Outslayer Heavy Bag Reviews

Outslayer is very trust worthy company and apparently they trust themselves a lot too. Because they give 10 years warranty for ALL of their products. In these Outslayer heavy bag reviews, you will find most popular punching bags of Outslayer, their unique features and cons well. As a note, all of the heavy bags on this list comes filled.


Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag (130 LBS.)

Outslayer Heavy Bag ReviewsExclusive Features

  • Heavy duty vinyl cover
  • 10 years warranty and VERY durable
  • Incredibly smooth punching experience
  • Can add weights to bag
  • BEST cover material

Warranty: 10 years

Ideal for: Boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing and other martial arts

Weight: 130 Lbs. ( if it desired, it can be filled up to 300 Lbs.)

Height: 72”

Training Quality Rating: 10.0

Durability Rating: 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

This heavy bag has heavy duty vinyl cover and is made in America. It comes filled and its weight is 130 Lbs. Also if it is desired, it is so easy to fill it up to 300 Lbs. Well that is heavy 😉 This heavy bag is 72” and tallest Outslayer heavy bag. It provides surface for low kicks and knee strikes. In this way, Outslayer Punching Bag is perfect for muay thai, kickboxing… It has also 12″ straps so you can adjust it according to your need.

Thanks to its fabric and quality cover material you will always get smooth punching experience and if you train boxing or any other martial arts you will spend lots of time with the bag. Of course smoother experience will be better for you 😉  Last but certainly not least, after it used for years it will not have any hard or soft spots like third class punching bags. Outslayer uses top quality filler and cover material. In my opinion, this is why they can give 10 years of warranty and it always gets EXCELLENT reviews. I also trained with other Outslayer heavy Bag and I am extremely satisfied with training quality and according to boxing community and me it is the best heavy bag so far.

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Outslayer Boxing MMA 100 Lbs. Heavy Bag Filled

Warranty: 10 yearsBoxing MMA 100 Lbs. Heavy Bag Filled Product Review

Ideal for: Boxing

Can be Usable for: muay thai, kick boxing…

Weight: 100 Lbs. ( if it desired, it can be filled up to 300 Lbs.)

Height: 55”

Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag also comes filled and its weight is 100 Lbs. This has same features of the punching bag above like having very quality filler and cover material. It also has 10 years warranty. So what is the difference? This punching bag is shorter and it is 55″. You can make medium and high kicks, however you won’t make very low kicks and knee strikes. With that if you do boxing training or you use just hands for striking then it is ideal and also more affordable. And it is still usable for other martial arts which requires kicks.


Let’s continue with most affordable heavy bag…

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA, 80 Lbs.

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA, 80 Lbs. Product OverviewWarranty: 10 years

Ideal for : Boxing

Weight: 80 Lbs. ( if it desired, it can be filled up to 300 Lbs.)

Height: 44”

Outslayer 80 Lbs. Punching Bag has same features and it is made of same quality materials ( except cover material) as other  bags on this list. Also it is the shortest one. This simply can’t be used for kicks so Outslayer Filled Punching Bag is only for boxing training. With that its cover material does not have the quality of two bags above and it can have rough spots in future.

It is filled with fabric and if you want more resistance you can also add fabric to it. It has also 12″ straps. You can adjust the height of the bag with it and it is really affordable. This bag has incredible quality price ratio. It just offers too much for its price so if you are on a budget then it will be an excellent choice for you.


Conclusive Thoughts

If you are looking for top quality heavy bags, then Outslayer is way to go. Even though its prices are higher than other rivals, they offer 10 years warranty and premium quality. If anything happens to your bag they only want the picture of bag and send you a brand new one. Its bags always get top ratings. You can train muay thai, kickboxing, boxing with this heavy bag heavy bag. And if these are appealing to you then get your own Outslayer Heavy Punching Bag. However if you will do only boxing training, then have a look at  Outslayer Filled 80 Lbs. Punching Bag for boxing. It is shorter and more affordable than other heavy bags. It also provides same punching experience. In that way you can save some money. Also keep in mind that you can always add extra filling material ( fabric or any shredded clothes) to make heavier bags. I hope you enjoyed reading Outslayer heavy bag reviews and if you have any questions or experiences about these bags, please leave a comment below.


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24 thoughts on “Outslayer Heavy Bag Reviews”

  1. Thanks for all the great info on the bags! I had been trying to decide which way to go and think I’d do best with the 130lb. I plan on a lot of kick practice!
    – Joe

  2. Does the height of the bag matter for the height and wegith of a person? I’m only 5ft 4in tall and only 105 pounds. Which bag would work well for me?

