20 Cool Jiu-Jitsu Gift Ideas for Fighters and Fans!

Who does not love good gifts? And if you are looking for a good gift for BJJ enthusiasts, you are in the right place since I gathered 20 cool jiu-jitsu gift ideas for fighters and fans!

So I am sure that below you can find a suitable present for every BJJ fan out there.

1. Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi

Obviously, a gi is one of the most preferred presents since we spend quite some time on mats and having a good kimono, is just a need. And I am sure that any practitioner would love to train with Hayabusa Lightweight since it accommodates most body types and many people actually show better grappling performance with its design.

As a side note, it has very good fitting feedback from BJJ practitioners. If you are interested, check it out on here or you can check out the full review of this gi for more information.

2. Ronin Brand Gi Material BJJ Belts

cool jiu-jitsu gifts for fightersProgressing in BJJ is such a satisfying accomplishment and when a fighter gets a new belt, what would be a better present than a new belt which looks really cool and is made of high-quality materials?

Ronin is definitely one of the best belts out there, if not the best. The color will not fade for a long time and even though a fighter is not promoted to a new rank, a new belt can come in handy for frequent training sessions on jiu-jitsu mats.

Have a Closer Look at Ronin

3. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Zip Up Hoodie

Well if something is related to BJJ, it can’t be complete without mentioning Gracie and a gift guide is no exception. I am sure that every BJJ enthusiast knows the importance of Gracie family for BJJ history and you can be sure that they will appreciate a hoodie which represents it. This hoodie is made of a classic blend (80% cotton, 20% polyester) and this blend is preferred for comfort and also makes sure that anyone can wear Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Zip Up Hoodie for long years. This hoodie also has a hidden pocket for MP3 players so while you are listening to music, you will continue looking cool.

4. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional Videos

Speaking of Gracie, have you heard of Renzo Gracie? He is a really successful practitioner. He is ADCC Champion and he won it two times and that is just one of his great accomplishments. He is also a well-known instructor in the BJJ community.

With that, in this DVD, he teaches BJJ basics (triangles, chokes…) and advanced techniques in a very simple layout.

So everyone including beginners to advanced can benefit from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional Videos and it is also very easy to follow. This is why many local BJJ gyms, dojos have it. In my opinion, the best part is the arm lock section and even seasoned fighters can learn a thing or two!

5. Royler Gracie Signed 8×10 Photo

good jiu-jitsu gift for ChristmasWell, Royler Gracie was watching training sessions of adults after his jiu-jitsu classes were over and he was doing that while he was 7!

There is no wonder why he is 4 times world champion and one of the most respected BJJ practitioners of all time.

The grade of this photo is excellent so you can be sure that you just can’t have more quality memorabilia than this. And would not this Gracie family photo make a wonderful BJJ Christmas gift? It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from PSA/DNA and as you may know, it is the most popular authentication service for memorabilia.

This signed picture was taken while he was at his peak. If you are interested have a closer look at this photo on here.

6. Clinch Gear Performance

No-gi training is generally overlooked while getting a present for a fighter and as you may know, many BJJ practitioners compete in no-gi tournaments. Learning no gi techniques is just essential and it is done with good MMA shorts which allow you to grapple well. With that, Clinch Gear Performance provides comfort and thanks to freedom, it is one of the best. I also have amazing grappling experiences with another Clinch Gear Short which has the same design and training performance was just awesome! If a practitioner does no-gi training, this will be a thoughtful gift. Since it shows that you know his/her training routine and you care about it. If you are interested, have a closer look at Clinch Gear.

7. Hayabusa Metaru Charged Mens Compression Pants

a great present for BJJ practitioners and instructorsIf a fighter believes in compression gears, then he/she will love wearing Hayabusa Compression Pants. It keeps your muscles warm and also prevents injuries.

Hayabusa Metaru is made of a good blend which is polyester and elastane. In addition to that, it also has titanium fibers which help practitioners to roll on mats for a really long time since this makes this grappling spat quite sturdy.

It is for men and if you think of getting a present for a guy, this can be a great BJJ gift for him.

