How to Improve Explosive Strength – 6 Amazing Methods

How to Improve Explosive Strength

When you have more explosive strength, it will provide a drastic and positive difference. You will be better at your sports instantly.

For example, if you do boxing, you will be more likely to knock-out your opponent and I am sure you will agree that it is vital. It is important for any sports. And I should admit that improving it is one of the hardest things to accomplish. It seriously requires a lot of hard work so I hope you are ready 😉 With that, there are some proven and amazing training types for how to improve explosive strength.

In this writing, I will concentrate on what works for fighters (Martial Artists, Boxers, MMA fighters) the most, however, these methods work just fine for anyone who is looking to improve explosiveness.


Without further ado let’s start with the most effective one…

1. Battle Rope Training

Plyometric exercises are one of the best ways to improve your explosiveness. For example, while you are doing battleHow to Improve Explosive Strength rope training and techniques like body slam will improve your explosiveness drastically. Because you need to transform incredible amount of energy without losing balance in very short time.

Based on my experiences and according to many authoritative boxing, martial arts site owners, it is the best way. The reason is that you need to concentrate on slamming these heavy battle ropes to floor in a very short amount of time and you need to continue doing it so you can have all the benefits of it. There are seriously incredible benefits of this training and increasing explosive strength is just one of them.

I had started slamming battle ropes pretty late. There were many people who trained in my old boxing gym and I am pretty sure that everyone else had at least a session with it. However, I started and that is the important point and after a couple of months, I had realized that I was punching way stronger when I needed to punch in a very short amount of time (during double end bag session).

Obviously, I did not measure it but that was a big change.

Anyway, I am sure that anyone who wants to improve explosive strength, seriously the first choice should be this amazing training and keep in mind that you can do it anywhere including garage, beach or park. If you are interested, have a look at these really quality battle ropes. On that page, you can also find an instructional video which shows how to implement techniques. As a side note, I also have experience with two battle ropes on that list.


2. Medicine Ball Training

How does medicine ball training improve explosiveness? When you hold the ball before throwing or doing the exercise, you are stationary. With that, you need to transfer as much as energy to your hands while you are throwing the ball. And that happens in very short amount of time.

However not all medicine ball throwing techniques improve explosive strength. With that, doing some certain techniques in a certain way does not only improve your punching power but also improves explosive strength. So what do I mean by “certain way”? Firstly you should do this training against a wall because you need to throw medicine ball as hard as you can and this can obviously hurt your partner.

Also, you should do it in a proper form so your muscles work properly.

This will definitely increase your explosive strength massively. In a few months, I will write a very detailed post about medicine balls and show exercises etc. However, right now the video below would be really good for you to see how these techniques are done.



3. Jump Rope Training

Boxers, MMA fighters, and martial artists jump rope like there is no tomorrow and there are seriously many amazing benefits like conditioning muscles, improving hand-eye coordination…

With that, your lower body works incredibly and as you do many different techniques such as double unders, scissors properly, it will even benefit you more. With that switching between the techniques and doing the new technique as fast as you can is a really solid way for improving explosiveness. Even though your explosive power (punching or whatever) don’t improve directly remember many movements including punching starts from your foot so your explosive power will improve with jump rope massively.

In order to improve explosiveness, your rope should be really suitable for techniques like double unders and in this way you will master these techniques easily. Obviously, you can improve your explosiveness faster with them and if you are interested, check out these quality jump ropes for double unders.


4. Plyo Box Training

When you train with plyo boxes, your power needs to overcome your weight and should elevate you to box’s level. In order to do that you need to perform a serious amount of power in really short duration. We don’t actually have many places for training lower body explosiveness.

And I see a lot of incredible results of this plyo box training. According to me, many people remember how much they jumped the last time so they try improving it and I am really sure that ALL MMA Fighters and Boxers can benefit from it.

Plyo Box Training


5. Just do All Training Types Regularly

After all explosive power is a form of power and if you can improve your overall power, obviously your explosive power will also improve.

Doing all various training types and mastering those help you to use your explosive power more effectively.

As you gain experience, obviously your muscles will remember the movements and do them better.

For example, even if you have incredible explosive strength and haven’t practiced uppercuts before, I suggest that you train with a double end bag so you can do it properly and thanks to that you can show your explosive strength more effectively during sparring or in a match.

Shortly do ALL training types regularly.

With that, the regular training types for your sport probably don’t have a huge impact on your explosive power as other training types in this list. So if you want to improve your explosiveness as quickly as possible you should go with the other methods.


Final Thoughts

Improving your explosive power will give you at least a competitive edge over your opponent and in some circumstances, it can literally help you win a boxing or martial arts match. Actually, this is why many people, who do boxing training, train with battle ropes regularly. So if you consider improving your upper body explosiveness, you should do many slam techniques with battle ropes. With that, I train for boxing so I actually need to improve my lower body explosiveness too. So I can punch faster and way more powerful. According to me and many high authoritative forums, the fastest and most complete way to improve explosiveness (purely) to add plyo box training and battle rope training to your routine. Based on my researches, many people on martial arts forums also improved their explosiveness greatly with those. I hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions or anything to share, please have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of stroopsmma and USMC,   via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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8 thoughts on “How to Improve Explosive Strength – 6 Amazing Methods”

  1. Nice post. I particularly like the Medicine ball exercises. I learned three new moves. I must admit I bought a 12lb medicine ball about a year ago and I probably used it once. I will try it out tomorrow using the three new moves shown in the video. I will also try to incorporate some jump rope routine as well.

    Any tips for someone who hasn’t been really physical in a really really long time. Should I just continue where I left off or should I take it a bit slow and warm up to something more serious? What are your thoughts on that?

    Thanks a mil


    1. You can start by slowly. First of all, you can start by jumping rope lightly. Then when you get used to it, do techniques like scissors, double unders etc. It will probably take time but you get fit in the process. Then you can start doing some medicine ball training. I know you have a past and you can continue where you left off 😉

  2. Nice post… I would like to try out the battle ropes but don’t seem to have them in any of the gyms that I’ve trained in. Is this something for boxing and martial art gyms and not something you would usually find in a regular gym. A great explosive exercise I like to use when training legs is jumping lunges tabatas. Absolute killer but works great.

    1. Actually, you can find it many regular gyms but you are right in a way. Battle ropes can be generally found in boxing and MMA gyms. I never tried this exercise but I just did a quick research and I am sure that it just works great 😉

  3. Thanks for this informative article. I always wondered what those ropes were called and what specifically they did for you. Do you have any routines for battle rope beginners?

  4. This is a great article and is a method I firmly believe in. I believe this is how Bruce lee and so many other athletes got so strong, because they trained their muscles in an explosive matter.

    I really like box jumps and explosive push ups. I never thought about jump rope being one, so I’ll have to try it out.

    1. Exactly, those guys know the importance of explosive strength and train accordingly. Even though jump rope is top of this list you should pick one, which is more convenient for you, at the beginning. I always see that people have greater results when they prefer a training type which they prefer.

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