Is Heavy Bag a Good Workout? – All Pros and Cons

Is Heavy Bag a Good Workout

Punching bag training has awesome benefits and it can provide you an incredible body. And it can help you to achieve an amazing physique sooner than many workout types.

In my opinion it is also fun to train with a punching bag. With that punching bag training may not be a good option for some people and at the end of the content you can see whether you are in this category or not.

Let’s start “Is heavy bag a good workout” with the pros…

Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits

Heavy bag provides resistance for your muscles however you can also do footwork and move a lot at the same time.

should you do heavy bag training

So, it is also cardio. When a training type is both cardio and strength training, it provides you denser muscles. And this is is why lots of bodybuilders spend time with punching bag.

Weight lifting provides them only anaerobic workout however so many bodybuilders want “sharper” muscles and punching bag will give what they desire. I also know so many guys, who compete in bodybuilding tournaments, add heavy bag workouts to their regimens.

With that there are some pairs which can provide just a better workout. These deliver the shock better and after you punch the padding returns the original state before the next punch. If you are interested in doing this training type, then definitely check out reviews of best boxing gloves for heavy bag. These also have an incredible wrist wrap feature that stabilizes your wrist. And it is essential for punching bag training. Also it is simply a must if you have a problematic wrist like me. You also need a really sturdy hand wraps which will be durable for constant punishment and I am sure these best boxing hand wraps will do the job just fine.

When pairs deliver the shock better, the bag swings more. So you will have more time to get to a suitable position for punching properly with a decent technique. Thanks to that you will have even more sweaty sessions.

As a side note you don’t have to wear boxing shorts during heavy bag training however your short should allow you to move freely so your punches will be more powerful and get the benefits in a maximum way.

High Intensity Interval Training

Alright I know that doing high intensity interval training with the heavy bag may not be your first training choice actually it is not mine either. I witnessed that this training type is trained with punching bags in many gyms and unlike treadmills it can be actually fun 😉 Also running on a treadmill can harm your joints however when you have the right protective equipment (right boxing gloves and hand wraps), then it is also safe.

This can be done with light punches. Because if you punch powerfully, the bag swings more and you won’t be able to do high intensity interval training.

Full Body Training

Punch starts from your foot and ends with your hand. Your whole body works during the punch. This includes your hips, chest and core. And in this way you will burn fat from every part of your body. In my opinion this is why many Victoria Secret models added it to their training routine. Other than building dense muscles it also burns fat like crazy.

Is Heavy Bag a Good Workout

I want to talk about abs here. Every time you punch, your core works and there are many punching types and combinations. Each one of these puts different tension type on your muscles. If your goal is to get defined six-pack then I highly suggest you spend time with a heavy bag.

When a workout challenges your muscles in so many different ways it also helps you to sleep deeper. As you may know more quality sleep equals better muscle development.

It is truly an intense workout and in my opinion it is the most important reason why boxers have great bodies.

These are all good, right? I think these benefits are truly incredible but if you are not motivated or focused “enough”, then you might want to reconsider doing it.

I have seen many people in the gym punch or kick the bag and wait for seconds. When I don’t have enough focus I also do that. And this can cause more harm than good.

Even though it won’t affect the resistance training badly, this will kill the benefits of aerobic training. And you can even feel sleepy during the workout. So whenever I don’t have “enough” motivation, I don’t train with a heavy bag, instead I train with a speed bag because that training needs us to keep up a certain pace. In that way even though I don’t have enough motivation I still get all benefits.

Do All Bags Provide a Good Workout?

Not all punching bags have the same quality and some even don’t provide a quality rebound rate. Bags also should give natural rebound rate whether these are full or not. So if you think that you don’t get benefits “enough” during the session, then you probably don’t. And the bag just might be the reason. If you want to know which ones can provide you quality training sessions, check out these quality bags and their features.

Punching bag training cons

And lots of people ask  “Should I use free standing punching bags or hanging ones?. I already had a post about it and you can find it here. As the main points, if you train boxing or martial arts you should train with both of these bags. Because each of these improves different skill sets.

However you might be after a better physique then hanging heavy bags will be a better choice for you. Because this bag type allows you to move more and in this way your heart will beat even faster. And the end result will be denser muscles and you will burn more calories.

There are so many other benefits of punching bag training and it doesn’t provide just physical ones. I already have a post about it and you can check it here.

Final Thoughts

Punching bag training offers a lot of benefits which you can’t get from many other training types. Many people, who are in sports branches other than boxing or martial arts, also do it.

This training will definitely help you to have amazing physic sooner than you think 😉 If you have right equipment then it is also completely safe. And let’s not forget that it has also aerobic benefits. It is an amazing fat burning workout and provides better stamina. Punching bags are wildly popular and you can see them almost every gym in the world. In my opinion this training type truly deserves it. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any experience or questions related to the subject please leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Heavy Bag a Good Workout? – All Pros and Cons”

  1. I have never tried a heavy bag before as a workout.
    You mentioned that it provides anaerobic exercise as well. How is that exactly? Can you elaborate on specific workouts that allow that?

    I’m asking since my impression with a heavy bag is that it provides strength training.

    Also how long should a workout be? When is a good time to stop punching? 10 minutes, 30?

    1. Well after you start punching your heart rate will increase and. Unlike bodybuilding exercises you keep going and moving in this way your heart rate won’t go down for a while so you get your cardio (anaerobic benefits).
      As for your second question it actually depends on your needs. For example do you want to build denser muscles? I will send you detailed e-mail for these so you can decide and I am really glad to see you here again man.

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