How to Learn Boxing at Home? (Free Methods Included!)

There are a lot of really popular boxing movies and it has been the same for decades. I actually just watched Southpaw and that was an absolutely amazing movie.

There are a lot of amazing benefits of boxing so we keep seeing these popular movies and watching fights on many different sports channels.

And learning boxing becomes a passion of many people every single day.

Learning boxing with a good coach in a well equipped boxing gym is just superior however because of some reason if you don’t want to go to a boxing gym or simply don’t have one in the vicinity, learning at home is the way to go and you can absolutely reach a certain level and get in shape with boxing.

Below, I included a step by step guide to learn boxing and even provided some free alternatives!

You will definitely need a myriad of boxing equipment, instructional videos, however, there are actually free alternatives to some of them and I also included them below.

Before You Start Boxing Training

Get fit, build some lean muscle and improve your endurance. It does not matter what you use. Just get in shape and you need to be ready for long and sweaty workouts since once you are ready for them you can focus on learning boxing.

When you are fit you do not get tired easily while doing that 3-minutes interval bag session.

After you do these, you are ready to learn boxing…

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is a great warm-up and you can actually do combinations without any distraction or an opponent and you can do it anywhere including your home. You can also implement what you have learned so far and there are even more benefits of it and you can read them on here.

There is actually a good shadow boxing training video which explains all the basics and is preferred a lot by beginners.


You can also get fit with shadow boxing. If you use any resistance bands while doing shadow boxing, you can get stronger and do punching techniques like hooks, uppercuts more powerful.

Also, you can always watch yourself in the mirror and see how you move and correct your stance.

However, you need to learn how to do these (punches, footwork. defense, stances, evading…) properly and considering that you want to learn boxing at home, you need good and comprehensive instructional and training to learn boxing at home

Learn How to Box!

As you know, there are many YouTube videos which are made by regular guys. Sure, some of them have nice tips but none of them are complete and mostly consist of filler talk and they try to be funny at the same time. Maybe they mention about some instructions, stances here and there.

These just don’t bring any value. And I literally could not find one which explains pivoting properly.

There are also many good videos which teach boxing, rules properly but as you can guess these don’t come free.

Whether you want to get in shape with boxing or learn it, you need good informational videos, basic rules.

Also, you need to have good footwork drills which can show you how to slip and pivoting.

In these videos, you can also see how to drag your foot, move it during certain circumstances and sparring.  There are also more advanced defense techniques like rolling and of course punch combinations.

Because of these reasons, I gathered quite good sources and I also included my favorite ones. Some of them are even shown in many boxing gyms!

Check Out These Training and Instructional Videos

The videos above show you everything you need to know about boxing including rules, strategies, defensive movements, point systems, training routines…

The best part is that these training videos also explain stance types clearly so you can learn how to punch more powerful, evade and defense effectively.

One thing is to consider that you should never watch YouTube videos about boxing. Since many of them show the techniques badly and you can pick up some really bad habits and in future, even the best coach may not even change it!

So it is best to stick with the sources which were created by real experts.

However, do you want a good free source?

If you want to learn basic techniques, check out this beginner’s Guide by my man Johny.

I don’t know him personally but his articles helped me start boxing and continue my journey as well. I always check out his site for training information, strategies, nutrition etc. For example, I just read his Mike Tyson article and he talks about the limitations of it. Honestly, I enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. In my opinion, his site is a really good source.

Boxing Equipment

Obviously, you need some boxing equipment to practice boxing at home.

First of all, you need a good surface for boxing so you don’t slip, don’t hurt your foot and don’t make much noise.

Boxing Gloves: You need boxing gloves and these should be suitable for different training types including bag and pad work. There are actually a lot of details about them and if you are interested, you can check out these best boxing gloves for training.

Hand Wraps: You need to wear hand wraps, period. Since there are a lot of safety reasons for it.

Punching Bag: Training with a heavy bag is a must for implementing the punching techniques and great for building muscle, toning your core. If your ceiling is reinforced enough, getting a hanging heavy bag can benefit you more since while it is swinging, you can work on your footwork and get a flashy footwork.

However, if it is not, you need to train with free standing heavy bags.

The reason why I prefer hanging heavy bags over free standing punching bags is solely improving footwork and footwork should be one of your priorities.

Check out Good Punching Bags for Home

You can learn boxing by yourself

Boxing Shoes: Wearing a boxing shoe will immediately make you a better boxer. You can move smoothly, pivot better and have a better ankle support. So having boxing shoes is a must for a beginner.

Speed Bag Platform: It is one of the basic boxing training equipment and considering that you are just starting out learning one-handed, right right left left techniques, it will not take much time to learn them and you can hit a speed bag quite confidently just after a couple of days.

However, being an expert is totally another story and it is quite the opposite. So you must be patient with it.

With that, getting a portable and silent speed bag platform plus speed bag do not cost much.

Jump Rope: Jumping rope is great for your footwork speed, cardio and it improves timing. Also, it is quite convenient since you don’t have to do it outside and as long as you have a suitable floor, which is not soft, you can do it in your home without any problem whatsoever.

And cardiovascular endurance is just critical for boxing and can be improved greatly with jumping rope.

Double End Bag: If you don’t have a partner to hold mitts and teach you how to strike and dodge, double end bag becomes one of the most crucial equipment. Since not only you can punch with different techniques but it also hits back so you can work on your head movements, footwork, and dexterity.

Also, double end bags are really cheap and very easy to set up with anchors.

Try Finding a Partner

It can be a family member, friend… You should preferably find someone who is experienced. So he/she can hold the mitts, watch you and give you feedback on your footwork etc. So you can fix your mistakes and be a better boxer.

