Is Boxing Safe or Should You Prefer other Sports?

Is boxing safe? Obviously, boxing matches are not safe and everything can happen. You can get cuts, bruises, broken bones… You can even get knocked out. Actually, it is not supposed to be safe because competition gloves are only 8 oz. and these are way smaller than training gloves. As you may know, there are some professional boxers who actually develop Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia at earlier ages.

But what about training types? Are these safe? Actually, some of them are not “safe” however there are actually a few things which you can do for making these training sessions safer.

Let’s look into all boxing training types… 

Is boxing safe

Punching Bag Training

It is the toughest equipment which you punch during your boxing training and you simply need premium protection for it. Let’s not forget that most serious injuries happen in wrists so firstly you should look for excellent wrist support so your wrists stay stable during the workout and secondly your pair needs to have quality padding so your knuckles have good protection as well.

When you punch the heavy bag padding should distribute shock throughout the pair. There are some pairs which can provide ALL of these and their padding also delivers the shock very well. If you are thinking of doing heavy bag training, then definitely check out these good quality gloves for heavy bag and their unique features. Thanks to their unique qualities the bag actually swings more.

With that certainly, use boxing hand wraps. This is also essential for your safety. It protects your hands and provides extra stability for your wrists so you can punch the heavy bag as hard as you can without any discomfort.

If you choose these carefully, I am sure that you will feel less soreness in your hands after punching bag sessions 😉

Important Note: Punching bag’s quality is also another important aspect of being safe. If your punching bag has good quality, it won’t have tough or soft spots even after years! Even if you have got the best protection possible, these tough spots can harm your hand. So when your bag has soft or hard spots then it is time to change it.

Also, your clothes should allow you to move freely and if these don’t allow you to have freedom, it can decrease training performance and even jeopardize your health. So if your short or pants don’t allow you to do your footwork as fast as possible then you can consider getting a good boxing short.

Also, your shoe should support your ankle and provide flexibility for your foot. I have witnessed that a lot of people sprain their ankles during boxing training sessions. That is why boxing shoes’ ankle parts are designed exclusively. As you may know, these shoes do not only provide you to be “safe” but also help you show better training performance.


Speed Bag and Double End Bag Training

These are actually safe training types however sometimes your hands can get sore if you don’t have a quality pair. Also, welt seams of these bags can hurt your hands after long usage. You can actually use a pair for it or you can just get a soft speed bag which does not have welt seams. Yes, there are some bags which don’t even have seams and these also have incredible balance. If you are interested then definitely check out these good speed bags and their features.

should you do boxing

Double end bag’s construction is pretty similar to speed bag and provides a bit more resistance. If you have an “average” pair then you will be safe enough.


Cardio (Jumping Rope, Running…)

Actually, these are cardio types which you do for any other sport.

Skipping rope is the most preferred cardio type for boxing and it is a very low-impact exercise so it does not harm your joints at all. However, the other cardio types like running can actually hurt your joints.

These cardio types can be bad for your joints and if you do them regularly you will need omega oils. For example, many boxers jump rope like there is no tomorrow and surely need it. Because, if you don’t, it can harm your bones. You can eat foods which contain omega oils or you can just get supplements to prevent it.


Focus Mitts Training

Actually there are not any different things to say in here. Considering that you have all necessary protective gears (gloves and right pads) if your training partner or trainer is careful then it is “safe”.

Of course, accidents can happen but it can happen in any sport.

Let’s continue with the “unsafe” training type…


Sparring’s purpose is to implement what you have learned in “real environment”.

is sparring safe

You already did uppercuts with double end bag, improved your precision with Century Bob, your speed with speed bag and your footwork with agility ladders… Now it is time to try these on a real person. However, your sparring partner will also implement these. So both of you need the best protection possible. You definitely need a good boxing headgear and mouth guard for protecting yourself. You also need a pair with lots of padding quantity so your sparring partner feels less impact. This pair also should have premium leather because other pairs (vinyl, synthetic leather..) can get rough spots much sooner and eventually these can start causing cuts. If you are interested in amazing quality leather and “safe” pairs for sparring then have a look at these sparring gloves and their features.


Final Thoughts

After years of boxing training, I think I have my own fair share of injuries. I had cuts, bruises and I also have a problematic right wrist which has pain time to time. If you do boxing training a long time, you will probably get some of these and maybe even more. However, every sport has its own risks and boxing has its own too. Obviously, it is not safe as table tennis 😉 With that, you can definitely make it safer. Right and protective equipment, doing these training types with proper technique provide more protection. Taking supplements also helps you avoid some certain health problems so you can continue getting all benefits of this amazing sport. I really hope that you enjoyed reading and really love to know what your opinions about the topic.


Image Courtesy of  NoNo, HANSCOM AIRFORCE BASE, and U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kristopher S. Wilson via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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4 thoughts on “Is Boxing Safe or Should You Prefer other Sports?”

  1. I have been wanting to start adding boxing to my martial arts training for a while now. My dojo even has a great boxing and Muy Thai Coach! Sometimes I will hit the heavy bag bare knuckle which often results in wrist pain just like you said there, I guess it is about time I purchase some wraps and heavy bag gloves!

    1. That is really nice and you are lucky that your dojo also knows about boxing 😉 And hitting heavy bag bare knuckle can do some pain. You can check out these boxing gloves for heavy bag and their unique features. And with some hand wraps I am sure you will have pain free training sessions.

  2. Hi Furkan,
    Just finished your article. I found it very informative. I have to confess I know nothing about boxing. Sometimes when I watch someone training on TV I see they punch really hard so I can appreciate the need to wrap the hands properly and use good quality gloves to protect not only the knuckles but also the wrists. I’ve also realized that proper footwear is important since some of the punches pack a lot of power and good shoes with ankle support are a must to keep good balance and prevent injuries.
    It’s clear that in order to enjoy any sport and be safe practicing it, good quality equipment, comfortable clothing, good shoes, and in the case of boxing, good quality gloves are a must.
    Thanks for the post. I learned something about boxing today.

    1. We all need to use proper equipment including boxing hand wraps, gloves… for to be “safer”.
      Even when you punch the heavy bag it is important to have it all.
      And as you stated boxing shoes are really important for punching more powerful. These provide extra support for ankles. I am glad that you find the info helpful 😉

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