Which MMA Gear Brands Can You Trust?

There are many gears are needed for MMA. So many companies produce a variety of MMA gears and some of them are trying to produce. Obviously, there are some brands which know what are they doing and some of them don’t even have a clue about what they need to do. Over the years, I had many experiences with different MMA brands in MMA gyms and I am always active on MMA forums as well. l am also actively searching for products from both online and offline sources.

Also, a company can produce incredible MMA gloves but same company’s shin guard may not protect you. So in this content, you will find different brand overviews for every equipment.

Important Note: I wrote this writing according to my, my friends’, trainers’ experiences and my research. If you did some MMA training before, I am sure that you will find at least some of my points right. However, obviously, I have not trained or researched every product of every company out there. However, you can take this writing a baseline for your future decisions.  

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MMA Gloves

Firstly, Hayabusa’s padding is just absolutely great. It is dense and forgets the memory pretty fast. This quality makes sure that you have an incredible training session and also extends the durability. Hayabusa also offers very good construction. Some of the pairs are handmade and provide a very good fit. As a side note, many people are really satisfied with punch mitt training performance of Hayabusa pairs.

RDX is also another good MMA glove brand which has quality MMA gloves for everyone and every budget. It changes the material quality and lowers the price for people who are on a budget. I might add that this is an absolutely brilliant method for everyone to have a great session.

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Shin Guards

Actually I don’t have much experience with shin guards. The reason is that I did find 3 good ones over 6 years and I had used each shin guard around 2 years. The last one (Hayabusa Kanpeki) is still going strong after 2 years. With that, while I was reading forums, people say that Hayabusa does not move to the sides. Actually this is a really huge problem for shin guards and many people seem to be happy with the durability and the shock absorbent qualities of Hayabusa’s different models. I would say that you can trust Hayabusa if you think of getting shin guards.

Also, keep in mind that don’t just look for striking reviews of a shin guard. Yes, it is really important and many companies produce “light” sleeve type shin guard which allows you to kick really fast. With that, soreness after your session can be unbearable with these. I actually found some horrible reviews about some shin guard brands which I want to share with you.

Ringside has protective sleeve type shin guards, I know it because I used it at the time. With that, there is a shin guard called Ringside Protective Training Shin Guard. First time I checked the materials, I said to myself, this can’t be right. This just can’t protect anyone’s shin and considering my years of experience, I was %100 sure that these materials can’t absorb the shock at all. Later, I found out that I was quite right. There was a myriad of reviews which basically say the same thing and it even impedes your movement.

So even though a shin guard looks cool and it is made by a popular brand, it does not mean that you get ultimate protection for your knees.

Shin guard is a necessary tool for your sparring session and you simply need to get it. This is why same companies have many different products for different budgets. These companies want you to buy from them and according to my experiences, these seriously don’t care whether a product can protect you or not. Because my friends suffered many injuries because of low-quality shin guards and these happened with companies which I had trusted before. So, according to my personal experiences, when you get shin guards, you should not trust any other brand than Hayabusa.


MMA Headgear

Good MMA headgear stays in place while you get hit or you roll on the ground. Obviously, design plays a huge role for this. Venum has a couple of products on the market and all of them has similar designs and provide these very well. The material quality is also way above average. Venum uses Skyntex leather and it gets rid of sweat quite fast.

With that, I also have very good experiences with RDX Leather Headgear and RDX headgears have good designs and prices at the same time.


My Bad Experiences with MMA Headgears:

ARD-Champs: I have really horrible experiences with ARD-Champs. When I got hit, it moved every time and sometimes when I got hit, the plastic part was right in front of me. So, I could not see in front of me. Can you imagine that this happens to you during sparring? It sucked and obviously, I did not use it after that session. Actually, this design can work however the company definitely needs to change the construction and provide that headgear stays in place.

Wanda: Material quality just sucks and the design sucks even more. It lowered my vision as soon as I wear it (The most popular Wanda Headgear).

ProForce: It has good products but people generally buy the cheapest Proforce headgear. The material quality is so bad that it did hurt my head.

If you want to protect your most important asset, you can have a look at the quality MMA headgear reviews.