If you have a partner who can practice with you…

Punch Mitts: If you have someone to train in your home like a friend, brother pad work can help you learn punching techniques like hook and evading faster.

You can move according to your target, punch in certain situations with using the right technique and let’s not forget that you can’t even do every punching technique with heavy bags. However, you can practice them (uppercuts etc.) with punch mitts. So you should grab a pair of punch mitts and a body protector will protect your partner during rigorous boxing workouts in your home.

Sparring: Firstly, you need to check out each other’s well being. Since you don’t have any coaches or anyone who is watching you. If things get heated, don’t hesitate to talk with your partner.

You need boxing gloves for sparring with a lot of and dense padding since you just can’t leave it to a chance. So buy at least 16. oz or Ringside has quite good 18 oz. snug fit pairs.

Obviously, the other protective gears are a mouth guard and a headgear.

Actually, there are many other fitness and boxing equipment to improve your skills. For example, agility ladders can help you improve your footwork drastically, however, the gears above are enough for now.

Watch Boxing Matches Regularly

Watching boxers in the ring will give you a different perspective so you can see their strategies how they take a punch and more.

Seeing other boxers’ strategies, styles will make you a better fighter. You can also observe how they use their physical attributes to their advantage. For example, some have taller arms and have a better reach. These guys generally throw jabs from a bit distance to take a few extra points. So by just watching these matches, you can have a good idea of how you should shape your fighting style and sharpen your skills.

Are You Dedicated?

I know that many beginners feel like they are dedicated and want to learn boxing, get fit, however, many people want results fast and this is definitely not the case with boxing.

My recommendation is to create a schedule and follow it to a t. Also, give it at least 6-8 months to get to a certain skill level. You can also use an interval timer during your workouts and don’t lose the track of time during your sessions. When you start boxing, you will see that it is quite easy to lose track of time. You can also adjust the minutes as 3 minutes of workout and 1-minute rest. According to your preference, you can decrease the rest periods and increase the intensity of your sessions.

Also, measure your progress. You can put a punch tracker in your gloves and measure your speed and improvements of your jab, hook… After all, you need to see whether you have a progression or not. There are quite good punch trackers on the market and Hykso comes to mind first.

Advantages of Training at Home

1. Firstly you are training at your home so you will be relaxed and train in a familiar environment. In this environment, You will be stressed less.

2. You don’t need to follow strict training hours. If you start jumping rope 5 minutes late, no one will shout at you. But in a boxing gym, you may not even attend a class if you are late.


1. You don’t get any feedback from experienced coaches. In boxing gym, they watch you, see your mistakes, bad habits, so you can fix them.

2. Boxing instructional DVDs can show you how to take a punch, but if you don’t take a real punch, you will not “learn” it.

3. Motivation also can be an issue. For example, when you are doing shadow boxing at home, it can be hard to give your full attention to it. For example, you can find yourself punching and moving your head aimlessly. But trust me on this in a boxing gym you need to give your full attention since you may spar a couple of minutes later or just don’t want to look like a fool.

Alright, I can go on and on about disadvantages of learning boxing at home, however, if you follow the steps above, you can definitely learn it and you can do it without any discomfort. I know that many people who started training at home first and came to boxing gyms as intermediate level boxers with a good amount of knowledge.

However, you are not going to a boxing gym or taking a class so you will definitely need more time to learn boxing properly. However, if you take your time, train right, read boxing books, watch videos you can definitely improve your skills and learn boxing by yourself. I hope that this article helps you learn boxing at home and if I missed anything or you have any other tips for people who want learn boxing by themselves, just have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of The U.S ARMY and AMERICA’S NAVY via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “How to Learn Boxing at Home? (Free Methods Included!)”

  1. So I don’t currently participate in boxing, but a while back I went to the gym a few times with a friend and we did a few workouts with a back and mitts. Holy cow! Was it difficult! I was in decent shape too, and I got tired fast! They were great workouts though. I wouldn’t mind trying to get back into it. At the beginning you said to get fit and build endurance. Can you maybe give a few more specifics on your recommendations? Do I need to be able to run a mile in 8 minutes without walking? Do I need to be able to do 10 pull-ups without stopping? Any ideas you can give would be helpful. Thanks for sharing by the way!

    1. When you are just a beginner it feels really difficult however getting in shape with boxing is just awesome.
      I understand what you mean. I provided links in this article and when you open the pages, you will see that how much progress you should expect and how much you should be able to run. However, they don’t have information about push-ups but you need to be able to punch a heavy bag 3 minutes straight.

  2. Very nice post. I do not know a lot about boxing, but this post is very educational. It gives some basic information and explains some things to beginners. I like the links to supplies. Good idea to get fit and how to do it. I do some training at home, and it doesn’t cost me anything. Glad to see the advantages and disadvantages of that sort of training.

    1. Proving some basic information about boxing is always necessary because before I get to the more advanced stuff I want my readers to understand what is going on. There are many boxing sites however these either focus on only basics or only advanced. I write both of them and this is actually the reason why my site grows slowly but surely.

  3. Wow what a great site. Rocky being my all time fav movie I have always been interested in learning I really liked your information about training at home but also the disadvantages. I think if I balance it out with home and a gym I can learn plus coming to your site for tips and videos I could do this. Keep these awesome posts coming as I will be returning.
    Thank you so much David

    1. I have not seen Rocky for ages. Well, I have a free evening so I might as well watch one of the movies tonight.

      Exactly, it is a good mixture. I always prefer owning a good home boxing gym and going to a good boxing gym but it is just not feasible for many people including me. Because these cost a lot of money and if it is not doable, going to a boxing gym is the only choice for leaning at a faster rate.

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