How to Increase Hand Speed – 6 Amazing Methods

how to increase hand speed for boxing

Hand speed can be the difference between losing and winning in a boxing match. It also can help you make more steals in a basketball match. In many sport branches hand speed can make vital difference. For example boxers, who have quick hands, have more chance to knock out their opponent.

Below you will find training types, tips and methods for how to increase hand speed in boxing. Surely these will help you have faster hands and give you an incredible advantage.


1. Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises will improve your explosiveness greatly and battle rope training is the most common battle rope trainingplyometric training among people who do boxing and MMA training.

It is simply one of the best (according to many authority figures it is actually the best) exercise for improving hand speed and thanks to many different techniques (power slam, alternative waves etc.) your hand will work from many different angles. And you can do this training basically anywhere. If you are interested in doing this amazing training you can have a look at these battle ropes. These are the best rated ones and I found out that many people on several forums use these for improving their hand speed.


2. Jump Rope

When you jump rope your hand and muscles around it work a lot and have condition. Also when you do jump rope techniques (side to side, scissors etc.) properly, this will help you have more hand speed.

Obviously if the rope has more maximum turns per second it is better for you. Imagine that the rope can turn 6 spins and the other one can turn 7+ per same amount of time. Which one provides faster hands? Obviously if the potential is higher you can improve your hand speed more. For that you can have a look at best jump ropes for fitness. These are also used in many commercial boxing gyms as well


3. Speed bag

Speed bag provides many benefits for many skills and improving hand eye coordination is only one of them. After all you need to determine the target before you punch right? Speed bag training will certainly improve this skill.

As the name suggest that you can also improve your hand speed as well. With that you can start with bigger speed bags. These are relatively easier to punch and when you have more hand speed and coordination you can move onto smaller one. Small speed bags are faster and challenges you more.

There are some speed bags are just more suitable for this. Because some of them may not have smaller models. how to increase hand speed for boxingAnd if you change speed bag model to another one it definitely won’t give you the same rebound rate. So you need to get used to new speed bag’s rebound rate. With that some speed bags have perfect balance and some don’t. Some are bulkier at the upper side and some of them are teardrop shaped. There are literally many types. Even though this might look like a small detail you will lose time while you try getting used to punch this new bag. It actually happened to me many times and well every time this was annoying. However if you look at these best speed bags, these have smaller and larger models so you won’t have that problem with them. And these sturdy and quality speed bag platforms will help you get smooth and natural rebound rate from your speed bag for very long time.


4. Focus Mitts

While you punch a heavy bag or speed bag, you guess where the bag will be and you can get to a suitable position. However you don’t have that chance in a match or sparring session. So you also need to improve this aspect of yours.

If you can’t read mind you will have no idea where will be the target during punch mitt session because your partner decides that. With time you will react better at last second. And this is what matters the most right?


5. Double End Bag

Double end bag training also improves your coordination and the main goal of this training is to improve hand speed. Also you need to punch with certain level of force so double end bag can swing properly. In that way you can get optimal benefits.

double end bag training for increasing hand speed

The target is small and can change its position very quickly. This will also improve reflexes and just like speed bag you will get better at moving your hand in last second.

Also as you get better with double end bag you can start training with smaller and faster double end bags.


6. Shadow Boxing

During shadow boxing you can improve your hand speed with actual striking techniques like hooks, uppercuts, jabs etc. And it is truly priceless because you simply don’t have this opportunity during speed bag or punching bag session. For example you can’t do uppercuts with heavy bag or speed bag, can you?

Eventually you will get used to do shadow boxing quite easily and after a certain point it won’t challenge you much. And I witnessed that many people just don’t have enough motivation and don’t force themselves during the session. Actually I am one of these people and considering that hand speed is really hard to improve, if you fall into that category, this can be a legit problem.

With that doing shadow boxing against resistance challenges you and improves your hand speed. As you get stronger and better at it you can always increase the resistance. If you like shadow boxing as I do and want to improve your hand speed even more have a look at these shadow boxing resistance bands. These are widely used by people who do boxing, kick boxing and MMA training. Some of these equipment are also used in my old boxing gym as well.


Final Thoughts

Boxing requires many things including fast foot, heavy punch and hand speed. These are just a few of these. And improving hand speed will surely increase your overall training performance drastically. Thanks to faster hands you will punch, do defense and basically do almost anything better. And obviously it helps you get better at many sport branches. I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any experiences or suggestions for how to increase hand speed please just have a comment below and let’s talk.


Media Courtesy of Scott Webb, Nikon D300s and HANSCOM via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “How to Increase Hand Speed – 6 Amazing Methods”

  1. Training has evolved so much over the years. I wish I had the knowledge that is available to athletes today when I practiced Tae Kwon Do. All the things you mentioned in the article, we had, but a couple of them were crude back then. We didn’t have the battle ropes, nor did we know about them at the time. The battle rope not only helps to develop hand speed but is good cardio as well. That’ll get your heart rate up. Great article!

    All the best to you,

    1. Man battle ropes are just perfect for any kind of martial arts, MMA, Tae Kwon Do as well. I recently started paying attention to it and the results are amazing. I actually think of writing my results. I am really satisfied with a training type and this rarely happens.

  2. The speed bag is something that has never worked for me, probably because I’m too slow for it. I have never heard of a double end bag, so that was something new. It takes hard work and dedication to even have a chance at being great. Great article!

    1. Man double end bag is just great for improving it and yes you are absolutely right. It requires hard work even then you can get hit by the bag.

  3. Great article on increasing handspeed. I don’t think people realize how much jump rope can assist in hand speed.

    I saw some resistant shadow boxing bands and was wondering how well do they work?

    I’ve been trying to teach my grandson how to throw a punch and I am having the toughest time on his technique trying to get him to put his hips behind his throw.

    Any drills you can recommend to get him to stay square and put his body into it?

    Thanks for sharing
    Shannon Kamal

    1. In my opinion jump rope works better than the most and it is quite difficult to master so you will need time for that. Yeah shadow boxing resistance bands are great for it and it seems like you are interested and I also have an article about it. You can check it out on here.
      Man give it time ; ) Learning the right technique, hip position, throwing a proper hook… these will take time. However, there are some boxing training videos which you might be interested in him and these can show him all about punching, techniques, and more.

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