Heavy Bags and Grappling Dummies

These are some punching bags which are made for you to implement MMA striking, grappling, and clinch techniques. I have good experiences with Everlast and Century. These are designed pretty well and you can do groundwork, hold and do knee strikes with the same bag. Some even mimic the grappling dummies so you can do many different grappling techniques with these as well. The material quality of popular ones (Century Versys, Everlast Omni) is good as well.

Grappling Dummies: Grappling dummies are essential for you to improve your BJJ techniques. With that, the material and training quality varies a lot and you should definitely have a look at the overviews and read what grappling dummy, which you are looking to buy, can provide for you. With that, the most commonly used grappling dummies on the market are produced by Celebrita MMA. I think you should go with Celebrita but as I said quality varies a lot.

Bad Experiences: Even though Outslayer has excellent bags and states that some Outslayer Bags can be usable for MMA, this does not provide anything for MMA striking types (grappling, clinch etc.)


MMA Shorts

Alright if I say Anthem, I think that everyone would agree with me. Well, at least I really think so. I used Anthem good mma equipment brandsshorts a decade ago and last week, I just trained with a brand new Anthem model in Samut Prakan, Thailand. The quality is absolutely great and it lets you do every movement without restriction of movement. On the top of that, the company produces shorts with the same incredible design but changes the material quality so everyone can buy it. Is not this awesome? A couple of Anthem products already made my best MMA shorts list a long time ago and you can read further details in there.


What is the Best MMA Gear Brand?

Venum provides generally good quality and variety of MMA gears. These are mostly made in Thailand and you can see many different Venum products in many best of lists. These include MMA gloves, MMA headgear, MMA Shorts and shin guards as well. I have experiences with 8-10 brands and many products. With that, Venum was the only one which always delivered good quality and comfort.

Considering my MMA training experiences, I am pretty satisfied with Venum.

which MMA gear brands can you trust


Experiences and Research about Some Other MMA Gear Brands

Hayabusa: Well as I stated above, Hayabusa has excellent MMA gloves and shin guards. But there are two things which really bother me about Hayabusa. The company has many design types and some of them just suck. For example, Kanpeki series are great but Ikusa series (most of them) suck equally. Secondly, when I have a look at shopping sites and retail stores, I see some product series are missing for months! This is seriously unacceptable and I think that this situation harms the brands’ reputation.

Everlast: I don’t like most of the boxing gloves of Everlast, however, MMA gloves certainly passed the durability and padding test which is just vital for training performance. But on the other hand, Everlast MMA headgear can block your vision. So you should definitely have a look at overviews because the quality varies a lot.

MMA Gears with No Brand: Can it get any dodgier than this? Well, I seriously don’t think so. As you may already have guessed, you need to stay away from these. For example, MMA shorts are wildly popular and you can even find very affordable MMA shorts which have $5 price tags. I had to train with one of these in Thailand and I couldn’t even walk normally in it let alone kicking without any restriction of movement. It was also hot as hell after just 2 minutes of training. There are also MMA gloves with no brands and even though I have not used one, considering many MMA forum posts your knuckles feel all the impact. After all, you can’t expect any padding quality from MMA gloves, which have no brand, can you?


Final Thoughts

These are all I wanted to say about MMA gear (equipment) brands. As you can see from my experiences and research, there are pretty good brands out there but even these have some bad MMA gears. So always do a research before you invest any money. Because MMA has many gear types and if you are not careful you may spend a lot of money and get only low-quality gears which will last a short period of time. If you have any experiences with any MMA brands (good or bad), have a comment below. Other than saving some money, you can even help some people to protect their health by doing that and would not this be cool?


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  1. Thanks for this review and information. Great to find. What would you recommend for a complete beginner? Have you got a list of recommended kit?

  2. Hey, great review thank you for sharing your experiences with the brands that you have used which gave me a general idea of what i am looking for in a glove.
    Just wondering, if i am new to learning mma and am looking for a glove that are cheap and long lasting because i am still not sure if i want to commit to learning mma yet what set of gear or brand of gear would you recommend?

    1. I think there is enough information above however I just looked at this post again and now I also have experiences with the gloves like Venum Attack. Yeah, I agree you don’t want to break the bank if you are not ready to commit. Check out these cheap MMA gloves and I also did my training routines with one of them and mainly used for grappling.

      There are definitely all overall decent quality pairs which are affordable.

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