How to Improve Stamina for Boxing? – 8 Amazing Methods

how to improve stamina for boxing with medicine balls

Stamina is just more than vital for boxing. You can do everything better and with more focus. So considering that a match can end a couple of milliseconds later, you need to be in the best shape which you can be. There are actually countless ways to build more stamina, however, there are some superior and more preferred ways to do it for boxing. I gathered training types and tips below from my experiences, forums and various sites. I even had a chance to reach out to authoritative figures in boxing and you can find all of these below.


1. Heavy Bag

When you do boxing, you will have aerobic and anaerobic workout at the same time. Because your heart beat like crazy and your muscles have resistance at the same time and most importantly, you punch the heavy bag so it mimics the real environment for boxing. So if you want to improve your stamina for boxing, heavy bag training should be your one of your first choices. With that, if the heavy bag swings slightly more or the shock absorption (boxing gloves to heavy bag) is quicker, you can get even more cardio benefits. Because you can do more footwork. In fact, there are some boxing gloves which provide these perfectly. If you are interested, check out these quality bag gloves.


Following three training types will prepare your lungs and body for explosive movements…  

2. Battle Ropes

Battle ropes provide you aerobic and aerobic benefits because it provides resistance and well your heart pounds abattle rope training for building stamina for boxing lot during the session just like during punching bag training. It basically provides the same workout. Of course, it can’t replace the heavy bag totally because you don’t punch in this training. But it has other unique benefits for improving stamina.

Battle rope helps you improve explosive power with some techniques and this will help your energy levels to stay more after you implement any movement with explosive power. Your body will just get used to it. This might seem like a small detail but it is seriously a crucial reason why you should definitely slam these battle ropes in your session. This will help you to reach a higher level in boxing and I know that many people including me have benefited from this. If you are interested, you can have a look at these good quality battle ropes.

This is just one reason why many boxers do battle rope training religiously. It has seriously so many important benefits.


3. Plyo Boxes

Plyo boxes are also great for explosive strength, however, there is one vital difference between jump boxes and battle ropes. You will improve muscles and explosiveness of your lower body and this will improve your stamina of your lower body and keep in mind that that punch starts from your foot. So every time you punch, your lower body work first and as you may know, your legs have most of your muscles mass so these need to handle extreme fatigue. With that, you should always need to track your progress as well and you can do all of these with quality plyo boxes.


4. Medicine Balls

Actually, medicine balls have the same effect of battle ropes and will provide you more stamina as well. Mainly your upper-body works during the session. However, you can do many various workouts with them and your muscles have tension from different angles and get used to fatigue from different angles. Also; your arms, shoulders and core are also involved during medicine ball training. So medicine ball training is definitely an option for improving stamina in boxing because when you punch, these exact muscles work and you can also do many techniques with these balls.

how to improve stamina for boxing with medicine balls


5. Run Outside

Running does not directly improve boxing skills however it is a good cardio and if it is done as HIIT, your lungs and breathing capacity will be way larger and as a result, you will have way more cardiovascular endurance and you can definitely use it in a boxing ring.

6. Jump Rope

Well, it is the most common way for improving your cardiovascular endurance and there are many reasons. While jumping rope, all of your muscles will work and while you punch, even though you need to stay calm, this is not the case at all and your muscles stay contracted a lot during the punch. With that, you can get used to it while jumping rope.

Bouncing effortlessly is actually another reason why boxers jump rope. Considering that you also need to do really fast footwork as you can and push your limits, there is no wonder everyone, who do boxing training, jump rope like crazy. However, there are some jump ropes are tangle free and can spin really fast. These can help you have very challenging sessions. If you are interested, you can have a look at these good skipping ropes. There, you can also find a quality workout video and information as well.


7. Double End Bag and Speed Bag

You simply need perfect arm condition and the best way to have it is to punch constantly with proper technique and there is no better training type than double end bag and speed bag training to accomplish these.speed bag training is good for more stamina

Even though these training types don’t provide any spectacular benefits of the other training types on this list, still these mimic real situation very well for your arm and shoulder muscles. So, both of these should be in your training session. Also definitely keep in mind that you can do some techniques like uppercuts with only double end bag. For example, this will help you exert less energy while you do uppercuts in future.


8. Train At Least 3 Times per Week

When you do punching techniques and footwork drills, you will get more and more expert and your muscles will remember these movements and obviously, you will start doing them easier.

Also, your muscles will develop in a way that you can do these movements easier. Also, your muscles will be less fatigued. So you can even save more energy. Is not this awesome? You will also memorize them and according to MANY researches, you can do them with way less effort and this is another advantage of it. Thanks to these, you can save more energy for your future punches.

Also always keep in mind that you train for boxing. So you should train wisely. Small intervals (3-4 minutes) will prepare you well for boxing. After all, you won’t run a marathon so you don’t need to do cardio sessions which last an hour.

Final Notes: As you can see there are many ways to build stamina for boxing and I highly suggest you to not to go with just one training type. You should always mix it up and when you get enough experience and know your body, you will know what you need. As a side note, battle rope sessions made the biggest impact for my stamina. I started moving way more during sparring after serious battle rope training sessions. However, I always switch training types and probably did all of the training types on this list in last 10 months and I strongly suggest you the same. I hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about how to improve your stamina for boxing, you can just leave a comment below.


Image Courtesy of KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE, U.S. Marine Corps Forces and stroopsmma via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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5 thoughts on “How to Improve Stamina for Boxing? – 8 Amazing Methods”

  1. Great post! I’m no boxer, but I believe that these exercises are useful for anybody looking to get their bodies in shape. There are so many people out there that want improve their level of fitness, but have no idea where to start. I look forward to reading more quality content like this! 🙂
    Have a great day!

    1. These are great for everyone but boxers just prefer these more 😉 So I included them in the writing. I will definitely have more writing about this stuff and I will definitely send you an email when I have more writing about fitness related stuff.

  2. Thanks for this. I wasn’t sure of the purpose of some of these types of training such as the punching bag but it all makes sense now. I also did not know that a punch starts from the feet. I am a cyclist and a lot of our training starts from the stomach, such as hill climbing. When you know the source of an action it makes the training more precise.

  3. Excellent articles and information here. Any advice for an old guy that hasn’t worked out for over a decade?
    I used to run and lift weights regularly. Fortunately I’ve been able to maintain my weight even without exercise.
    I’m just not sure how to get back in to it. Thanks for the great information.

    1. Man, you should start really slow. Maybe jogging for a few days and progress slowly.
      Also, you need to prefer exercises which are easy on your joints so you will not feel pain in your joints as well.
      After that start working out with speed bag, which is also easy on your joints and you can increase the duration and try out different punching styles.

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