Nexersys Reviews – Are These Really The Best?

nexersys reviews and information about the brand

Nexersys produces next generation exercise systems. And I seriously need to tell you this at the beginning. The quality of these products are just superior and I think we will start seeing a lot more products like this exercise equipment. Because there are a lot of scientific researches which show that these just give way better results for skill and physical improvement. Actually we already started seeing similar systems and BAS Body Action System is just an example. Nexersys is widely used in many famous commercial gyms and many boxers, MMA fighters, authoritative figures believe that it is the ultimate boxing, MMA and fitness training equipment. Nexersys has two amazing products which are Commercial Fitness Equipment for Boxing and Cross Body Trainer. And in these Nexersys reviews you will find amazing qualities of both of these Nexersys products and how you can use these qualities to get the most out of your training. I also provided warranty information for all parts (mechanical, electronic and wear parts) from the official Nexersys website as well.

Nexersys Commercial Fitness Equipment for Boxing Product Overview

Nexersys Reviews

Training Quality Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Check It Out: on Here

Exclusive Features

  • Top notch material quality
  • This equipment is your new personal trainer
  • Data for everything (accuracy, power etc.)
  • Stores old data for comparison
  • Provides very versatile training types including sparring
  • Fully adjustable leather pads
  • Perfect for every level (beginner, advanced)
  • Provides every training type including sparring
  • Adjustable for people who are 5’2″ to 6’8″
  • Profile for everyone (up to 200 person for a single unit)
  • 21.5″ LCD monitor
  • It is really ideal for gyms (see my experiences below)
  • First choice of many professional boxers and athletes

Warranty Information (This information is acquired directly from official Nexersys Website)

Frame: 7 years

Mechanical and Electronic Parts: 1 year

Wear Parts: 3 years

This product is the first choice of commercial gyms and it should definitely be yours as well. As you may already know that the price is considerably high but I will explain why it is absolutely worth it below.

Let’s start with durability….

Nexersys is made of industrial grade materials. And all of these are the first preferred materials for their respected categories. For example pads are made of genuine leather which does the job perfectly.

Durability Test

Nexersys Commercial Fitness Equipment is tested for 3500 hours. Well that is long, is not it 😉 And no replacement was not needed for any part during these 3500 hours. You can read more about it on the official site. As you can see at the beginning of my writing Nexersys gives quite impressive warranty periods as well. However according to me this official test is even more impressive than warranty periods.

Endless Training Types

First of all I am very surprised by one training type which is sparring. Well it is avatar sparring but still you can definitely improve your defensive and punching skills. Also you react to right stimuli so this will also improve your reflexes. Let’s not forget that if you involve in any sports branch reflex is simply vital.

As you can expect that you can do many different punching, kicking combinations and also high interval intensity training. And the best part is that Nexersys gets all kinds of data including accuracy, power, speed…  and also stores it. So you can track your physical, reaction time and many other improvements as well. Imagine that you can track your accuracy and reaction time of punches and kicks. I am sure that this is the dream of many boxers, MMA fighters and Martial Artists.

With that you can open 200 different profiles per Nexersys, so when you get couple of Nexersys Fitness Equipment for gym, everyone can track their improvement. And this is another reason why it is the first choice of many commercial gyms.

Also Nexersys provides over 100 different workout videos and if you add the workout types above, you can be sure that it will be quite challenging to finish all of them in the next decade.

It also does not matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, you can do a suitable workout for your level.

The Most Amazing Quality (according to me)

This product provides bilateral arm movement. So what does it exactly provide for you? It provides realistic impact resistance from any angle. Imagine that you do uppercuts, hooks etc. and each one of these strikes provides different impact resistance and “feeling”. As you read in my review, Nexersys Commercial Fitness Equipment has many unique qualities and satisfies many people’s needs with these. However this bilateral arm movement just makes my dream comes true. I am sure that many people will just love it.

Your Own Personal Trainer

It watches you and gets several kinds of data (power, speed, reaction time…) After that, it basically tells you what you are doing wrong, good etc. Let’s face it when we do exercise, boxing and MMA training alone, we get caught up in the moment and generally don’t see what we are doing wrong. Well I certainly can’t notice many of my errors while training and thanks to this interactive equipment you will definitely train more efficiently.

Who does Use Nexersys?

As you know it is the first choice of commercial (boxing, fitness, MMA) gyms. Some of these gyms are Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, YMCA. I even witnessed that Nexersys is used in one of the biggest mall’s gym in Phetchaburi, Thailand.

