How to Punch a Punching Bag? (Beginner Guide)

Punching bags are famous for getting champions in form, they exist for decades  and there are lots of reasons for it. It provides aerobic fitness, endurance, stamina and strength training. But if you don’t train in a right way, you can’t get every benefits of boxing training. In this article, I will give tips for how to punch a heavy bag and give qualities of  best boxing gloves for heavy bag training.


See the Bag as Whole – do not Stare at One Point

When focus is on only one point of heavy bag, it is hard to see and aware of its movement all the time. When I trained, I did the same mistake over and over again. Good news is that you can develop a habit to avoid it.  If I realize that I am doing this mistake, I simply move away from the bag and see the punching bag as a whole, then continue punching.

Being in the right position matter the most for striking technique. You will be moving with the bag and try to get best chance to punch. So, start seeing the bag as a whole for getting your OWN best technique. Even though you are constantly moving with the bag, you will save more energy. Because you can have a chance to punch the bag at the most suitable moment.




Workout Rest Periods

Heavy bag training is not a sprint. It is more of a long running cardio session, you sometimes get fast and sometimes little bit slow but you move all the time, don’t forget that is an also anaerobic (utilizing oxygen consumption) training. So resting more than 2 seconds will make this exercise very inefficient, When you stop moving;  controlling the breath will be harder every following minute, this eventually causes exhaustion of body. When boxers lose energy they will get lazy with their technique and they are likely to have bruises.

Tip to avoid it:  You don’t have to punch too hard all the time. When you need to rest; just throw lighter punches, jabs here and there. Just don’t stand there or support yourself with punching bag. It is an ANAEROBIC  exercise.

I know you can’t wait to shit out of the bag but before you wear Everlast training gloves, you should know that every training type needs different approach and generally different type of gears. In this circumstance, it is gloves.


How to Choose Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag

Firstly, punching a hard object  can cause bruises and other injuries. However you can avoid it with right gear. Below you will find the necessary features  of boxing gloves for heavy bag. These gloves are produced exclusively for this type of training. When you punch the bag with suitable gloves, you can get the every benefits of this training.

These features are:

  • Quality material and leather
  • Very durable padding
  • VERY fast to forget its padding memory after punching
  • Enough quantity of padding
  • Wrist support

If you want to know more about these features and which pair is best heavy bag gloves  ===>click here


Use All Your Muscles to Punch

When punching heavy bag, don’t just move your arms to punch. Use your back, chest and shoulder too, in this way you will consume less energy, your arms will last longer and punch more.


Grounding Feet and Providing Balance

Almost any sports’ training has one thing in common. Balance is a must. I know how hard can be staying in balance when you are punching heavy bag furiously. However, when you can’t ground your feet and provide balance after you punch, it is not a progress even if you get stronger or faster.everlast heavy bag

Tips: When you punch, make smaller gap between your feet, in that way you will have easier time to provide balance and grounding feet. Secondly, just give yourself more time, it is not a marathon. You can also throw lighter punches and after couple of training,  I am sure it will be much easier to punch harder with balance.

I personally did that very mistake too. I was getting stronger but my foot work was getting weaker. Because I could not provide my balance properly. At that point, it really did not make  any sense to me however a fellow boxer come and fixed my error. I feel grateful even today for fixing my mistake. I was impatient and still I am. But now I am more experienced:)



Stop Pushing and Start Punching

I know you feel so powerful and intense when you are punching that heavy bag. Time just goes by and you don’t even realize that training is already over. Sometimes it is easy to lose yourself in training. But If you don’t aware that whether you push or punch, focus on noises and try until you hear it sound like a punch. This is the best way to determine whether you are doing it right or wrong.


Distance Between You and the Punching Bag

Moving with heavy bag is great for your footwork. You should be in  “ready to hunt ”  mode. In that way, you can throw punches anytime you choose. So, good punch with good technique can come in any millisecond. Best way to accomplish that is to keep your distance short with the punching bag.


Hands Up All the Time

According to published researches;  every time your hands are down, brain tells “training is over” to muscles. Also it can become a very bad habit. When your hands are down in a match, it simply leads to knockout. One thing that I have learnt over the years: if I am not mentally ready, there is no way that I can be ready to continue proper boxing training. So keep your hands up all the time.

These are all tips which I have for heavy bag training and I hope these help you to get better about how to punch a punching bag.  If you have any questions or comments, have a comment below I will be more than happy to connect with you.

