How to Wash Hand Wraps – The Complete Guide

how to wash hand wraps

When your hand wraps have dirt and sweat etc. these can make your MMA, boxing glove… stink in no time and gloves obviously will get bacteria, too. Eventually your glove’s durability period will decrease over time. So other than the bad smell, keeping your hand wraps clean can save you money 😉 Below you will see a very easy cleaning method, the tips for drying and a video of how to wash hand wraps. Also at the end there are suggestions for when to wash, when to get new hand wraps and information about brands.

First of all you need a wash bag. Then, make sure that hand wraps are not tangled. Then throw them into a wash bag. Also some people use pillow cases instead of a wash bag and this can do the job just fine.

After making sure that your wash bag is closed then throw it in a washing machine. Below there is a video of these steps in detail.

Important Note: In this video, the guy dries boxing hand wraps in a microwave. Well I am no expert about it however I do know this. Drying synthetic leather or any cover material “unnaturally” can affect the durability in a bad way. Also there is a high chance that hand wraps lose their original elasticity during this process. So I highly suggest you to avoid this drying method.


So How to Dry These?

Obviously microwave method can hurt the material of your wraps. However the guy in the video implements a second method. And I might add that it is a really creative method and very easy to do. You can just open the wraps and hang it to door.

Drying period will be longer than microwave method however at least it won’t cause any damage to your wraps. Also you can do it in anywhere. I generally do it in balcony. Obviously in this way it can dry sooner. You just need to make sure that your hand wrap is not tangled.

If you do training very frequently, you can use more than one hand wrap. For example; I know that many trainers in boxing gyms do sparring, double end bag, focus mitt training very frequently and they teach these in classes. Well, it is a pretty busy schedule and if you fall in this category or just use hand wraps very frequently, you may not have enough time to dry them. In that case, using at least two pairs of hand wraps seems like your only option.


How do I know that my hand wraps are useless?

One paragraph above I talked about losing the original elasticity. If you don’t feel “right” after you wrap your hands, how to wash hand wrapsthen it is time to get a new one. The reasons might be stretching, having little holes etc. Or it can just stink like crazy, then it is really time to use a new one 😉 If you need one then definitely check out these best boxing hand wraps. I am sure that you will see something you really like.



My Experiences about Washing

From my experience you should not wash your hand wraps at high degree settings in washing machine. Just like any cloth, this can ruin your hand wraps by damaging the construction of it. If you clean your wraps frequently, then you don’t even need to adjust it to high degree settings anyway.


How frequent should we clean hand wraps? It actually depends on your training frequency. I do boxing training 3 times per week. After I train second time with same hand wraps, I definitely wash it. With that I generally clean it after every usage.


About Durability

I recently got a question on my other page. The guy named Jason M. asked about specific hand wrap’s durability period. So that gave me a topic to write about and following paragraphs and the brand section will be about that question.

First of all, it depends on how you take care of and clean them. Obviously training frequency is another factor.

With that the type also matters. From my experiences traditional type is just more durable and this type tends to stretch less than others. However I prefer Mexican Style wraps. These are softer than traditional type and I just feel more comfortable with them.

There are also inner gloves and these are very easy to wear. You can wear them literally in a second. I think that this is the number one factor why it is sold a lot. It provides “enough” safety and quality inner gloves also last longer than quality hand wraps.


About Brands

Well it is a different story and there are MANY hand wrap brands and types on the market. These days I use latest model of Ringside and I am pretty satisfied with my experience. I also checked many boxing forums and found out that Meister, Venum and Pro Impact are also preferred a lot. And people generally give very positive feedback for them. I also used the older model of Everlast and it was also alright and I never felt any pain in my wrist. It was also relatively comfortable, too.

how to clean hand wraps


Why do you need Hand Wraps?

I sometimes see that some people punch heavy bags with only gloves. It is too tough and puts a lot of pressure on your knuckles and wrists. Doing that can cause serious injuries. Even though some very quality boxing gloves have enough padding and wrist support like Winning and Hayabusa, you should not train without hand wraps. It provides support for your wrists and hands. It also helps your wrist to be more stable and prevents bone injuries. So it is fair to say that it is vital for everyone. And I have a problematic right wrist so it is more than vital for me. Also hand wraps are not too expensive like boxing gloves. You can get very quality wraps for very affordable prices.

And if you are addicted to boxing, MMA or any other martial arts training like me, you can get 10-12 wrap packages and save some money as well.


Let’s wrap it up

As you have seen that you can clean hand wraps quite easily. You just need a washing machine and a wash bag. Also keep in mind that cleaning your wraps regularly increases the durability and provides better smell.

I hope you enjoyed the content. I tried to cover as much as possible, however if I have missed anything or if you have any other tips, experiences or questions, just leave a comment below.


Media Courtesy of Military (wikimedia), Carl (Flickr) via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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