Does Shadow Boxing Benefit Fat Loss?

Does Shadow Boxing Benefit Fat Loss

Actually real question should be how much it benefits the fat loss. In this content you will find how does shadow boxing benefit fat loss and how can it be effective even more. Boxing sport has lots of training variations and shadow boxing is one of them. It can help you to … Continue reading

Best Boxing Gloves for Women – Lose Fat, Get Fit and Train Better

Nowadays everyone seems to know about benefits of boxing training. These benefits are not only the physical ones, also personal attributes like dedication. I have to thank to the celebrities for this. Normally, I really don’t care about what they do or what they share on social media but they seriously made … Continue reading

Cheap Free Standing Punching Bags – Get Fit with These Affordable Bags

I know how hard can be finding protective, affordable boxing and martial arts equipment. I always in search for them. Even, I have alerts on new releases. When companies release new gloves, shin guards or free standing bags, I immediately get notified. Who does not want 

Best Punching Bags for Kids – Which one is for You?

I always believe in starting boxing training at very young age makes a lot of difference. It is physically and mentally challenging. Nowadays I train at home however just 6-7 months ago I used to go to gym. There, I witnessed how these little fellows develop character and be the better version of … Continue reading

Best Punching Bags for Home – Find Out Which Bags are Suitable for Your Place

Working out in home saves a lot of time and also gives incredible comfort. Including me, most people prefer freestanding punching bags for home use. But I live in a rental and my landlord is so serious about these stuff but hey if I have my own home one day or more … Continue reading

Boxing Sparring Tips – Train Better Instantly

boxing sparring tips

So, you have punched heavy bag  more than enough and now you want to get more “real” and punch a “real person”.  You want to test everything, which you have learnt so far, in sparring. When you know more about how to spar in boxing, implementing all movements will get easier and it … Continue reading