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31 thoughts on “How to Punch a Punching Bag? (Beginner Guide)”

  1. Good tips. I like how you said to focus on the bag as a whole, that is something most people won’t think of so that’s good you remind people of it. And not to rest using the bag…I would do that Good to know I shouldn’t

    1. Yes lots of people do see only one point, I have to admit I do the same mistake sometimes:) But I developed a habit that whenever I just staring at one point when using punching bag, I immediately take a little step back and focus as whole.

  2. Very informative. I’m thinking of getting a freestanding heavy bag for outdoor use, but am concerned that the bag will get damaged in the winter weather. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. There are protectors from rain and snow. You can get one of them. They will surely protect Marisa. I will include them in heavy bag section.

  3. I’m an amateur boxer myself and I can relate to every point you’ve stated. Hitting the heavy bag is very exciting but working out on it for as short as 5 minutes will get you tired very quickly, especially if you have low stamina! And yes many people make the mistake of seeing the heavy bag as just a dull object to hit while instead they should imagine it as an opponent and act like it, like keeping your hands up, hitting on different points and so on. Good post, keep them coming!

    1. Hi Elias Exactly what I am saying:) looks like you have been training boxing for a while.
      Surely I will continue. And after I read your writing in future I will mail to you to be guest writer for the site.

    1. I will and I love watching legends too with a cup of tea. Watching them carefully teaches a lot about boxing. Especially mostly about footwork

  4. I never knew that taking breaks during boxing can exhaust you faster! Now I think i’ll try punching the bag non stop while I play a song in the background.

    How do you feel about fingerless UFC brand gloves. Are they okay for heavybag training?

    1. It will definitely help. Actually I think it is ok for most but some of them have density foam inside as filler. Sometimes they are pretty though I recommend using gloves with lots of padding Dan.

  5. Whoa! I love this article! I JUST came from the gym where I was hitting the heavy bag. I began doing this (along with the help of a trainer) a few months ago and am ASTOUNDED at the difference in my energy, appearance and overall level of fitness. It’s HARD!

    I learned a few things in your article that I really appreciate. I often have to use the heavy bag alone and don’t find I balance the workout as much as when I have my coach with me. I tend to come out swinging and hitting hard, but boy-oh-boy do your shoulders start to sag quickly if you do that.

    I’ll bookmark this site and visit you again. Thanks for this!

    Be well,


    1. I am glad you finished the training though. It has that affect for your shoulders after training.
      Thanks Kevin I regularly update site 🙂 I will be more than happy to see you here again.

  6. Wow I did not realize how much goes into punching a punching bag. I feel like I would make the same mistake you did in beginning because I’m so excited to punch the bag. Thanks for the tips!

    1. I was so excited to and anxious to begin boxing, I think it is the main reason all people do that mistake. We just want to dive in it. you are welcome

  7. Thanks for sharing this Furkan, I have been training with punching bags for years so i can relate to your article here, some good advice for beginners and basic fundamentals here 🙂

    1. Thank you Marley, I am glad you find them helpful. I am working on another article for sparring gloves and eqipment. I hope to see you again here

  8. That’s a very useful tip to not treat it as a sprint. Sure you will go slow or fast at times but you will always be moving and burning energy. Using lighter punches at times is also a great tip. Thank you for this useful information.

    1. It is so important to treat it not as “sprint” you may lose all of your energy just in seconds. I have seen happeninning all the time when people train with punching bag. you are welcome Owain

  9. Hello Furkan

    Hey, great amount of tips about how to train with a punch bag, I am being honest, I have never done it before, but I was always curious about it, and now with your tips I may feel more secure and give it a try.


    1. thank you Ruben, these will definitely help for your heavy bag training if you have any more questions you can comment again:)

  10. Great tips! I like how you looked at every aspect. From seeing the bag as a whole, to using your footwork, to listening to the sound it makes when you hit the bag. Very interesting about not resting, but just using lighter jabs; I wouldn’t have thought of that!

    1. Thank you Kate, You always got to be careful with heavy nag it is almost 100 ibs:)
      Also If you rest between the punches, boxing training will not benefits you at all.

  11. These are really great tips! I am not a professional boxer, but use boxing for getting rid of frustrations and for general conditioning few times a week.

    I think the information about using your whole body is important! As a woman my arms are not that muscular, but I can still pack a really powerful punch by using my whole core to deliver the blow!

    1. I know lots of women go to gym just for that 😉

      It is good that you go to gym and do also conditioning. I generally jump rope but spending time with heavy bag also gives good aerobic exercise session too.

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