couple of shadow boxing sessions, you will get used to do punching techniques (hooks, uppercuts) and after aHow to improve balance for boxing certain point these won’t challenge you anymore. At this point you might want to increase intensity. After all we use boxing gloves during sparring and in matches right? You can actually train with weighted gloves. Glove’s weight distribution is same with a regular glove, so you can practice a real situation.

This is actually why many authority figures in boxing don’t recommend training with dumbbells. The weight distribution is just different from a glove and when it is the case, training with them would be far from ideal.

There are not many gloves for shadow boxing on the market and even though I generally don’t like Adidas Boxing Gloves, this company produces very good quality shadow boxing gloves. For that you can check out the review.


3. Climbing

During climbing your main mission is to provide balance because when you swing you will exert too much energy. And this is very similar to boxing. When you miss a punch or try avoiding your opponent’s punches, you may lose balance and you will exert energy to regain your balance. And I have witnessed that many people in boxing classes improved their balance significantly with climbing.

In my opinion the reason is that climbing is a really intense workout. It needs stamina and muscle coordination at the same time. And if you don’t have good balance while climbing, you just can’t control your breath and soreness of your muscles will be unbearable. According to me this is why people can improve balance very well with climbing because they need to focus on having balance a lot.


4. Battle Ropes

We started seeing battle ropes everywhere including gyms, parks, home gyms… Because there are seriously many great benefits of battle ropes. And one of the benefits is all your muscles to have almost equal muscle mass.

Battle Rope TrainingSo what does this provide for balance?

For example your left arm or leg can be stronger than the right and have more muscle mass. Because of that your center of gravity may be closer to left or right side. However if it is close to your center, you are less likely to lose your balance. And battle rope training just provides you that. Is not that amazing?

If you are interested doing this incredible training, check out these awesome battle ropes.


5. Resistance Bands

You can do many exercise types with resistance bands. You can build muscle, lose fat, stretch… Also you can do exercises which force you to lose your balance. So you will have a chance to improve your balance against resistance. I admit that resistance band training will challenge you more than any other workout in this writing. So I highly suggest that if you are a beginner, you should not start with this. However if you have trained with it before, have a look at these resistance bands.


6. Balance Exercises

You can do many balance exercises with dumbbells, Swiss balls etc. These all will help you learn and manipulate your center of gravity. And when you have more advanced skills about it, you can manipulate it easier.

So even though these aren’t directly related to boxing, these will improve your balance. For example you can combine dumbbells and isometric exercises. And based on my experiences, many boxing gyms prefer it for their balance training sessions (If they have it). Below you can also find a very good and short video which explains how to do these exercises properly.


Which One is My Favorite?

Well these will all improve balance. However considering that you train for boxing, according to me battle rope training is the best way to do it. Because I get cardio, muscle building benefits and improve my balance at the same time. And keep in mind that many professional boxers and MMA fighters included battle rope training in their routines long time ago.

Also fastest way to master your center of gravity is balance (wobble) board training. Based on my experiences people, who do boxing and MMA training in gyms, show great improvement in very short amount of time. So if you want to improve your balance, you can add these two training types in your routine.


Final Thoughts

When you improve your balance for boxing you will basically do everything better. You will move better, do better footwork… And when you miss a punch, you will regain your balance quickly. I can continue writing about the benefits but shortly this simply has vital importance. If you do boxing, MMA or any other sports, which require balance, you should definitely improve it as much as you can and these methods above will definitely help you do that. Unfortunately many boxing training gyms don’t give enough importance for it. Sure the trainers say that it is important and classes may have couple of exercises for that, but gym classes (especially commercial ones) rarely include good training sessions for balance. So if you go to one of these gyms, I highly suggest you to consider these training types above.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and already figured out how you can improve your balance for boxing and if you have any questions or experiences please just have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of Scott Webb, Playces and The U.S. Army via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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10 thoughts on “How to Improve Balance for Boxing – 6 Amazing Methods”

  1. I couldn’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag. lol but the training side of boxing I think could really benefit anyone although I would probably fall on the balance board.
    Out of all the training methods you have shown here, which one do you personally find the hardest to do?

    1. I have hard time with balance boards a lot and you are not the only one who would fall 😉 I think the hardest one is balance board training and according to many high authoritative guys, the most effective way is to combine battle rope and balance board training. You can improve your balance in no time with them.

  2. I didn’t know that there are so many ways to improve balance. Some of them are very useful even when you are not improving it for boxing. It can be general purposes as well 🙂

  3. I didn’t realize boxers used balance boards, I did track in high school and we used the balance balls. I think the rope was my favorite exercise of all though, it really built up my stamina.

    1. Man, many boxers, basketball players… use balance boards and I agree that jump ropes are the best tool to build some stamina. I had the same experience as well.

  4. Technique wins fights and techniques heavily relies on your balance. Am I right?

    I have learned a lot about MMA and boxing over the years. For instance, one of my favorite fighters is Nick Diaz (not because of his trash talking). But, his boxing is far superior to anyone he is going to box with in MMA. He knows this and has boxing technique, but everything he throws he can easily counter from it and doesn’t exert a lot of energy.

    Sorry to stray away from the point though. I remember 2 years or so ago I did try the battle rope and it was extremely tiring. No doubt it is effective, but do you have any tips for beginners who want to get better at battle ropes. Kind of lost on how to improve, but I want to give it another shot.

    1. You are absolutely right about technique and balance. I also really like Nick Diaz and yes trash talking is a reason 😉 He has great balance and changes his center of gravity very well so he can counter anything.
      The battle rope is just necessary for people who do MMA or Boxing training and you can check out here for more tips and all about battle ropes. You can also find exercises which are suitable for beginners. Man, seriously thanks a lot for the comment you touched the points which I did not cover.

  5. My favorite would be the balance board, as it would kind of remind me of skateboarding when I was a kid.

    However I never knew rope training could be so effective. After reading on how it can improve your balance, I would probably like you do this list often as it seems one of the most effective ways to balance out your muscles and everything.

    1. Yeah, there are ones which are skateboard shaped and it is mainly produced for skaters, however, everyone can benefit from it. You can try out things like different arm positions etc. I have never used a skateboard but this one mimics it quite well.

      Jumping rope is also beneficial for hand-eye coordination and you can also do all cardio training types including steady state and high-intensity interval training. Thus, it is preferred for all around improvement.

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