Is Everlast a good Brand? – The Harsh Truth

Well, we all know Everlast, don’t we?

You may even saw that your favorite boxer uses some product of it in the ring and recently I was watching a TV series called Iron Fist and I saw Everlast Heavy Bag even there.

Even my parents remember that Muhammad Ali had Everlast gears. Actually they remember it right, he was wearing Everlast boxing shorts, boxing gloves and probably more products of Everlast.

Is Everlast a good brand

However is fame everything and should we all use Everlast?

In this writing you will see my experiences, I also checked out various boxing, martial arts forums and read many feedbacks from actual buyers. Below you will find these as well.

Let’s start “Is Everlast a good brand” topic with the most popular boxing equipment which is boxing glove. Actually because of boxing gloves, people say that Everlast is a bad brand especially people who take their boxing routine seriously.

Let me tell you at first, some Everlast Boxing Gloves are just horrible. These bad quality pairs are made of Vinyl and I even witnessed a pair which tear apart after three months of training. You will also read many reviews which basically say many Everlast Boxing Gloves don’t have good wrist support as well. This can actually make your wrist sore and even lead to an injury. Bad quality Everlast boxing gloves also don’t provide good padding quality. It just moves a lot and it does not come back to original state before your next punch. This also creates problems for your knuckles and shock dispersion.

Even though many Everlast pairs have these issues, there are a few very quality Everlast pairs. Boxing glovesIf you are looking for a pair from Everlast I highly suggest you to take a look at the review of Everlast Boxing Gloves, so you can see which ones have good quality and this review is based on my personal experiences and boxing forums.

When a sport company has a huge fame, you don’t expect to see many bad products of that company right? Well I certainly don’t expect that and when these bad products are the most popular equipment for that particular sport, this situation becomes even worse. This is why people complain about Everlast so much and I just hope that they have more quality boxing gloves soon.

Alright Everlast has some bad boxing gloves…

What about other Everlast Boxing Equipment?

I have used many Everlast products over the years. I used Everlast Boxing hand wraps, speed bag platform, speed bag and heavy bag stand. I may have used some other Everlast products without even realizing it. However these generally have at least decent quality and some even have very superior quality. For example Everlast Adjustable Speed bag Platform is just amazing and does not vibrate at all and it is a very sturdy product. I honestly don’t think that you can get better value for the money.

With that I also used Everlast Leather Speed Bag in boxing gym and it leaked air less than many other speed bags. Also its balance was quite well. It took constant punishment well for years and did not have any rough spots for a complete year. If you consider that it is used in boxing gym, its durability is considerably well. That speed bag is already on many best lists including my best speed bag list.

I also saw that many people complain about another and not popular Everlast Speed Bag and it seems like it is already removed from the market.boxing hand wraps

I used Everlast hand wraps which are made of cotton and its stretching was good and it was machine washable. Alright it was not a spectacular product however overall those were good hand wraps. I searched online and could find a picture for it, you can see it at the right side.

As you can see from my experiences products, which are other than boxing gloves, were actually quite well.

In my opinion such a huge fame can be a bad thing. For example Everlast makes their boxing gloves from very cheap materials. Some of these don’t even have a good design. However these have incredibly cheap price and when people see Everlast Brand they just go with it. When it is the case they most likely do a horrible decision. However Everlast products other than boxing gloves tend to have at least average quality.

When the most popular products generally have bad quality we will keep seeing bad reviews for Everlast and people will always question whether Everlast is a respectable brand or not. In my opinion they have every right to do so.

Actually Lonsdale, which is British Company, started doing exactly the same thing (producing boxing equipment with cheap and not durable materials) and this company gets many sales. Because of that many people have very bad experiences with their products. I am afraid that some other companies, which are not satisfied with their revenue, may exactly do the same thing in future.

Obviously it is a bad thing and I strongly recommend you to check out reviews and look at feedback of buyers. However look at only verified purchases for accurate information.

What about Customer service etc.?

I always saw very good reviews for the customer service and my gym had a problem with installing Everlast Punching Bag Stand. They solved that issue very fast. I purchased many boxing products and witnessed many bad customer services for boxing equipment and I can easily say that Everlast customer service is one of the best. Also that stand has been used for very long time without any issues whatsoever. Before I moved to another country, that stand had been used for two consecutive years and it only had little vibration but other than that it was rock solid.

Also when people are not satisfied with the product, if Everlast has money back guarantee for that particular product they returned these products without any issues. Again I checked verified purchases on various shopping sites.

If you look at the big picture Everlast is still a very good company. In my opinion the company seriously needs to increase the quality of boxing gloves and should even remove some of them from the market. Other than that they provide good quality products including speed bag platform and punching bag stand with good prices. What is your experience with Everlast? If you have anything to share, have a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Everlast a good Brand? – The Harsh Truth”

  1. Interesting Read! I have always bought Everlast everything when it came to boxing. I just assumed that was the highest brand. The heavy bag that I have is great and so is the speed bag. Now that you mention it, I have gone through 3 or for pairs of gloves and I only box in my baseball off-season!
    What kind of gloves do you recommend? Same with hand wraps?

    1. Man I think you have serious boxing training past so I think you can have a look at these boxing gloves and I am sure you will like one of these boxing hand wraps.
      Many people also assumes so it is a great brand and as you said I really like Everlast speed bag and punching bag but boxing gloves are really bad.

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