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How to Lose Weight (Fat) with MMA? – Drop Fat Fast!

MMA training is preferred a lot for losing fat.

Being effective is not the only reason. Many people actually don’t prefer boring cardio types. For example, you may just hate running or rowing as I do.how to lose weight with mma training effectively

However, MMA is fun. You also get to choose martial arts as many gyms offer different martial arts training types and various different classes. So it becomes even more fun and you also get to learn self-defense in the process.

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MMA is Great for Saving Time

Not everyone has time to lift weights, do cardio every day to lose fat.

MMA workouts are great for people, who don’t have much spare time as these workouts are quite intense and you can literally burn the same amount of calories in half time. As you can guess, these workouts generally have little rest periods.

These can be kicking sessions where you kick shields over 20 minutes and master kicking techniques or you can do triangles, chokes over and over again in BJJ classes and learn self-defense.

There is an endless amount of things which you can do these in classes.

So MMA gyms can offer various classes.

However, even though MMA training is quite intense it is worthless if you don’t push yourself during these workouts. Also, make sure that you implement the techniques properly during the sessions. This makes sure that you get optimal results.

The cool thing is that you get to choose what you like and this is directly correlated with the results which you get.

In my opinion, this is the most important reason why MMA workouts are really effective for losing weight. You can do what you love and you can switch it up. Let’s say that you are bored of punching the mitts, you can always attend another class which you roll on the mats etc.

Have a Proper Diet Plan

Obviously, you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. And you also need to consume enough complete protein (at least 0.9, 1 gram / per bodyweight (LBS.) ) so you can protect your muscle mass and improve your body composition.

Even though I get requests for creating diet plans I am not particularly into creating diet plans for fighters as everyone’s goal is different and I just don’t have time to prepare diet plans for everyone.

As a side note, don’t just find a diet plan online and implement it. The only condition of implementing an online plan is that the plan should be created according to your goal! Obviously, you also need to consider the body weight, fat percentage as well.Is MMA training good for losing fat

If you can’t find a legit source online, you can ask the instructors, trainers in the gym to create one for you.

This step is one of the most important steps if not the most important one as a proper diet helps you perform well during classes and it is the key to lose fat.

Fueling your body before a workout with the right amount of nutrition is a must for showing good performance in martial arts as in any sports out there.

Talk with Trainers Before You Join a Gym

In order to learn martial arts and lose weight effectively, you should join a proper MMA gym.

You can just go to one of the nearest Evolve-MMA Gyms and join a class which focusses on getting fit. You can ask trainers which results you can expect and how many calories you can burn during a session.

Also, you don’t want to choose a random MMA class as the calorie number, which you can burn, varies a lot. You can’t expect to burn the same amount of calories, which you burn in a heavy bag session, during a shadow boxing session. Choosing one, which satisfies your needs, is critically important.

There are really intense MMA classes which last 50 minutes and you can burn over 1100 calories during these classes! There are also ones which you don’t even burn 700 calories.

Obviously, the Intensity and resting periods also play a huge role in this.

So just discuss these with trainers beforehand so can have a pretty good idea about what to expect and they can guide you to take proper classes.

They can also determine how many times you should attend the classes depending on your goals, your age, physical level etc.

Give It Some Time

Some beginners, who lift weights, run, or do some physical activities regularly, may not lose fat fast.

And that is completely normal.

One of the reasons is that they already train regularly and their body, muscles are used to being active so they don’t burn fat, lose weight fast during the first weeks.

However, this changes fast…

Because, a beginner has no idea about how to grapple, do flying kicks properly. Basically, you don’t know how to do any movement. So these muscles don’t work effectively during the first few weeks.

After a few sessions, you will start doing these right. After that magic happens and you will start losing fat fast.

But just don’t freak out when you don’t lose fat and go back to the weight training room.

I would say train at least two months and after that, you can decide whether it is worth it or not according to your results.

How Should You Build Muscles?

It is possible to have great looking muscles with MMA training. After all, many sessions consist of bag, mitt drills and these can force your muscle to grow and help you have denser muscles.

If you have a lot of muscle, you may not use your muscles effectively during martial art classes then you will obviously have a disadvantage during matches or sparring just because you have too much muscle mass which you can’t use effectively. This happens regularly with people who have bulky bodybuilder body type.Do MMA training instead of weightlifting

So how should you build muscles?

MMA trainers suggest exercises like plyometrics or bag workouts, which are dynamic training types, to build muscle mass. You can use these muscles effectively in your martial arts routine and that is what matters.

There is no wonder why a myriad of martial artists are incredibly good with battle ropes.

Track Your Workouts

You can use two types of trackers at the same time. One is for seeing how many calories you burn during a session. Even though you can estimate the calorie number it may not be even close to the calories which you actually burn. You can do that with a regular activity (fitness) tracker.

Once you see how many calories you can burn during a session, you will have control over how much fat you want to lose. And you can compare the results of sessions so you will feel more motivated to beat the last sessions’ score. Believe me, this works like a charm.

So just get a basic tracker and track your workouts.

You can also see how many times you punch with a punch tracker. You can see how many times you throw a jab or kick etc. The reports are quite detailed and come in handy for martial artists. It is particularly useful if you are attending striking related classes.

See Better Results Immediately with This Device!

Many martial artists started using elevation masks during training sessions.

These force your lungs to work more efficiently.

It does not only mimic the higher altitudes but these also provide you to burn more calories.

You can also increase the calorie number and improve cardiovascular endurance progressively with them. This is particularly good for people who want to lose fat with MMA training. After all, your goal is to lose fat and these devices help you do just that.

You can check out Training Mask 2.0 review, which my friend (Atid) who is a Muay Thai fighter, used it and saw incredible results. He was basically burning %5 more calories during the workouts after six months. Even though %5 does not seem much anyone in the sports industry will tell you that it is a considerable improvement.

Extra Tips!

You can walk, jog on your rest days to maximize your results. Doing light jogging does not prevent your muscles to recover. If a 160-pound person does jogging 10 minutes he can expect to burn 97 calories. So do jogging 30 minutes and you can burn almost 300 calories per day without fatigue! Here is the source.

MMA is basically great for burning fat and in addition to that, you also learn self-defense which can come in handy in the future.

Are not these really awesome?

It is Safe! You don’t need to fight in the ring to burn fat effectively. You don’t even need to spar. So MMA training is not necessarily dangerous. As long as you do techniques right and have right gears you probably will only have minor injuries like bruises. However, if self-defense is one of your priorities, you can attend these sparring classes as well.

Alright, now you know how you can burn fat with MMA training effectively and you are ready to choose a proper MMA gym. Go to that article and read my and other industry experts’ suggestions for choosing a gym. If you want to share any more tips to improve the fat burning results in MMA training, please have a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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