I normally don’t care about what celebrities say or advertise however many professional boxers, MMA fighters do their regular training sessions with Nexersys including UFC Middleweight fighter Chael Sonnen. When this is the case, it is a totally different story. Actually this is the time you should really care about what they promote 😉

Nexersys is also used in many professional and government facilitates as well.

When I write that this unit is material grade I was not kidding. Currently it is used in five U.S. Naval aircraft carriers. You can also see it many luxury hotels as well. I actually have not heard or read this kind of high-end customer profile for any other product in my life.

There is also a child mode and it basically provides fun and quality workouts for children as well.

Price:  I normally write a short review here and do a short comparison between the price and what it does provide for you. But it offers too much so I simply can’t put all of these in here 🙂 Shortly it is simply top notch and according to many leading authoritative figures in boxing and fitness, this equipment is the ultimate fitness, boxing, MMA and various martial arts equipment. So the price is high. However if you consider the premium quality and what it can provide for you, I can say that the price is justified. If you have the cash, it will be an amazing purchase. You can also see a short video of this amazing product below.

Get The Best Equipment for fitness, Boxing, MMA…

Technical Stuff: Nexersys Commercial Fitness Equipment has 22″ High Definition Screen touch monitor and I watched many videos of it. You can easily navigate for everything including workouts, personal data etc. The company describes it as “It is your friend”.

The manual is also very easy to follow and has step by step directions. I checked out many verified user testimonials and everyone seems to install it without any problems. Keep in mind that I checked only verified purchases.

Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Review (with Interactive Double End Bag)

Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Review

Training Quality Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Military grade materials
  • Quality double end bag and adjustable cord
  • Quality and many workouts in the app
  • Teaches how to strike
  • Suitable training levels for everyone (beginner to advanced)
  • The sensor works with app and gets key metrics (power, accuracy etc.)
  • Includes tablet holder
  • Ultra-fast shipment (user experience)

Warranty (This information is acquired directly from official Nexersys Website)

Frame: 3 years

Mechanical, Electronic and Wear Parts: 1 year

Interactive workouts are just superior, period. As other Nexersys equipment above this one also provides you interactive training. It basically teaches you how to move and strike. So you can improve your punching technique (uppercuts, hooks, crosses) significantly and this double end bag training has many other benefits as well. If you wonder what it can provide for you check out my benefits of double end bag writing.

It has fully adjustable cord. So what does it provide for you? Firstly you can change the height and it will increase the variation quite a bit. With that you can also change the tension of cord for slower and faster workouts. It is truly for every level and every height.

You can connect your smart phone or tablet to the cross body Trainer app and you can track your progress for everything. You can get the accuracy, power and speed data from Nexersys Cross Body Trainer. There is also a tablet holder and you can see how you are doing from there while training. Thanks to that you will be more motivated while training. Considering that many people just don’t give their %100 while training, I am sure that many people can benefit from this greatly.

According to Nexersys the app includes 10,000 different workouts. Personally I have never tried it and of course some workouts are “similar” but it does not change the fact that you will have a myriad of workouts to do.

Assembly: I actually really liked the manual of Nexersys and I rarely say that. All nuts and bolts come organized and you will have step by step guide. So I can comfortably say that the assembly will be quite easy.

As a side note many verified purchases on amazon say that the shipment is very fast.

Price: You get interactive training and a sturdy double end bag. Please keep in mind that if you want to get a double end bag you will also need to use double end bag anchor, bladder and cord. All of these are provided in the system. You also get an application which is basically your trainer. So when you think all of these, the price is just alright. Check out the most recent price on amazon.

Thoughts about the Company

Nexersys produces only top notch products. This company has only a few products and as I mentioned above ALL of these are military grade and used in many commercial gyms, Naval aircraft carriers, very luxury hotels and facilities as well.

As a side note I seriously could not find any bad reviews (I checked only verified purchases) about the customer service.

I trained, reviewed and researched MANY products. Whether you buy Nexersys Commercial Fitness Equipment for Boxing or Cross Body Trainer, based on my researches, experiences and contacts etc. both of these products are the best and I am really sure that you will just love training with any of them. I hope you enjoyed reading my Nexersys Reviews and if you have any questions or anything to share just leave a comment below.

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17 thoughts on “Nexersys Reviews – Are These Really The Best?”

  1. Great site, I practiced Tae Kwon Do a number of years ago – loved it. Therefore, I love MMA as well as boxing. It takes a lot of discipline and the training is unbelievable. Now the equipment and training have evolved tremendously over the years.

    Anyone who is into martial arts or boxing might want to look into the equipment you’re featuring in your post. You know your stuff and sounds like you may be actively involved. Great post!

