Hykso Punch Tracker Review – Should You Get It?

Many people showed quite good progress with punch trackers and thanks to that, these became even more popular in the last year. And after a quite thorough research and my friend’s amazing results, I also decided to write a review about best punch tracker on the market which is called Hykso Punch Tracker.

In this overview, you can find what this tracker can provide for you, some recommendations and results as well.

Hykso Punch Tracker Hykso Punch Tracker

What does it Do?

  • Tracks everything related to a punch
  • Tracks intensity
  • Sweatproof
  • High accuracy
  • Quality materials
  • Free app!

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Punch Data: First of all, it counts the punch number and also measures the punch velocity from start to end. So it also takes the acceleration into account and many of the trackers just can’t do it and in my opinion, this is one of the most important reasons why Hykso gets the best feedback about the punch data. With that, it also shows data for both hands separately. So you will know each hand’s progression.

In addition to these, it also determines the punch type (power punch (uppercut, hook etc.) or jab).

So What is the Intensity Score? This is the score for everything which you do during your workout. For example, if you are not going hard enough during a round, you can immediately tell it with the help of this data. If you want to improve it constantly, you simply need to track this and if you want to track, thanks to the advanced tracking technology, Hykso is the tool what you are looking for.

Drills: After you do and save your drill’s result, you can compare it with your future drill results. So you can track your progress quite closely.

Also even though you can go hard during some periods of your session, if you are not better than before, you simply can’t improve your intensity score. So it is incredibly useful for evaluating your performance.

All about the App

You can run the app on your Android or IOS devices and it is free! With that, Hykso also offers free updates for life! Alright, as some of you may have known that I have been in the industry for several years and considering my experiences Hykso is a trustworthy company and hands down, it produces best punch tracker on the market. And I am confident that it will stay at the top for a very long time. Shortly, you get to update this app for a very long time and you will do it for free!

What does this app show you? Firstly, this app is user-friendly and it shows everything in the punch data section above. These are punch count, velocity, determining power shots, and more.

If you want to see the tracker, app, and sensors more closely, have a look at the video below.

Have a Closer Look at Hykso Punch Tracker


Why does Hykso Punch Tracker have High Accuracy?

People also wonder why it has very good feedback about accuracy from many authoritative figures and sources. It actually measures everything with 6000 data points. Normally, even good quality trackers use around 3000 data points. So 6000 is actually quite a high number and in addition to that, this tracker does it 1000 times per second! These are the reasons why it measures them accurately.

Recommendations: After all, you want to improve your punching skill, energy level, and other various stats. And many people actually train with high altitude training masks while wearing a punch tracker and see a drastic difference in intensity data. If you wear a good training mask, you can expect to show better performance especially at the end of your session. I personally know that many people use punch trackers and these masks while punching a heavy bag.

It is recommended that you wrap your hands at least a few times after you place the wearable sensors. After you get the tracker, you can also see the instructions on the app for further information.

Where Can You Use it?

As long as these are well positioned, you can use this punch tracker for pretty much everything. This includes speed bag, heavy bag, focus mitt drills… And yes, you can also use it for sparring and this is a very common question for Hykso Punch Tracker.

Some Interesting Details: Alright, I am sure that this development (if it happens) will please many people who do martial arts and combat sports which include kicking like Muay Thai, kickboxing, MMA… According to my research, Hykso is working on a feature which evaluates your kicking performance! And I think that it will be really awesome to put these sensors in our shin guards and can track various drills with it. So, if you train for MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai… or just want to measure your kicking performance, stay tuned for the feature updates!

What about Gyms?

Trainers can evaluate their clients better and give programs according to their specific needs and this is why many (boxing, MMA etc.) gyms already started benefiting from Hykso. It can store many people’s data and I am guessing that no one wants to be the worst performer in the gym so I can easily say that it gives extra motivation. With that, if someone performs well, he/she can get a gold star and if it is below that, there is also a bronze star selection as well. You can determine these by using the reward system.

Many professional MMA fighters and boxers also use this tracker and Daniel Cormier (UFC Fighter) is just one of these names.

Durability: As you can expect from best punch tracker on the market, the materials are top-notch and it is sweatproof. So even if the inside of boxing gloves and hand wraps sweat like crazy, it won’t create a problem for the durability!

Sensors: Even if you are far away from your phone while training or sensors may not connect to your phone for a couple of seconds, these will not be an issue since sensors can track your data and deliver it to the app once it is available. It is actually pretty convenient, isn’t it?

As it can be seen Hykso put so much effort into this product.

Battery: Battery type is lithium-polymer and the battery life is 10 hours. Even though it is not really long, it is actually quite decent for a punch tracker which analyzes 6000 data points.  

Should You Get Hykso Punch Tracker?

Well, I am an old school guy but even I had to admit that the future has arrived and as you may know, this punch tracker became insanely popular because of the amazing results! You can basically track everything related to punching and your intensity during a punching session. So after training with it, you will know what your weak side is and what your strong side is. And according to it, you can create new drills.

Considering all of these, I highly suggest you grab your own Hykso on Amazon.

As a final note, this punch tracker is actually featured in many different media outlets and it is recommended by many authoritative boxing and MMA figures. I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions related to the writing just have a comment below.


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9 thoughts on “Hykso Punch Tracker Review – Should You Get It?”

  1. Thanks for producing such a great content on Hykso Punch Tracker. In my opinion, if you can not measure something, you cannot improve. it is for the same reason this tracker has created a hype. It’s simple app interface help creating an advance drilled base session.

    1. Man, I think the same I just believe that using a punch tracker can improve many people’s performance.
      Even though there had been other punch trackers on the market but there was not any hype. This one measured everything more accurately and people noticed. Thus it created a hype.

  2. Hi, Furkan,

    Thank you for this review! Hykso Punch Tracker seems handy tool to measure the intensity of my drills!

    I especially liked the punch data, as I have always wanted to know the number and speed of punches I make!

    What about the power of the punches?

    This tracker seems to be the perfect feedback I needed regarding my drills, and I will try it!

    1. You can also measure it since it shows the data at the beginning of your punch and the end of it. We all wanted and many punch trackers just can’t seem to do it accurately but Hykso does and it is the reason why it became really popular within a year.

  3. A punch tracker may be essential for tracking your progress and it definitely is a tool of motivation. The phone integration is a great plus and also it’s one of the most accurate punch trackers which many sports practitioners use.

    It’s sweatproof, tracks everything related to a punch, and highly accurate.

  4. I have never thought this kind of device exists, it is really interesting how it helps when you are not going hard enough during a round. If I may ask, is it used only for boxing? However, I do practice “Kapoera” and I am looking forward to sharing let my coach know about the Hykso Punch Tracker.

    1. It can be usable if you punch : ) It basically measures the speed and how many times you throw hooks etc. I have never heard of Kapoera before but according to my research, it is related to dance and martial arts. Well, that is interesting however I don’t think a punch tracker will come in handy for you.

  5. Thank you for the in depth article on the Hykso tracker. I am big into continuous improvement so I like how you can track your improvement from round to round and even punch to punch. The added feature of a phone app makes data always available at a moment’s notice. Great tool for workouts!


    1. Everyone should track their workouts so they can see whether they put in serious effort or not. I see many people come to the gym and just put a little amount of effort and leave…

      Obviously, these people don’t see any results and the trackers can prevent it from happening.

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