How to Lace Up Boxing Gloves? – Very Easy Methods!

Lacing boxing gloves can be a pain in the ass and if you can’t do it right, it can cause really bad consequences. For example, while sparring if the laces are tied incorrectly, these can cause cuts or you can injure your sparring partner somehow.

So before you step into a ring or start doing any type of training including pad work you need to make sure that the laces don’t cause any injuries or harm to your boxing equipment.

Below you can find really easy methods to lace up your gloves.

Let’s start with my favorite and after that, I will give some tips and recommendations on how you should lace up your gloves.

In my opinion, the first video is quite easy to follow and you can implement the instructions quite easily and fast. After that, I listed key points and you can also find an additional video in this writing as well.


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Key Points

  1. Hands should get into glove good and it should feel snug.
  2. Laces should be tied in a way that these should not let your glove move
  3. Tighten the laces
  4. Laces should not hurt anyone
  5. Your hands should be comfortable
  6. Use tapes for improving safety

Also when you do the “twisting” definitely double check after doing it. Since if you can’t do it right, after a while it can slide and your gloves will start to “get away”.

If you want to know some other ways to lace, the video below has it and also shows some common mistakes as well.


Alright, this guy gives really important tips for lacing your gloves and as you can see these can be implemented with every lacing type. However, he goes high and laces some of the padding. However, as you can see he demonstrates it with Title Boing Gloves which have soft padding and it lets him do that. But there are other gloves like Fairtex which has a really stiff padding so you may not able to do that with some pairs. So according to your glove and preference, you can choose to do it and I also prefer this as well. As a side note, the laces can’t go up after a certain point, which is just essential for the safety, in competitions.

What is My Favorite Method?

After doing the twist I will gradually work my way up. In this way, the laces will be finished before getting too high. I can also control the tightness of laces easily and I can easily change the tightness. I also prefer increasing the tightness of laces around the wrist area.

So what does it provide for you?

Your wrists will be more secure and you will feel like it is a glove. After you finish lacing, you should definitely wrap the ends of laces with tapes. As you know, this is just too critical for safety.

As a side note, not all tapes are allowed in the competitions. They generally have their allowed tapes and wrap your laces with them. Even some boxing gyms also have their own tapes so you can just use them.

Avoid: After you adjust the tightness of laces you should control whether it cuts off the circulation or not.

Conclusive Thoughts: Alright, these are quite easy methods to lace up your boxing gloves and if you implement the tips above you and your opponent will be safer. Even though there are many other ways to do it, these are preferred more and considered as better by many boxing authoritative figures.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and feel free to share your favorite methods and tips below.


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  1. Boxing, as we know, is a popular sport that has gotten the attention of so many people. I have watched many boxing matches and have been impressed with many boxers that are a big name in this sport. What you are sharing here will help so many people that are into boxing. It is good to know how to lace these gloves the right way.

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