    All the best to you,

    1. Man, I have only trained boxing and MMA. And you are absolutely right it just takes a lot of discipline.
      I try to be involved as much as possible do my boxing training regularly and always try some new gears and equipment. You are welcome for the information, Don. I am glad you liked it.

  2. Great review! I really like the Nexersys Cross Body Trainer. I think it is not only effective for training but as a great way to burn calories. I want to get equipment just to practice with my children at home. What do you think is the youngest age of someone who can use that double bag? Thanks!

  3. This is EPIC!!! I’ve always thought about a virtual opponent when you don’t have the oppurtunity to spar with another person. This can actually come as a best variant for alternative training. This brings the idea of augmented reality opponents in the future.

    It’s great that it has several different programs to choose from. Definitely worth getting one!

  4. Fred Patterson

    This is a great article about the different types of boxing equipment. I have always been very fond of the sport ever since my uncle retired from it, but I just didn’t have the courage. Now that I am older I could possibly purchase some equipment to possibly try it out. Thanks for the product suggestions!

    1. That is great. Surely you must have picked a couple of tricks from him. The cool thing is that both of these have a ton of different workouts for beginners and even if you are not ready for the next step you can practice another beginner workout variation and be readier.

  5. Hi, awesome review!

    That boxing training equipment types are very cool, a great solution for one man training when you don’t have a partner to train with.

    Nexersys seems to be a good option, but for me, it’s a little bit expensive.

    Do you have other recommendation for cheaper equipment for personal and non-commercial use?

    1. Yeah, you can customize everything for your need. For example, do you want to punch faster, improve uppercuts etc. ? Basically, you can customize the tool for your needs and it is another reason why people started training with this kind of boxing, MMA training tools.

      I get it, man. This can be expensive for many people. You can check out my Body Action System Review. That one is also quite good and you can change the target for your reach. Also, it might suit your budget.

  6. It’s always important to have better quality workout gear, equipment, etc.  Even if it does cost a little bit more than other brands.  

    I did check out the “Nexersys Commercial Fitness Equipment for Boxing Product Overview”.  I click on the link because it’s something I really want.  However, it looks like it’s “currently unavailable”.  Do yo happen to know if they discontinued it?  

    Are there any other similar brands which you also recommend, though?

    1. It is definitely one of the higher end products for boxing. It is great to practice positioning and practice hooks with it. I have no idea about your question. But it is highly unlikely. Because the gyms in my area buy from nearby malls.

      You can check out Body Action System (Deluxe or X2). It is quite similar. It has 2 models and these have targets as well. The material quality is close to this one. But it does not measure how you strike.

      As a side note, I don’t know why but BAS is preferred mainly by old school martial artists.

  7. The first piece of equipment looks quite interesting. It seems quite interactive. I do Muay Thai and I love it when I work with my partner with Thai pads, but sometimes a partner is not around. This equipment looks like it can help with that.

    I really like the look of it. I clicked on the link, but Amazon said it was not available. Do you know when more will become available?

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Yeah, it is definitely one of the most developed martial arts training tools if not the most. When your partner is not available you can train with that. The pads are made of similar material so you will be familiar with it. It can also give you feedback for the strikes. In some cases, it is better than having a partner. I really have no idea. I also checked it. It says it is out of stock for now. You can check it out weekly.

  8. Hi Furkan, sounds like you really know your stuff when it comes to gym and boxing equipment. You have explained really well the quality if this product, and I believe in buying quality, especially with stuff like this.

    Good gym equipment can last you a lifetime, plus it will give you much better results. What I love is that some of it can be adjusted for the kids, which is great as it gets them into good habits of looking after their bodies for life.

    1. It is a really good idea that children should train with it as they can get expert at various combinations, footwork etc. Yeah, it can literally last a lifetime. Material quality is superb and the thing is that they can always update the machine with new programs so the variation will be endless.

  9. Hello Furkan. It is really interesting to see how technology is committed in helping us or the sports enthusiast to be exact in our daily struggle to be fit and in top shape condition.
    Looking back many years ago, you need to have a human sparring partner and gauge your punches by the reaction he or she makes. Now everything becomes easy, you can spar alone and a computer program will gauge your punches and guides you to become effective striker.
    I think that Nexersys Commercial Fitness Equipment is a must not only in every fitness gym but also to all aspiring boxers and fighters who wants to level-up their game of sports.
    Nice review.

    1. It surprises me too. You actually still do need a sparring partner. After all, machines can’t replace humans. However, it can mimic them and help you become a better boxer. But after you punch your opponent’s jaw, your sparring partner will feel that and his/her reactions will be slower. There can be many other examples like that. They just can’t mimic these. However, if you don’t have one, Nexersys is probably the next best thing.

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