With that, Hayabusa Metaru is also IBJJF approved! So one can compete with this in BJJ tournaments.

8. Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

cool gift idea for BJJ practionersIf you will get a present for someone who has a BJJ home gym and does ground work on home mats then I highly suggest you pick up a grappling dummy. Since it can step up his/her game. Celebrita can be bent into many different positions (crawl, sitting) and it allows you to practice many submission techniques (arm locks, leg locks, triangles…).

With that, even though a person has a grappling dummy, another one can offer more versatility. And when I think of a grappling dummy, thanks to the versatility (positions), materials and price, Celebrita comes to my mind. In addition to these, it has a decent price tag and in my opinion, it is one of the best grappling dummies out there for improving submission techniques and doing versatile BJJ drills.


Does not this shirt look stylish and cool? It can be a perfect gift for any jiu-jitsu fan out there. It comes prewashed so it will not shrink after the first wash.

It is made of quality cotton and the print is done with the latest technology and it will not fade for a really long time. This company actually provides a wide range of gift selections for Christmas, Birthday, St Patrick’s Day, etc. and the feedback is quite good.

With that, this t-shirt is also really affordable. If you are interested in this tee, check out the most recent price.

10. Fuji IBJJF

present for a BJJ fighterRash guards reduce the injury risk, keep you warm, get rid of sweet etc. It also helps improving the durability of your gi too and everyone, who does BJJ drills regularly, would love to wear kimonos longer.

Rash guards can do this by wicking the moisture and Fuji IBJJF gets amazing ratings for it. It is one of the products on the list which I actually used. I have a fairly athletic body and it fitted me well. The sleeve part is quite tapered and other than these, Fuji IBJJF wicks the moisture really fast and it is one of the best-reviewed BJJ rash guards on jiu-jitsu forums as well.

This rash guard is also IBJJF approved and you can compete while wearing it.

11. Tatami Nova BJJ Gi

This gi is known as the training gi because there are seriously many people who religiously go to dojos and do BJJ drills with it. The design is tapered and it does not give extra fabric to grab. Basically, you will show better ground work performance with this gi.

There is an abundance of Nova models on the market since the original model became so popular that the brand started producing other Nova models.

If you know the size, considering the fitting reviews and feedback you can be sure that Tatami Nova BJJ Gi will be a good fit. If you are interested, get this kimono on here or you can read my review for more info.

Guys, if you get this as a present for people who practice BJJ, I am sure that they will love rolling with it ; )

12. Hawk Ladies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Suit

jiu-jitsu gift for herWhat about female fighters?

The tailoring and cut have to be quite different than other gis and many brands just get horrible reviews for women gis. However, Hawk is not one of them.

This gi’s fitting rating is quite well and the design is tapered without being too tight. This is why Hawk Ladies helps women show good performance on mats so they can get the benefits of jiu-jitsu in an efficient way.

This gi comes with one year warranty and a free white belt. So you don’t need to spend extra money on a belt ; )

13. CafeePress – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mug

a present for a coffee and BJJ lover

I am a coffee lover and I know that many BJJ enthusiasts just love their coffee.

And it is a really good idea to drink coffee from a mug which shows their passion.

This coffee mug has a classic look and it is made of quality ceramic. And if you don’t like this mug in any way, the company gives your money back.

Have a Closer Look at This Mug

14. Training Mask 2.0

Is your friend really competitive? Well if your friend practices gi, there is a huge possibility that he/she is.

These altitude masks basically give you an edge and improve stamina. Also after you do a couple of sessions with it, your lungs and respiratory system will get used to higher altitudes that have thinner air. This is why many professional martial artists, boxers (Anthony Joshua), football players… started doing most of their sessions with them.

With that, Sean Shen (UFC veteran and a great BJJ practitioner) also uses an elevation mask during his sessions. I found a video that shows his mitt drill and his other training routines and he uses Training Mask 2.0 during these sessions.

This mask is commonly used and gets absolutely amazing reviews and feedback from authoritative figures.

