How to Learn MMA at Home? – The Complete Guide

Many people want to learn MMA and follow their passions.

However, you need a guide and you have come to the right place since I included a step by step guide in this writing and if you follow them you can be sure that you can learn and improve your MMA skills at home.

How to Learn MMA at Home

1. Learn from Right Sources

First of all, you need good sources to learn how to fight, rules and training methods even how to eat properly for MMA training.

You need to learn some no-gi grappling and you also need to learn kicking techniques. These are just some examples. Basically, you are required to learn a lot of techniques from different disciplines.

So you need a complete source which you can find everything easily.

A couple of months ago, I gathered really good quality MMA training DVDs and actually famous names like Bas Rutten created these videos. Some of these videos also include eating plans as well. These will basically provide you a proper guidance.

You are not under the supervision of a good MMA coach but the successful fighters show you what exactly you need.

It is seriously the next best thing and is not this just awesome?

Also, there are many MMA books and MMA fighters share their insights about fighting. You can also find information about what to do in certain circumstances in the ring. I honestly did not read one, however, there are many testimonials online and you may actually benefit from them.


After you know what to do in your workouts, you need MMA equipment to do these workouts. You can start by getting MMA mats. So while you are training, you don’t slip and these also help with the protection of your floors. While you are doing rigorous training sessions, these will also reduce noise.

One thing is to note that you need a pair of good MMA training gloves so you can punch a heavy bag without any discomfort, do grappling and have various workout sessions with it. So I highly suggest you invest as much as you can since it directly affects the quality of leather and the padding.

Check out Best MMA Gloves

A grappling dummy and a heavy bag for MMA will be your new training partners and definitely pick one which is versatile. Since more versatility equals more skill improvement. So you can also learn the techniques (striking, grappling) at a faster rate. In that way, you can practice many techniques and you will not need a new heavy bag or dummy a few months later.

So spending a few extra dollars will actually save you some money in future. This is why many MMA gyms give classes to students with the latest and the best models.

Also if you have a partner for sparring and drills, it is an ideal situation for your learning and you can check out this guide for the gears.

Additional Gears

If you have mats to train and have an extra budget, plyometrics will help you step up your game so you can have more effective workouts. As you may know, many MMA fighters’ first training choice is plyometrics. So you can get battle ropes, medicine ball, plyo box… and train with them on mats.

Conditioning: Actually if you do it before you ever train MMA, it will be ideal. Since you can push yourself more while learning MMA and after having enough stamina, you can concentrate on learning, practicing techniques over and over again.

Each classic conditioning exercise works quite well. However, my favorite is jumping rope. Thanks to that, you will be able to control your foot movement more and this directly helps with the footwork.

Follow a Strict Plan

Going to an MMA gym helps you a lot. An instructor can teach you very specific techniques like BJJ chokes, locking and the other one can teach you how to evade from punches, sliding. They can also correct your mistakes. However, while you are learning at home you will not have that luxury so following a strict training routine is a must!

Watch MMA Fights

Seeing how other people fight in the ring surely can benefit you. You can observe their strategies, escapes, fighting plans…

You can pick up some really useful things along the way and implement them in your training routine. It will help you create your own style as well.

how to learn MMA by yourself

Give it Some Time

MMA is quite difficult to learn. As I stated above even though you don’t need to learn everything about every martial art out there, you need to learn a myriad of movements, grappling techniques, takedowns, punches… Seriously it is a lot and learning, practicing them will take a lot of time. I have been training MMA for several years now and I noticed that people, who started learning at home, just train a couple of months. Do you think that is enough? Hell no. The quitting reasons are generally lack of motivation, an injury.

Many people also quit because they don’t see any progress.

The main goal should be just keep learning and improving skills. First few months will be difficult and you will not notice a big difference in this period since you will only be familiar with strikes, submissions. However, after 6-7 months, you will see a difference so just keep pushing more than a few months. In addition to that, if you have martial arts background in boxing, BJJ, you can progress faster. But if you are just a beginner, you need to be more patient.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can learn MMA at home. Even though it is not ideal and nothing can replace a good MMA coach, you can still learn it effectively.

If you have the right sources, discipline and you are willing to put in the effort, you can surely get good at it. Now we live in an era which can offer many things online. You can order the gears, equipment online and even watch martial arts instructional videos and fights. You can even send your training videos to trainers via e-mail and they can tell you what you do wrong and give recommendations for your footwork, punches… In my opinion, the prices are really affordable as well.

So you can basically learn MMA by yourself.

If you have any other recommendation to learn MMA at home, just have a comment below and let’s have a discussion.


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2 thoughts on “How to Learn MMA at Home? – The Complete Guide”

  1. Great overview of how to learn MMA at home…You covered all the basics from what I could tell. This sounds like a great way to get in shape too…

    The diet and workout regimen involved would definitely work in your favor for gaining some expertise in the field and although at some point you may want to do more, it is a reasonable solution to get started…

    I like that you have also included the links for your recommendations, so I can get the items quickly without a lot of searching…

    A question for you:

    Have you used this home learning program yourself and if so, what were your results?

    My experiences:

    I taught myself to ski years ago, using pretty much the same technique…

    Once I got to the slopes, it was quick to actually ski on my own and I am sure I saved myself from injury as a result too.

    I would think that learning about MMA at home prior to stepping into any ring would be the same…


    1. The diet is necessary for everyone who does any kind of sports but it is just vital for MMA fighters. So you need to follow a good diet plan for your training routine.

      Learning MMA in the home is quite slow and difficult. Even though I had a lot of experiences before I had a hard time to create a good plan for myself.
      I have experiences with one of the DVDs and above I had a link to that writing. You can read more about it in there.

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