    1. Actually it matters. If you do boxing you can go with “half of your body rule” with that if you have kicks in your routine(MMMA, Kick boxing.. training) you can choose heavier bags. Also when you get stronger you can add weight to any of these bags.

  3. I love practicing kicks as it helps me keep in shape and is a good workout. I like the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag as it will help me practice with my kicks. Outslayer is also a reputed brand and the warranty of 10 years is very good offering. It’s a must for anyone serious to consider this.

    1. I totally agree with you. Leg training sessions help me a lot for getting in shape too. And I also admire the 10 years warranty. If someone is serious with boxing, MMA or muay thai training, then Outslayer is the best choice.

  4. I love practicing my jabs and swings on the Outslayer punching bag. It’s such a huge workout for my arms, not to mention my legs too. The best part is definitely the 10 year warranty. A lot of punching and hits on a punch bag will give hard and soft spots. Outslayer is definitely the best choice bag to hit with to avoid all those spots.

  5. warranty 10 years

    Sold for sure, heck you beat the crap out of the thing, you might as well have that sucker covered. I like the look of it too. Black and white is always a killa beauty.

    1. 10 years of warranty is not common and it shows how sturdy the heavy bag is. I am sure you will love punching it as you like the colors 😉

  6. These all look like good bags. If I want to start kick boxing, which one would you recommend and at what weight? I plan on taking a class, but would love to have at home as well. It will be hanging in my garage 🙂

    1. You will include kicks in your workout your routine so the bag should be tall. Any of these tall heavy bags will do the job.

      Normally for boxing it should be half of your weight but for kickboxing, bag should be slight above the half of your weight. These are more “silent” than most of other bags and it will be perfect for your home or garage 😉

  7. For the warranty, does it cover it when you actually break the bag? You know, the things that you see on tv when a strong puncher actually puts a hole on it.

    1. Yes the warranty covers it all however I have never seen a bad Outslayer (verified purchase) review about the durability.

  8. Great products. I do have a question. Does the weight of the bag have an impact on the training you use it for? I noticed there are different weight classes on the bags.

    1. Hi Ronnie, yes the weight matters. You can go with half of your body weight rule. If you weight 180 Lbs. then 80 to 120 LBS. punching bags would be fine.

  9. This is the first time I’ve seen a heavy punching bag review. Very interesting. Where would be a good place to hang one of these in the house? A 10 year warranty is pretty good. Which bag would be your best recommendation to buy?

    1. Man if you want to use it at home you can just hang it on a hanger. You can check out this list and I am sure you will find a quality one which won’t disturb your neighbors 😉 If you do boxing get the boxing version. If you do MMA training or want to kick the bag, just get the first one which is 130 Lbs.

  10. I’ve been thinking about getting into boxing, just to let out some frustration and get a little more exercise. Would these bags be good for a beginner?

    1. If it is heavy, you can always empty the bag according to your level. When you get strong, punch and kick more powerful you can always fill these Outslayer bags with certain filling materials. This makes these bags quite versatile and thanks to that you can use it for a long time.

  11. Win Bill Huang

    Wow, the Outslayer bags are pretty cool. I especially liked the first one because you can add up to 300 pounds of weight. That is probably the heaviest weight class in boxing. If you can punch that, you can probably punch anybody. That is just my opinion though.

    The part that really reassures me is the ten year warranty. Sure, giving a warranty is nothing new, but ten years is a long time. To guarantee something that long takes real confidence in the quality of their products.

    I do have a question though. In my house, there is actually no space to hang a punching bag. If possible, I want to use a punching bag hanging stand and leave it outside. Do you think this bag is weather resistant? I mean, the sun the rain won’t damage it right? What do you think?

    1. Exactly 300 pounds is just a lot and I totally agree with you. I really think that this is what separates Outslayer from other heavy bags on the market. I also know that the complaints about Outslayer is quite rare and this is another plus.
      I understand you man. I also do the same since I live with my parents they don’t want a heavy bag in the home. The cover material is quite sturdy and I really think that you should not worry about the weather but if it rains, it will hurt the bag and possibly filling material. So if you can cover the bag before it rains, that will be ideal.

  12. Very informative and useful review of punching bags. I enjoyed reading this interesting article and impressed with their 10 year warranty. That’s a very good selling point.
    Which one would you recommend for the beginners? I’m inspired to take boxing sessions after reading this 🙂 That says it all! Thank you.


    1. Yeah, that is why these bags are preferred a lot. When people see this long period, they immediately trust the bag. People say that a lot in my heavy bag writings.

      Get the cheapest one lol. I am serious there is no need for buying a big bag which costs a lot. After all, you are just a beginner and you will ever need the full capacity.

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