If you are interested, you can get it on here.

15. Rafael Dos Anjos MMA BJJ Black Belt

a good present for black beltsRafael Dos Anjos has some unique achievements in UFC and he also won BJJ World Championship (in purple belt division) in 2002.

This black belt was signed by Rafael Dos Anjos and the color is not faded and even its grade rating is excellent!

This signed BJJ black belt got authenticity certification and grade from PSA/DNA as other memorabilia on this list.  And I am sure that any BJJ enthusiast would love to own it.

I strongly suggest you have a closer look at the craftsmanship of this belt. The details and materials look just amazing and it is obvious that it has superior quality.

16. Interstate Apparel Hoodie

The colors look in harmony and unlike many other hoodies on the market, this one’s print actually looks cool. If a BJJ fan also likes wearing a hoodie in my opinion, considering the material quality and the design this can be a solid option.

This pullover hoodie is also machine washable.

If you want to see it, click here to have a look at this hoodie. When you consider the quality and looks, it has a really affordable price as well.

As a side note, as you may know, Interstate has lots of good and popular hoodies on the market which are made of the same materials.

17. Fuji Kid’s BJJ Uniform

present for kids who do BJJ trainingPracticing BJJ at an early age has great benefits like supporting growth. And there are also many BJJ centers, local gyms that teach kids BJJ so it is not uncommon to see young practitioners.

As adults, any young BJJ lover also would love to have an extra jiu-jitsu kimono for their sessions.

Fuji is made of 100% cotton and it has a thick collar so while sparring, it is harder to make a hard grip. This gi is also reinforced so while kids implement submission techniques, this kid’s gi has less deformation so it lasts more.

If you think of buying a present for a youngster, definitely consider Fuji Kid’s BJJ Uniform.

18. Put Your Gi On It’s Cuddle Time

There are many BJJ enthusiasts who are quite humorous or they may just like to brag about their grappling skills and this t-shirt shows it in a humorous way. It is made of quality cotton and is a classic fit.

It is made of polyester and cotton blend as many other quality tees.

It is also light and perfect for wearing during summers.

Check out this cool t-shirt on here

19. Armadillo Skin Finger Tape

BJJ black belt giftsI know that many black belts, purple belts or anyone, who trains BJJ a lot, complain about cuts, soreness in their fingers. A finger tape helps with these and it also reduces the injury risk significantly.

Armadillo Skin Finger Tape is one of the most preferred tapes among BJJ practitioners and many black belts religiously use it. And if a fighter uses it, the fighter’s fingers will definitely feel better after BJJ sessions.

This finger tape is also quite cheap and you can easily tear it with your fingers so it is also easy to use.

20. Elite Sports Gym Bag

Well, you really can’t go wrong with a gym bag. It is kind of a safe BJJ gift. Just get a stylish one like Elite Sports which has enough space and provides good thermal regulation and you are good to go. It is quite popular and every now and then everyone needs to get a new BJJ gym bag to go to a dojo. After all, bags have constant deformation and sweat all the time.

Considering all of these, Elite Sports is definitely one of the best jiu-jitsu gift ideas.

Whether you want to find a BJJ gift for a fan or a fighter I am sure that you can find a really cool and thoughtful present above. Above, I also included links for further more information so you can find the information which you need for getting the best present! With that, if you want to ask me a question, share a cool present idea or anything at all, just have a comment below!

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20 thoughts on “20 Cool Jiu-Jitsu Gift Ideas for Fighters and Fans!”

  1. Alice Anacioco

    My cousin Latifa recently enrolled in a Taekwondo class and her birthday’s coming up so I was thinking of giving her something that she will not only like and appreciate but find useful as well. So I’m glad I landed on the right site.

    I think the Hawks Ladies Brazilian suit would be perfect for her but I am not sure if this outfit will suit her sport. I mean, this is for Jiu Jitsu, right? I’m just wondering if this is also suitable for karate and taekwondo.

    1. Actually many BJJ gis are suitable for karate. However, I honestly don’t know much about it. You need to find a gi which is suitable for karate.

  2. Very nice article. It is also very informative. I was not aware that there were training masks. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Many martial artists are not aware of it, however, some have been wearing them for long years. It can make a real difference while rolling on mats.

  3. These are all cool gifts for any MA enthusiasts I would think. I especially like the grappling dummy. The images in #3 and #16 didn’t show up in my browser (Apple Safari) by the way. Just a heads up. Thanks for posting.

    1. Grappling dummies sure come in handy and I know that fighters who have more than one. Man, I appreciate it but I am quite busy in these days so I will look into it in next week ; )

  4. It’s amazing how much merchandise you can find from any one sport. And whilst some may find this just like another excuse to make money, I am not sure the intention is purely speculative for the manufacturers. For instance, as a very beginner, I would love to receive the videos teaching me all the basic steps to introduce me to this sport. And I am sure, anyone regularly practicing this sport and discipline would appreciate a hoodie to wear both on their way to their session as well as at any other time, rather than something that they may not quite find of interest.
    Thank you ever so much, Furkan, for suggesting all these very good and functional ideas 🙂

    1. Yeah, it is true especially for martial arts and jiu-jitsu is no exception. Actually, when I first started gathering these products, there were more than 50 but I had to keep it short and chose 20 of them. I also loved the hoodie, it will keep your muscles warm.
      Alright, that is nice that you will start rolling on mats ; )

  5. Hi Furkan:

    These are really cool products!

    I know nothing about Jiu-Jitsu. However, it’s really fascinating to get a glimpse of the martial arts culture when reading your post.

    This apparel is beautiful! And, it looks so comfortable.

    I had a question about the training masks. Are these something that you wear only at high altitudes or can they be worn in general training?

    Do you participate in the sport? Is the general idea self-defense and what are some of the other benefits.

    Thanks for a great post!

    1. You can wear training masks anywhere and it actually does not matter what you do.
      I have been doing BJJ training almost 2 years but I will give more importance to it after I finish my world tour : ) This martial art can be used for self-defense and this amazing sport has so many other benefits and you can read the benefits of it on here.

  6. Cool list of gift ideas for someone into jiu jitsu- I was looking for something for my brother who’s interested in the sport. I loved #18 the funny tee shirt, made me laugh. I think that would make a great present for his birthday! Thanks!

    1. Yeah, it is cuddle time : ) It can make a good present for his birthday. You can find many cool t-shirts which have funny sayings like that. I did not want to make the whole list consist of t-shirts and this one was the funniest so I included just this one.

  7. These are some really cool gift ideas for the jiu-jitsu enthusiast. I will have to remember these at Christmas. Thank you for a very informative article.

    1. I get even more ideas from enthusiasts in the comments and via e-mail. But I had to limit this article to 20 presents. Otherwise, it seemed like it will go on forever.

  8. Lots of cool stuff for christmas presents.
    Yes- its almost christmas and i think i got an idea on what to give my husband.
    He loves to wear hoodie.
    Thanks to this article, it saves me a lot of time thinking of what to give him .

    1. Yeah, I gathered these because many people just don’t know what to get for a jiu-jitsu fan. I hope your husband will like the gift.

  9. This is an article I have to show my friends who practice jiu-jitsu at the studio right next to my gym.

    They’re a dedicated group of men and women who are in the studio working toward their goals every night and the owner of the studio competes regularly in competitions. T

    They’re always looking for more equipment to utilize and of course, to train in. It’s an article and website I’m passing on the next time I run into one of them either today or tomorrow.

    A big thanks for sharing this and they will appreciate it.

    1. Well, then it will be great for sales ; ) Even though a lot of jiu-jitsu practitioners will look at these gifts I am sure they will see something which they have never seen before.

  10. This is a very comprehensive list of products that would be great for any jiu-jitsu enthusiast! I have an uncle who is really into this sport, so I think I know now exactly what to get him for his next birthday – that training mask! He will love it 🙂

    1. Definitely, he will improve cardiovascular endurance and he will be able to grapple longer just after a few sessions with it.

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